Formula fed baby constipated!?

Formula fed baby constipated!? Topic: Formula fed baby constipated!?
July 18, 2019 / By Peggy
Question: just changed formulas because my 5wk old baby started spitting up everytime I fed him now his on Enfamil AR an his constipated is there another formula for spit up but won't constipate him. Or should I just stick to putting dark Karo in his formula
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Maris Maris | 5 days ago
babies get constipated when you give them inappropriate measures in formula milk. the milk isn't the cause for your baby's spitting... your 5 week old baby is still too fragile.. you need to feed him with his head and back semi-elevated.. you need to carry your baby well upon bottle feeding, then let him burp by make him place on your chest with his head leaned on your shoulder.. that way your baby wont spit up his milk..it'll take minutes for your baby to burp.. but you have to make him burp or he'll spit it up again
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Maris Originally Answered: Constipated baby.different formula?
We tried enfamil first and she had the same problem. Now we use Nestle Goodstart Supreme with DHA and ARA with comfort proteins. The comfort proteins help break down gas bubbles and helps them have a bm. It works so well for my babygirl. Also, if gas is still a problem, not that he just has it but its painful, try Milicon Gas Drops in the middle or towards the end of feedings.

Kristi Kristi
Here's a thought - go to his pediatrician and ask her! Why would you take advice from strangers on the internet?
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Jean Jean
A baby's digestive system is designed to process breast milk. Formula provides adequate vitamins and nutrients for proper growth and development so it is a fine alternative to breast milk. However, the ingredients in formula are not as easily processed which can lead to digestive issues. It is a common misconception that the iron in formula causes the constipation, but the type of iron used in formula is different than the type of iron found in things like iron tablets, which can cause constipation in adults. Current scientific research and studies has not linked the iron in commercially prepared infant formula with constipation. Additionally, what seems like constipation in infants is really a normal response to the still developing digestive system. Babies frequently grunt, get red-faced, strain, and fuss when pooping. It is not a reliable sign of constipation. True constipation typically results in tiny, hard, dry, pebble-like stool. Stool in formula fed babies does tend to smell worse than stool in a breast fed baby because of the ingredients found in formula. It is rare for breast fed babies to get constipation because breast milk is a natural laxative.
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Faithe Faithe
You can do the Dark Karo Syrup. Two of my children were very constipated as infants. Their pediatrician had me put 1 oz of Dark Karo Syrup into 4 oz of formula. It worked quickly and without side effects. You can use this up to 2x per day to get them to go, then use it once a day afterwards to keep them regular. Another idea is to give 2 oz of 100% prune juice mixed with 2 oz of boiled water.
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Faithe Originally Answered: What is a good formula for a constipated baby?
Nestle Goodstart (without Soy) - that's what mine ended up on, But she's definitely constipated if she's only doing a smelly every four days. The fact that she's sluggish and uncomfortable only makes it clear - I daresay her general health has declined too, The fact is, at all ages, we need to "do" at least once a day to eliminate toxins from the intestine. [A good place to start your research on this is in the link attached]. For now, though, I suggest you do what Ammy suggested and give her a baby-size mini-enema with soapy water. (People have been doing it for centuries - it's perfectly safe).

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