My baby is constipated.?

My baby is constipated.? Topic: My baby is constipated.?
September 19, 2019 / By Adamina
Question: My son is constipated, he is 8 months old, he is a breastfeed baby and once in a while he eats formula.. he has a month since he started eating solid foods.. any remedies??
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Tahath Tahath | 3 days ago
It's very common for kids to get a little constipated after starting solids. How you made it 7 months of full breastfeeding is awesome very impressed. Keep breastfeeding him, DO NOT stop feeding him that will just stop the parastalsis in his digestive tract making the problems worse. Try giving him mashed prunes or prunes juice. If problems persist consult a doctor or pharmacist about using little baby suppositories easily purchased over the counter. I had to do this with my son when he was smaller. Hope that helps and best wishes! PS. Just don't let the constipation go over 2-3 days without consulting a doctor because it can become dangerous.
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Tahath Originally Answered: My Baby seems constipated what can i Do?
My dude sometimes misses a day. His doc said it's totally normal as long as he didn't seem like he was in pain. To help her out, try a warm bath, maybe give her an ounce of warm water. Constipation is due to dehydration. No extreme, but you get what I mean right? If she does seem like she's in pain, call your doc. Everyone is going to give you different ideas on what to do, but your doc would know best, and you should follow their advice before anyone else's.

Perce Perce
Firstly HOW are you judging him to be constipated? if he simply has not pooped in a couple of days that CAN be normal. Even 2-3 days of no poop is normal. My oldest pooped every 3rd day or so for YEARS (he was breastfed). This was the same even after solids. Constipation is hard poop and struggling to poop - so you should see him straining & grunting like he is trying ot poop and when he does poop it is hard. If that is not the case, then it is infrequent stooling, not constipation. If it is constipation you can buy prunes or plums in the baby food section & feed him that. It should work very gently & very well. I would look into what he is eating. Breastfed babies, even after introducing solids are not generally constipated since breastmilk has a laxative effect. He may not be tolerating something he is eating well. Some babies seem to have stooling issues with grains. You can try removing those for a month & reintroducing it later. I personally don't do grains with my kiddos until they have molar since grains require a digestive enzyme called amylase to break them down. Amylase is not present in the pancreas of babies until they have molars - so now that I know that, I am not even sure why we feed grains to small babies at all. My first starting pooping very very frequently (like 8-10 times a day versus once every 3rd day) as soon as I gave him grains. I removed grains & gave veggies & he pooped like normal. I have always modified what I was feeding my kids in accordance ot how much it changed heir pooping & I found that I could always reintroduce those same food slater when their body was more ready for it. I think a change in pooping is JUST like any other reaction. If it makes them poop too often or not enough it is a sign that their bodies are not handling that food well yet.
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Lovell Lovell
Ok folks..time for a reality check. It is NOT NORMAL for a baby to become constipated after starting solids. Solids that are given in too high of a frequency and too much added at once, is what leads to constipation. Your baby should have rice cereal 1x per day for a week then 2x per day for 3 weeks before adding other baby foods...it has nothing to do with the rice cereal per se...it is to give the baby's digestive tract a chance to adjust and get ready for more substantial foods. over 95% of the parents that have issues with constipation, go full force with the baby food and it almost always leads to constipation.
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Jaymes Jaymes
It may be that his body is still adjusting to the solids. Pear juice and prune juice may help. Baby glycerine suppositories if he hasn't done a smelly for 2+ days
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Gallagher Gallagher
Its normal for babies stool to change since starting solids. You can add in more fruit or some pear juice or some apple sauce to help him go.
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Gallagher Originally Answered: Why does my baby keep getting constipated?
Brunette is right. It could just be the formula that needs changing. And lifting their legs up and down really does help. Just keep a lookout for his face, when he grunts and frowns like he is pushing for a poo give him a hand by lifting and lowering his feet. But if changing formula does not resolve your problem, you should take him to a doctor. The stomach pain associatedwith constipation really hurts them and he will keep you up at night with his crying.

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