what are healthy breakfast/school lunch ideas for a diet?

what are healthy breakfast/school lunch ideas for a diet? Topic: what are healthy breakfast/school lunch ideas for a diet?
October 18, 2019 / By Johnnie
Question: im on a diet but im getting bored of the same old eggs for breakfast and turkey sandwitches for lunch. can anyone give me some healthy lunch and breakfast ideas. lunch has to be something easy i can take to school like sandwitches or pastas and stuff. also what can i do to control cravings for unhealthy snacks like chocolate and chips and stuff. and what are some good snack ideas too thanks a bunch!!
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Habakkuk Habakkuk | 4 days ago
Breakfast Ideas: Try wholegrain cereal for breakfast with milk and some fresh/ dried fruit with added nut's/ seeds. Granola/ musili made with either yoghurt or milk, fresh fruit/ dried fruit with added nut's/ seeds. Oatmeal made with milk with added fresh/ dried fruit and 1-2 tbsp crunchy natural peanut butter mixed in/ on fruit. Also toast with peanut butter/ cream cheese with yoghurt/ cottage cheese or milk and a serving of fruit- fresh medium, canned, berries, dried, fruit juice, fruit cup, etc .. Scrambeled egg's/ omelete with turkey sasuage/ turkey bacon a slice of whole wheat toast- 2 tsp margerine and 250mL (1 cup) milk. Lunch Ideas: Wholegrain hummus sandwhich made with 2-3 tbsp hummus spread, a slice of cheese, vegetable condiments- lettuce, onion, peppers, etc .. and a sauce condiments like mustard or margerine. Consume with a medium fruit or crunchy vegetables and lowfat yoghurt. Wholegrain sandwhich on a pita/ wrap/ bread with 2-3 slices lean deli meat (chicken/ turkey/ roast beef/ ham) with a slice of cheese, vegetable condiments and a condiment sauce- margerine, mustard, light mayonaise, bbq sauce, honey mustard, or hummus. Consume with a medium fruit or crunchy vegetables and lowfat yoghurt. White albacore canned tuna on wholegrain crackers/ flatbread with crunchy vegetables and a cottage cheese/ 2oz cheese. Cup of soup- in thermas with wholegrain crackers/ flatbread/ or slice of wholegrain bread with 2oz cheese and crunchy vegetables with the optional ranch/ hummus dip. 1 1/4 Cups wholegrain pasta- thermas (leftovers) made with tomatoe/ herbed sauce (you can add a lean meat like shrimp/ chicken and optional added vegetables) 1 tbsp parmasean cheese and a side of crunchy vegetables or side salad. Snack Ideas: Fresh fruit with yoghurt/ peanut utter 2oz cheese with wholegrain crackers/ flatbread Yoghurt with granola/ berries Cottage cheese Dry cereal Snack packages Granola bars- fiber Trail mix- nut's/ seeds & dried fruit with wholegrain cereal/ granola/ pretzels Light popcorn Crunchy vegetables with peanut butter/ hummus Hope i'v helped, on some ideas! Goodluck!
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Habakkuk Originally Answered: What are some healthy and creative ideas for kids' school lunch?
Smoothies in a thermos! I'm a terrible, terrible eater but even I cannot deny the excellence of a strawberry, orange and banana smoothie. They'll be the coolest kids in the cafeteria.

Dyson Dyson
Maybe try some Special K cereal in for breakfast. Or even some yogurt. For lunch you could spice up your sandwich. You could maybe have your parents help you (I'm not sure how old you are) grind chicken up in the food processor. Then you could add a bunch of stuff to that and there is a yummy thing for your sandwich.!
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Butch Butch
Hi, im on a diet 2 diet buddies lol :D for breakfast i eat a fruit salad like pineapple,strawberry,blueberries,apple ect... all chopped up in a bowl its yummy and low calorie low fat maybe you could try that.... and as for lunch i eat a bannana sometimes low fat organic yogurt which is a healthy option also sometimes i have a brown bread (brown bread is healtier than white) sandwich with different fillings in it maybe you would like that..... hope i helped... :) xxxx
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Aldred Aldred
Not bad! To your fruit smoothie add 2 cups of spinach I really like 1-2 cups of either coconut water or unsweetened almond milk 1/2-1 cup of frozen peaches 1/2 cup of raspberries 2 cups of spinach SO HEALTHY and SO GOOD
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Aldred Originally Answered: What's a healthy lunch I can take to school but will keep me filled for about five hours?
If you want fruit then stick to Bananas and dont mix them with citrus fruits - as they accelerate the speed with which they pass through your body. I'd suggest a small pre-prepared chicken and wholegrain pasta mix in a tupperware bowl, and a couple of bananas. You'll feel great - dont forget to drink plenty of water too as it also helps fend off hunger pains.

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