I stopped taking the pill and now period is over two weeks long, whats going on?

I stopped taking the pill and now period is over two weeks long, whats going on? Topic: I stopped taking the pill and now period is over two weeks long, whats going on?
September 19, 2019 / By Bindy
Question: I stopped taking the pill because of weight gain and would like to lose weight and because my fiance and I found a successful alternative birth control method. I stopped taking it March 31 and my period started April 3rd and has been going on ever since. At first it was old brow-ish blood but the last few days it trickles off and on and is a brighter red. Is my uterus just flushing out from the lighter periods I was having because of the pill or is something else going on?
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Best Answers: I stopped taking the pill and now period is over two weeks long, whats going on?

Ailse Ailse | 8 days ago
Firstly to clarify; hormonal birth control doesn't cause weight gain. Do birth control pills make women gain weight? - http://www.slate.com/articles/health_and... While you've been on the pill your natural hormones and menstrual cycles have been suppressed, coming off the pill you had the drop in hormones to mimic progesterone drop to bring on withdrawal bleed but your own hormones have yet to get into a regular pattern thus the bleeding has continued. It can take up to 12 months for your menstrual cycle to regulate - and of course if your cycles were irregular prior to going on the pill the problem may return unless it's treated. You can help yourself out by staying as healthy as possible, and help your hormones regulate by using herbal treatments such as evening primrose oil capsules or chaste tree tincture, lunaception may help too. But don't worry the symptoms your experiencing now shouldn't last long, if it doesn't ease off over the next week see your doctor for a little help but otherwise don't worry. This entry from Sweetening The Pill may be useful to you - http://sweeteningthepill.blogspot.co.uk/...
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Sorry to tell you but your now on the one month countdown. Sadly your period only cleans your uterus and not your whole blood stream. THC is stored in your fat cells and your body cleans them out as fast as it can.The only way to get clean faster is to get some system cleansing drugs from GNC like Niacin. Also, drinks like cranberry juice and extra exercise will help it clear out faster.

Tommi Tommi
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Ray Ray
My best guess would be that your body is trying to get back on track to what is a normal period for you. Since you was on the pill your body has not had a normal flow in a while and its probably making up for that and flushing its self out since the blood coloring types you described, I would give it a few more days and it should lighten up if not then you may want to seek medical attention and get a better opinion on things. Hope I helped
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Matania Matania
A few things are going on... First of all, your hormones are confused, imbalanced, and wacky. Also, your body is used to your synthetic hormone (the pills) coming in and telling it when to stop and doesnt have that now. And not to mention the fact that females get very used to the fact that the pill can make periods much much shorter and lighter than they usually are. So things could seem even more exaggerated because you are having one without being on the pill now (so it's naturally going to be heavier and/or longer if you're one of those common people with that side effect). Don't sweat it. If it reaches 3 weeks, make an apt with the GYN and if you experience any unsual pain, definitely go see the doctor. I had the same thing happen to me and it took about 6-8 months for things to get back to "normal" Good luck
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Jimmie Jimmie
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Gomer Gomer
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Driskoll Driskoll
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