Puppy with Bowel Obstruction?

Puppy with Bowel Obstruction? Topic: Puppy with Bowel Obstruction?
January 18, 2020 / By Octavia
Question: Hello, My puppy who is only 12 weeks was throwing up constantly and having liquid poop. I took him into the vet to find out that he had a bowel obstruction and he needed to come back tomorrow for possible surgery. They gave him so white liquid medicine which would help him get whatever was in his intestines out. But he had vomited all that up, So I called the emergency vet to look at him(this was about 3 hours after my first vet) they saw that his x-ray was improving so he could digest so in the mourning I have to take him to my regular vet for more x-rays to see if he needs surgery or not. He's is really down right now not his normal self at all so my question is has anyone's dog gone through the surgery, and have they recovered well? Also is this a serious issue like life threatening? Thanks.
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Madeline Madeline | 3 days ago
A bowel obstruction is definitely life threatening. I'm glad to hear that you are keeping on top of things! : ) Surgery is always a last resort but most dogs recover well. It depends on the amount, if any, damage has been done to the bowel & they can't tell that for sure till they get in there. It's important to follow any post op instructiovs very carefully. That would include a soft bland diet, antibiotics & cage rest for awhile. My dog had to have surgery after eating a sock when she was younger & she did very well after the surgery. Best wishes, Dear!
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Madeline Originally Answered: Bowel Obstruction.?
I can't believe they sent you home. They should have at least given you some sort of laxative. I would go to a different ER right away. A bowel obstruction can cause a lot of complications. It doesn't mean you will hospitalized but you may be sick for a little while after.

Kenina Kenina
If left alone without vet care, a bowel obstruction can easily become life threatening. I've had one dog come through our rescue that had one, the owner couldn't pay the vet bill and asked the vet to euthanize, the vet called us, we paid for the surgery and the owner signed the dog over to our rescue... He did great, he recovered well... the hardest part was keeping him quiet for the recovery time, he wanted to run as soon as he started to feel better. It sounds like you are doing everything your dog needs. Keep it up and he should be absolutely fine. Good job!
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Ivory Ivory
My dogs havent had this issue, but it may be life threatening.. not sure.. but dont worry, vets are there to help and your puppy will most likely be cured in no time.
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Ellenor Ellenor
Like Rosalie says, you may desire to bypass to the vet at the same time with your canine precise now and don't wait. it somewhat is very very risky to your canine and her intestines are loss of existence from the shortcoming of blood circulate. Btw, i'm unsure i might have faith a vet who advised me to attend according to week for an merchandise to bypass while the canine isn't feeling properly. in case you have a credits card, it somewhat is the time to apply it. in case you haven't any longer have been given a credits card and your vet do no longer intend to make a charge plan, call animal management or a seem after and ask in the event that they are in a position to do an emergency help. you will possibly no longer be waiting to maintain your canine after, as you should "sign her over" even though it could secure her existence. The longer you wait the greater effective the threat of your canine loss of existence and that i'm specific you settle, this is no longer properly well worth the threat. are you able to borrow any funds from family individuals or acquaintances. in spite of each thing, it extremely is an emergency. reliable success and please save us as much as date on how she is doing.
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Ellenor Originally Answered: is it normal for my puppy who was diagnosed with parvo to not have many bowel movements at all?
I'm really sorry that your is sick, poor baby! It is NOT NORMAL for any dog not to have a bowel movement.I believe that All of the toxins are remaining in his system if he's not having a Bowel Movement and causing possible major damage to your puppy's Organs! All of this Vomiting that your puppy is doing, is going to get him very Dehydrated and that alone if he's not Rehydrated quickly, can kill your puppy. You need to get the Vomiting stopped and vets have medications that can help with that! First thing I would do, is find a different vet Today, because the one you saw is a total Screwup! Any decent vet knows that they have to test a dog, to see if they have Parvo, but in your case your vet did not bother testing your dog, which I believe is a Big Red Flag! You don't just take a stool sample and smell the stool and determine that it's Parvo. You need to move fast! Find an Emergency Vet in your area and take your puppy in to them, TODAY! They will test your puppy for Parvo, to make sure that's what he has. It may be a totally different problem! Emergency Vets are open 24/7. If I I was you and this was my puppy, I would not go by what the original vet said. I would take him to an E-Vet and get a second opinion and have him properly diagnosed and hopefully it's not to late to treat whatever your puppy does have. Good Luck! I hope your little guy makes it and that it isn't actually Parvo!

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