Is there any easy diet recipe or diet plan?

Is there any easy diet recipe or diet plan? Topic: Is there any easy diet recipe or diet plan?
September 23, 2019 / By Orla
Question: I just found out that I'm weighing at 148, I'm 5'7, and I'm 18 years old. I like anybody else can't really keep up to a diet recipe but I'd like to know if anyone can share some easy diet plans or exercises that actually show improvement . I'm really into the smoothie diets but if anyone can please help me out, id greatly appreciate it. Thank you!!!
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Makkedah Makkedah | 3 days ago
The thing about weight loss is that it's only productive if you live healthily. This means making lifestyle changes instead of going on fad diets. Why? Because as soon as you go off of the fad diet and revert to original lifestyle, you'll gain the weight back. It's not that hard to eat healthy. Avoid sugary, fatty, processed foods. Fill up on veggies and a moderate amount of fruits. Eat lean meats. Stay around 1500 calories daily. This will create a fairly large caloric deficit with just your normal day to day activities and you'll notice natural weight loss.
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Makkedah Originally Answered: simple and easy diet and exercise plan?
Well it looks like despite what you said in your initial question, people still want to sell you something. Here is the bottom line. You must burn more calories than you consume for weight loss to occur. So you have a constant burn rate called your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) which occurs even when your sleeping, it keeps your body alive. Then anything you do on top of it, walking, talking, or exercise is additional calories burnt. So no matter what every day you must do something, even if it is small likely a quick walk, but preferabbly 20 minutes of cardio (so try an eliptical or stationary bike) 3 times a week. Lifting weights doesnt burn near the calories, thats why people that lift weights can be strong and fat at the same time. People that do cardio regularly will not be fat. Next you must avoid man-made sugars, simple carbs like white crap bread, and fied/fatty foods. This is actually easy if you stick to natural fruits for sugar, vegetables for fiber, and lean meats like chicken and fish for protein. DO NOT EAT FAST FOOD PERIOD or ANY PROTEIN DRINKS/BARS unless you truly no how to read the labels as most of them are also junk. Finely you should not eat three or four time daily, instead you should eat 5-6 times a day, small meals but just more frequantly as this is how your body is most effecient at processing your food. There that is it...the secret that either most dont know or dont want you to know and it doesnt cost anything except commitment on your part. This change is not easy and the more you do it the more it will become second nature. Over Weeks you will slowly loose weight gradualy, the safe and most effectively sustained way :) Good Luck

Kiki Kiki
if you re eating out make salad the appetizer most starters are fried and come with unhealthy dips or sauces
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Jan Jan
go lean with bean protein beans are an affordable and healthy alternative to meats and are wonderfully filling
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Epona Epona
get casual for 4 days a study shows that people take 491 more steps and burn 25 more calories on days they wear jeans to work
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Cis Cis
drink 3 cups of green tea in 24 hours researchers say it can increase energy expenditure by 106 calories
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Cis Originally Answered: Can someone give me an easy diet plan to lose 40 pounds?
If you want to do this it is for life so you need to totally change your way of eating and exercising. This is not a diet rather than a healthy eating plan for life. So no more talking diet cause it means time limit. Here are the golden rules: Initially cut down to 1200 (women) - 1500 (men) calories. Exercise 6 times per week for 1 hours a day. Do three weight sessions and three cardio sessions. No gym involved if you don't have the access. Don't eat carbs after 4pm, never eat carbs within 2 hours of exercise or within 1 hour of exercise. Drink 3 litres of water per day. You can have a green tea at the end of the day. Limit your fruit in take to 2 pieces per day. Never eat dinner after 6pm. Adopt of low GI eating plan this is sustainable for life! Make low fat dairy choices Follow this menu plan as a suggestion: Breakfast 7am - 1 cup hot water w lemon 20 minutes later have a bowel of oats w water (no honey) OR fruit salad w low GI soy yogurt Snack 10am - pear or apple (both low GI) Lunch 12.30pm - muligrain sandwich w 50g tuna & salad (no butter) Snack 3pm - low GI yogurt OR skim berry smoothie (no honey or banana) plenty of ice, 1/2 cup skim milk & 1/4 cup yogurt Dinner 5.30pm - 120g grilled lean meat/fish/prawns/tofu patties (not fried) w spinach salad & mixed vegies (no whites, carbs) OR 3 egg white/soy omlette with ham, cheese and tomato Snack - 1 scoop of low cal low fat ice cream (if hungry) Exercise is must be intense. Refer to www.bodybuilding.com for your weights routine. Never do weights two consecutive days have a cardio day in between. Cardio needs to include running, go hard up stair wells and cycling. If you have access to a gym include boxing and spin classes as well. You get the most benefits from exercise when your body is totally fatigued and this is when you see changes. To maintain you can increase calories to 1500 (women) - 1800 (men) and reduce exercise sessions to 3-4 times per week. If weight creeps up again due to holiday period etc.. go back to 1200 (women) - 1500 (men) cal and 6 sessions again. Good luck it worked for me it can work for anyone.

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