my guppy is constipated?

my guppy is constipated? Topic: my guppy is constipated?
November 22, 2019 / By Marina
Question: my guppy is constipated and it sweems hard so what should I do, it stays in one place and doesn't moves much I tooka video:S.....the yellow onw http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mBxYKzvCsps
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Kristel Kristel | 4 days ago
I cant really tell by the video but some signs of a constipated fish are a bloated belly, a loss of appetite, reduced activity and if the fish is floating on its back. If it has these symptoms then you can buy medicine for it Also a sign for constipation is if they are trailing poop behind them. (I know. Kind of weird) The article I read says that you would need to change his diet. Or it might not be constipation. Heres the article. It also lists some other possible diseases or problems. And here's another one. Theres alot of articles on this. Type constipation in fish in google and SAVE YOUR GUPPY. Good luck.
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Kristel Originally Answered: 3mo. old son is constipated?
When my oldest son was constipated my doctor had me put dark karo syrup in with his formula to help get him to go. I think I used a tablespoon of it... can't remember for sure how much because he's 11 years old now and my other 2 baby's haven't been constipated.

Jazmin Jazmin
haa haa...that is a funny title. Dont worry ur guppy is just sick not constipated. I am guessing it doesnt eat anything either. Move it to another tank or a small bowl by itself. use teh same water. Get the Fungus relief tablets from a Pet Store & drop in 1/4 of a tab in it. Two days later change teh water & drop another dose teh next day if needed. This tablet works on sick fishes too not just with fungal infection. good luck.
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Fairuza Fairuza
Nothing funny about this, it's serious. My guppy is also showing signs of constipation. Swelling/bloated body, not swimming, laying on a leaf all day. Thanks Brooke, for the advice about petstore constipation treatments.
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Concordia Concordia
I nearly died laughing at the title of the question! I dont think i will ever see something so funny sounding Now about your guppy, i dont really think there is much you can do, just wait it out i guess
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Berry Berry
Just let nature take it's course. It will probably work itself out. When we get constipated, it eventually works it's way out.
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Berry Originally Answered: Why is he still constipated?
I was told to watch out for cereal, apples, bananas, squash and carrots as they are all constipating foods. Pears, plums & prunes, apricots, peaches, peas and green beans are all less constipating. Try using some of those more often. My little boy gets constipated easliy also. I wouldn't use the Karo syrup. I know they say in some places tro use it, but I would never feed my son pure sugar like that. I would try something else. I use glycerin suppositories if he gets clogged. They work in about two hours and help soften the poop so it can come out. Plus they do not harm him in any way , try if you want.

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