How to hide not eating from your parents?

How to hide not eating from your parents? Topic: How to hide not eating from your parents?
January 28, 2020 / By Kendall
Question: I want to lose weight fast because my prom is coming up. Most diets I've been on take to long and after a while I can't stick to them. So I decided that I'm gonna stop eating for a while (don't start lecturing me). I can get through breakfast and lunch without anyone noticing but dinner is a little more tricky. My whole family all sits down together to eat so does anyone have any ideas on how I can get through dinner without eating?
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Hilkiah Hilkiah | 2 days ago
I am lecturing you, but here's why: not eating is not actually going to help you lose weight. I mean, aside from the obvious fact that you could make yourself really sick/starve yourself, when you skip meals you basically ruin your metabolism. Your body needs to process food every day in order to remember how to process food correctly: i.e. use calories and lose weight. Instead you should eat small portions of food all day--go for stuff with no calories from fat. Don't be put off by something that has regular "calories" because it just means it gives you energy. (Example: a container of yogurt might have 100 calories, but 0 calories from fat. That means it's giving you energy, but not fat) Just pick super healthy foods like carrot sticks or other vegetables, maybe some nuts or an egg every day for protein, but do eat them consistently. Not eating is exactly the wrong thing to do to get yourself to lose weight. You will make yourself sick, and the outcome won't be what you want it to be. Addition: If you aren't lactose intolerant, you should probably drink some milk every day too. 2% is good, it WON'T make you fat. It does have fats in it, but it's the kind your body needs, not the kind that will make you gain weight. You really need to pick a diet that's going to keep you healthy above all else, if you're not careful you could end up missing prom altogether by being too sick/malnourished.
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Hilkiah Originally Answered: How do i hide large cuts on my thighs?
ugh. it really does annoy me when people just put 'stop cutting' etc.. it's not that simple and it drives me crazy! + they say about seeing a doctor. neither of these are actually answering your question! Anyway. i am also a cutter and i have 'FAT' cut into my thighs, it's really difficult to not draw attention to it because if you don't cover it then obviously people are going to see it but even if you use something to cover it, people still ask what happened. DO NOT use make-up, if you have new cuts then it just infects them and makes them all nasty + as your in water it would probably just wash off. I recommend using lotion on them to get rid of the redness and then try some sort of band aid/ plaster (preferably waterproof!) people may ask why you have the band aid but i guess it better than them seeing whats on your leg.. just say you scraped it on something? Hope i helped. Good luck hun!

Elrod Elrod
attractiveness is in the personality. Who would want to date a girl as shallow as this would make you? Or who would want to date a girl with an eating disorder? You might end up skinny at the prom but no-one will want to spend any time with you. I've got a better idea. Stop obsessing, buy a dress that fits, eat properly, do some exercise and find something else to think about.
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Clarence Clarence
First off, I use to starve myself and I defiantly do not recommended it. But I do understand how important looking good for prom is to girls so I will offer some advice: Eat very slowly, at about half the rate of the rest of your family. When they finish up they should then get up and leave now you can slip some food to a family pet or dump the food in the trash. Drink lots of water with dinner and when you get up for a "re-fill" smuggle some food with you in your pockets. then you can get rid of it without your family knowing. I risky technique is to try and sneak some of your food on to other peoples plates, but I don't recommended it. Hope that helps. But please don't starve yourself for longer then you need to. http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=ArnbccIwPnPJQVcoam3WOYUd53NG;_ylv=3?qid=20110123075758AAPh2Sw
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Amminadab Amminadab
Well. I don't think u should starve yourself. Cause it honestly won't work, but. If u REALLY believe in it then try asking to eat in your room maybe and then throw it away? Or just say your not hungry or that u ate at a friends earlier or somethin. Good luck, x
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Tiphanie Tiphanie
You can't. That should be obvious to you. Maybe you can feign sickness for a couple days, but that will rouse suspicion. My tip to you is to not do it: they make prom dresses in any size. :)
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Tiphanie Originally Answered: How to convince your parents you want pills?
You know your boobs are just fat right?& that there's no such thing as spot reduction in weight loss or spot increase? Those pills are a scam, just like diet pills are, if your friend did get bigger breasts it's most likely because she gained weight or maybe it's because, oh, I don't know, PUBERTY?... You do realize you're not done growing right? Wait a couple more years. You don't stop growing for a while.

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