how to be a fat man i wanna gain weight quickly & easily?

how to be a fat man i wanna gain weight quickly & easily? Topic: how to be a fat man i wanna gain weight quickly & easily?
October 14, 2019 / By Pauline
Question: please i'm 17m egyptian i'm wanna gain weight quickly and easly so what i can do exercises or eat alot help me
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Marigold Marigold | 7 days ago
You will live longer and stay healthier if you remain thin. If you wish to add some pounds, do not add the weight as fat! That is asking for trouble with cardiovascular disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, even some cancers. Instead, start on a regular weight lifting program along with a balanced diet having sifficient high quality protein. Remember to balance your weight training with aerobic exercise. Good luck.
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Marigold Originally Answered: How to lose weight quickly and easily ?
Alright, good that you didn't say "no one answer saying to diet or exercise, because I'm not into that" because that WILL be necessary for real and healthy weight loss. Look, there's no "quick and easy" way otherwise there wouldn't be so many overweight people in the world. I'm sorry, it's just the truth. The only real way to lose weight is to burn more calories than you consume. That's it. At a weight of 209, you should be able to lose 3 to 4 pounds a week for the first few weeks, but as you get skinnier, you lose weight more slowly to a steady 1 to 2 pounds. I'd say if you work hard and dedicate yourself, you can drop to 195 in a month. However, you'll NEED to eat healthier to lose weight the quickest. While it is possible to lose weight with junk food, healthy food has less calories for the same amount, and eating crap will make you feel like crap and in turn affect your exercise. I'm not talking about super strict dieting, but rather choose one day out of the week where you can eat one meal that's sort of cheating. Don't overdue it though. Anyways, you need to count calories and do cardio. Your body burns calories daily just doing its daily functions--I'm estimating at your weight, you burn 2000 calories a day just being alive. Therefore, you should consume 200-500 calories less than that. If you eat too little, it will backfire and your body will go into "starvation mode" and you'll gain all of the weight you lose back fast, trust me. If you want to be more precise, look up the amount of calories you would burn online. So, try to avoid too many pastas and carbs, especially if it's at the end of the day. It's okay to eat some, as they will provide you with energy for exercise, but if your carbs are unused they turn into fat. Exercise should consist of mainly cardio and toning workouts--running, jump rope, swimming, biking, walking and pushups, pullups, leg lifts and situps if you want to tone a bit (you won't gain much muscle like that though you should slim down a bit before you try and bulk up some). I lost 20 pounds over the course of 3 months, I ran for 20 mins 4 times a week and ate a planned out diet, so imagine if I ran 5 times a week for 30 minutes? The rate at which you lose is entirely up to you, but you need to realize it isn't quick and easy. I'm guessing it would take you 5 months if you did what I did, but don't let the end game discourage you. You can do it in 3 if you work super hard. No thinking, "just one more" or "i'll start eating healthy after this" NO. Alright, best of luck.

Kourtney Kourtney
You relatively ought to wait you are going to obtain muscle as you develop. I have the equal challenge I are not able to obtain weight I am 18 and weight a hundred and fifty kilos however I dont appear find it irresistible. I appear like one hundred seventy five. all you'll be able to do is raise weights to make your self appear better. Football will aid given that this is a very bodily recreation that calls for all frame constituents. So dont be in an excessive amount of of a rush.
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Jaylee Jaylee
Lots of milkshakes. Bagels (the sweet ones, like apple crisp thingies). Sit on your *** all day and play video games. McDonald's for every meal. Hostess cupcakes and chocolate milk. Candy...lots and lots of candy (good stuff, like Butterfinger and Baby Ruth).
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Everette Everette
this is not a good idea for many reasons... for one it will increase your risk of many chronic diseases as well as put you at risk for things like heart attack, diabetes and other horrible things. your health would be compromised. and if you became fat you may not be able to enjoy many wonderful things life has to offer..like love making, long walks with a friend, playing sports etc. and dont forget it will effect your self esteem and may cause you to feel depressed and worthless.... now with that said dont forget that it is much easier to pack on the pounds than it is to lose it...so please reconsider.
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Everette Originally Answered: how can i lose body fat quickly and easily?
you just need a simple diet and exercise plan! stock up on fruits and vegetables-- those have very few calories and DO taste good! :D Drink water instead of soda or juice. Try to eat whole wheat and potatoes. Those will keep your hunger at bay and not make you crave foods. Oh! But if you DO find yourself craving foods, have a small portion of it, don't try to avoid it completely, because the craving will only get stronger. make sure to pay attention to portion sizes too. it helps if you portion it out into a bowl that way you don't find your self eating too much at once. or even portion out your snacks a week in advance so you don't over eat. also you could record what you eat in a journal. calculate the total number of calories you eat per day and determine if there is any junk you can cut out. this is what counting calories is. to lose weight you might want to eat around 1500-2000 calories per day. eating low calorie meals with LOTS of exercise will help you lose weight! aerobic exercise such as running, swimming, biking, or gymnastics is a great way to loose weight as well! good luck to you! remember: to lose weight you need to have a good diet AND exercise program having only one will not do you as much good as having both! :D this is a very easy diet to follow! as long as you stick to it! and don't give up! :D PS to get motivated you could try and think of the benefits of this plan or even take one day out of each week as a free week where you can reward yourself with something special like ice cream or cake! :)

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