How can i lose 22 pounds in 30 days?

How can i lose 22 pounds in 30 days? Topic: How can i lose 22 pounds in 30 days?
September 17, 2019 / By Wisdom
Question: I want to lose 22 pounds in 30 days. I am 16, 5'2 and 148 pounds :(((( i wanna be 125, inface i used to be 110 and went into a deep yepression that lasted about a year and gaint a bunch of weight. I am planning on working out for 30 minutes 7 days, and each day alternating cardio and weight training. And eating 1000-1200 calories a dayy. Is this going to be possiable?
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Shavonne Shavonne | 7 days ago
Why 30 days? Don't put a limit on yourself like that. Go down to 1200 calories per day. Only eat whole foods - nothing processed. Work out for an hour if you can. You need to be burning 3500 calories more than you take in to lose 1lb. So it's realistic to lose 1-2 lbs per week. Just stay on that course and you will lose weight in a steady and healthy way. 30 days is unrealistic, and your body will go into shock and pack on whatever it can next time you eat anything fattening.
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Shavonne Originally Answered: How to lose 35 pounds in 30 days?
A healthy and lasting weight loss doesn't happen overnight, but it is something you could have if you follow the right plan. Keep in mind these tips along the way of your weight loss journey and and try to correct any habit that you are not doing: Drink water, one reason it is that most of people can confuse thirst as hunger, and you'll have healthy energy and it help your body flush out toxins, feel fuller, and help your metabolism too. Eat fruits and vegetables, these are critical to losing weight as they fill you up, provide healthy antioxidants and fiber, and are low in calories. You can eat more and weigh less by adding fruits and vegetables to your diet. Avoid low in nutrition food as bread, rice, and pasta, they may taste great, but they can add up to more fat. Eat healthy 5 to 6 times a day. Sleep well, too little spleep, and your body won't function and you'll gain and retain weight. Do some cardio, like aerobics, dancing, cycling, swimming, running, long walks, elliptical bike (my favorite), karate, football, etc. For boosting your weight loss, you can also include another healthy element that help you get weight loss in a very SHORT TIME. The protein is the only group of foods low in calories, which gives a feeling of fullness to the body without tiring. When the human body has to extract calories from protein, it has to make a considerable effort, it means that the simple act of digesting causes the body to burn calories. Keep in mind that the protein must be very low in fat, carbohydrates and sugar. Check up the blog on my profile to give you a more detailed daily plan to lose weight. If you have any question, just email me.

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Marcy Marcy
forget the dried cranberries which have added sugar and add a half cup of fresh berries to top off your salad
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Kirstie Kirstie
if you re eating out make salad the appetizer most starters are fried and come with unhealthy dips or sauces
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Janis Janis
No, if you exercise everyday it will help towards your goal but you will probably find that you lose more in the first week or two then you may stay the same then continue to lose more as you go, your body needs time to adjust and get used to the sudden change and demands your putting it through! Make sure your eating the right food to make up those calories too ! eating 1000 calories of chocolate isnt ok just cause its under the daily limit lol not that i think you would but you get my point. Even if you hardly ate you wouldnt lose it cause your body would store your fat knowing it was getting less so make sure you eat properly and healthy and keep to exercise as thats the real way of losing weight quicker .... thats why diets alone dont work of take so long. Good luck x
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Ethel Ethel
It is impossible to lose 22 pounds in 30 days. It will give you attest 3 months to lose all of that weight.
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Ethel Originally Answered: How can I lose 9 pounds in 10 days(by not using medicine or pills)?
Totally cut out carbs (chips, bread, noodles, snacks) and jump up on eating more meat (fish, chicken, cows) and veggies (not carrots). I started this 4 days ago and already lost 5 pounds. It's good for up to 2 weeks, then you start introducing good carbs back. It's Atkin's Diet in case you wanted to know which isn't good for long term anyway. Also, If you crave sugar. Get sugar free jello with no carbs or sugar. It's perfect for shooing those cravings!

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