Diet food and recipes. Help?

Diet food and recipes. Help? Topic: Diet food and recipes. Help?
January 26, 2020 / By Nydia
Question: I need some healthy food ideas while im on this diet. Theres no name for it, Im just trying to loose about 20-30 pounds. I'm riding my bike, jogging, and walking a lot. I just need breakfast, lunch, and dinner Ideas! PLEASE HELP! Thankkkks!
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Madalyn Madalyn | 9 days ago
i'm kind of on an independant diet as well. for breakfast i stick w/ fruit or a granola bar, its not a big breakfast but it does the job. and then i'll either have a big class of water or some juice. here are some ideas on what i eat. i eat lots of soups, like chicken and noodle, tomato, and ect. they are low calorie, fill you up, and its very hydrating. i put a few crackers in it or have a piece of bread if im still hungry. some other ideas are obviously salads. i make fruit salad a lot, but w/o the sugar just google for recipis for that. and this is something i eat a lot of. its a chicken wrap. i buy chicken patties in the frozen food and then microwave one of them. i put lettace tomato onion, fat free ranch or mayo, and anything else like pickles or something. then slice up the chicken and put it on the wrap, roll it up and eat it. sometimes i'll use lunch meat instead of chicken. for sides i usually have baby carrots w/ fat free ranch or cole slaw, something green. i've always heard that when you look at your plate their should be a variety of colors on it, if its all bland (like a buger and fries) its not good for you. i also eat a lot of apples for snacks. also get some whole grain cereal, i eat it w/ skim milk, thats good too. mostly i drink a lot of water, b/c it curbs your appitite, and when you exersie you sweat off all of the water weight so thats good. also i've learned not to deprive yourself of a snack every now and again, just dont do it often, make a goal, like 2 sweets a week. b/c if you dont allow that then you may over induldge later on. good luck and if you have any other questions just email me
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Madalyn Originally Answered: homemade dog food recipes?
One of our dogs has liver disease, too-- multiple vets have been unable to determine the cause or a successful treatment. We tried everything, from medical interventions to holistic ones. We even tried a horrible grain-based diet recommended by a "specialist." Nothing worked. Finally, we decided to return to the prey model raw diet we'd been using for years, and continued using with our other dog. We simply made a few liver-disease-specific alterations-- low-purine meats, for example, and milk thistle supplements. Feeding a dog with liver problems isn't about low protein, as some believe-- it's about providing the right *types* of protein. After a few weeks back on the raw diet, her liver values improved for the first time in a year! And she's continued to improve. I definitely don't recommend any "recipes." Cooking food destroys essential nutrients for dogs-- so it's almost impossible to provide a balanced cooked diet. If you have the expertise, time, and money to *painstakingly* supplement cooked recipes, it's possible to do it, but very few lay-people have the ability to do so. Cooked home diets are almost always incredibly unhealthy and unbalanced-- like the diets you described above, with no calcium source and no organs. A prey model raw diet, however, requires no supplements, when done right-- unless particular supplements are needed for certain medical conditions, as in our dog's case. A good raw diet is usually 80 percent raw meat, 10 percent raw bone, and 10 percent raw organs. This ratio doesn't need to balanced out over every meal, but over the days and weeks. Most raw feeders don't feed vegetables, or feed very few of them, perhaps as treats. There are excellent books about raw feeding-- "Raw Meaty Bones Work Wonders" by Tom Lonsdale is great. Also, "Raw and Natural Nutrition for Dogs" by Lew Olson has a whole section devoted to diets for dogs with liver disease and liver problems. Lew Olson's book has information about both cooked and raw diets-- but he believes raw is best, too. Good luck. Add to EH Amos-- I meant to give you a "thumbs UP," but I accidentally hit "thumbs down." Sorry!
Madalyn Originally Answered: homemade dog food recipes?
Cut out the mayo, the grapes (Why would you feed a carnivore grapes? They don't feed lions and wolves grapes at the zoo, I assure you), the flour, the chicken broth, and the chocolate. That leaves you with chicken breast. But don't cube it, dogs have teeth perfectly designed for chewing their food and don't need your help. But chicken breast isn't a balanced diet so add in some heart, liver, gizzards, kidney, green tripe and the like. Add a little salmon oil for Omega 3 and 6 and tada. You'll be feeding your dog the healthiest homemade diet possible, a raw (aka uncooked because, dogs don't have thumbs, start fires, nor do they cook, nor are they evolved (as we are) to eat cooked meat) prey modeled diet!!!

Kenda Kenda
The others posted my favorite website. You can buy prepared raw diets in the states, you may check if you have anything like that available. Some are frozen, some freeze dried. To prepare your own you'll either need a meat grinder to grind bones or you will need to use a calcium supplement if she has no teeth and you prepare the food yourself. Poor girl, sounds like she is lucky to have found you. Also while you investigate the raw diet, I would consider adding a probiotic/digestive enzyme type supplement to kitty's diet. Sometimes the natural bacteria in their gut get to be out of whack and this can help them feel better/produce healthier stool. Also you can try adding fiber to her diet, something like canned pumpkin or oatmeal in her canned food may help while you gather the supplies you need to make her a nutritious raw diet. The suggestion about avoiding unnaturals in her diet is a good one. If she has any food intolerance going on, it is more likely to be the things like fish, corn, and wheat that are common in pet foods but cats wouldn't eat if they were catching their own food. Good luck! Hope you find something that works for her.
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Isolde Isolde
I belong to Spark which gives you all kinds of info of losing weight plus has tons of recipes for anytime. All you have to do is sign up, but don't worry it's free. Once you sign up, they can give you meal plans depending on your preferences and they also help you with the cardio & strength training part. Also there are forums to talk to other people going through the same battle as you. Good Luck!
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Isolde Originally Answered: Got any Mexican food recipes?
I have a recipe for Enchilada casserole & spanish rice for you below: Enchilada Casserole, aka Stacked Enchiladas 2 lbs lean ground beef, 15% fat, or 8 boneless, skinless chicken breasts, cut into small pieces 1 large can Las Palmas green chili sauce, yellow label (if you choose medium, your enchiladas will be on the spicy side.) 16 oz or larger container of sour cream, any brand 1 4 cup package pre-shredded mexican blend cheese, any brand 1/2 red, brown or white onion (or 5 Tblsp minced dried onion) Garlic powder, black pepper, seasoned salt 36 count package corn tortillas, white or yellow corn 2 cans pre-sliced black olives, if desired, drained Brown ground beef & onion in frying pan, draining all grease. Season to taste with garlic powder, seasoned salt & black pepper. If using chicken, bake in oven for 35 mins for thawed breasts, If slightly frozen, bake for 45-50 mins, cutting in the center to check if done. In a large bowl, pour green chili sauce in & add sour cream. Blend with spoon well to remove all sour cream lumps. In a tall, white pyrex dish with lid, line bottom of dish with 4 corn tortillas, overlapping them & getting to the edge of the dish as best as possible. Spoon sour cream sauce onto tortillas. Using a different spoon, spread hamburger or chicken over sauce. Sprinkle cheese over meat. If using olives, sprinkle them here too. Cover with 4 more corn tortillas to form another layer. Repeat sour cream sauce, meat, cheese, olives & tortillas until done. Press down gently between layers to ensure plenty of room before spooning on sour cream sauce. If you reach the top & have tortillas as last layer, spoon sour cream sauce over top, cheese & olives. Cover with lid & microwave for 15 minutes. Watch for bubbling over sauce. Serve with refried beans, spanish rice & salad. Spanish Rice This recipe came from my great-grandma & has been used by 3 generations so far. 1 cup white long grain rice 2 cups water 2 garlic cloves extra virgin olive oil, about 4-5 Tblsp 1 8 oz. can tomato sauce, any brand 1/3 red, white or brown onion 1/3 bell pepper, optional 1/3 celery, optional seasoned salt In a saucepan, pour in olive oil, using just enough to coat the bottom lightly. Pour rice in & garlic cloves. Brown rice lightly, stirring often using a plastic or silicone spoon. Slowly add water, tomato sauce & onion. If using bell pepper and/or celery, add them now too. Shake seasoned salt on top, about 3-4 light to medium shakes. Stir gently with plastic or silicone spoon. Cover with pan lid. Reduce heat to low, or if stove knobs have numbers, reduce to 4. Set timer for 20 minutes. Check in 10 minutes to see how rice is cooking. It should be boiling gently. Check again in 5 minutes. If rice looks dry, it's done. If not, let it cook another 5 minutes. Garlic cloves can be served inside rice. I usually take them out & place them on top so that no one who doesn't like garlic get them on their plate. Serve rice with enchilada casserole, tacos, tostadas, or inside burritos. I don't know how to make chimichangas. Sorry.

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