Is it true about your colon?

Is it true about your colon? Topic: Is it true about your colon?
June 16, 2019 / By Bliss
Question: Is it true that your colon has pounds and pounds of waste stuck inside it?? I heard this on an infomercial where they were talking about the benefits of cleaning your colon.
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Airlia Airlia | 6 days ago
Yes, your intestinal area is about the size of a medium sized parking lot. It is not a smooth pipe, but contains lots of nooks and crannies. John Wayne was the most notable example of gross negligence toward his colon. When he died, they found 70 pounds of fecal matter in lodged in his intestines during an autopsy. Cleaning your colon must be done properly or it will cause many other problems. Those info commercials are NOT the place to buy products or learn about proper colon cleansing. There is a specific process of up regulating your cellular energy before any detoxing should be attempted. Additionally, it should be done gently, not some colonic or fast acting product you buy off the T.V. It is true that a good colon cleanse is important to do and one way to lose about 10 to 15 pounds. It should take about 4 months to do. See a Certified Nutritional Therapist for help on this. good luck to you
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Airlia Originally Answered: No Acai Berry or Colon Cleanse. I need a true workout and diet.?
I could type out a whole list of stuff for you, but just go here and scroll to the "PART II: Diet" section. http://liamrosen.com/fitness.html Anyone who wants to be on diet/fitness should be obligated to read it in my opinion, hopefully it will help you out.
Airlia Originally Answered: No Acai Berry or Colon Cleanse. I need a true workout and diet.?
stop eating sugary foods... and junk, ya know... candy, chips. avoid eating alot of bread and pasta's. and eat the right ammounts. not ALOT of food, but keep porpotions in mind :) acai berry is a really good for dieting. i'm 14 soo i dont kno alot about it.. but i kno it supposibly actually helps with weight loss and cleansing :] go fer fast walks or bike rides 4 days out of the week =]! like if you hav treadmill since its winter :) orr... somehow =] walk fer 30mins or so. do some crunches ! :D and lift weights. (: that shuld help. oh! and, i heard from a doctors that, lighter fruits hav more sugar.. like bananas and stuff.. eat darker fruits =] less sugar. and plenty veggies. vegtegables hav 0 calories. ! GOODLUCK! <3

Tracey Tracey
And how has mankind survived all these years with this going on? Most colons are self cleaning, plus you have a lot of bacteria in there doing their little jobs keeping you alive. Sweeping them out probably will do more harm than good in the long run. Don't believe everything in infomercials, for heaven's sake. At least do some research if you really are interested in this, using reputable websites, not ones advertising some "miracle" product.
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Red Red
Yes, you lose weight if you use colon "Drain-O" pills. My Dad is doing that right this moment! He did it about 20 years ago and said it made him feel reborn, natural, rested and he lost a bit of weight (like, 3 pounds, not much if you are planning on losing a lot). I would suggest doing it. I'm a minor so, I don't..... I would suggest maybe doing it every year or so. It's not very pretty, though. >.< Go get your Drain-O today! Kay
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Red Originally Answered: Is it true?
it's slow down your metabolism due to the fact it enters you stomach walls too quickly, so you body is more concern to digest it and the food remain their and then it store as fats. Fats cause you metabolism to slow down due to the fact it's harder to digest. Alcohol on the hold slows down you nervous system.

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