Can I use Olive Leaf Extract to treat my kitty's "chin acne?"?

Can I use Olive Leaf Extract to treat my kitty's "chin acne?"? Topic: Can I use Olive Leaf Extract to treat my kitty's "chin acne?"?
December 11, 2019 / By Lark
Question: She's a 2-yr-old Siamese mix (lynx point) and otherwise very healthy. Her diagnosed "chin acne" responds to the vet's antifungal cream, but then it comes back. I've used up all the cream over a year and want to try olive leaf extract, but only if it won't make her sick. I have a kitty-size "elizabethan collar" to keep her from licking for an hour or so when I apply it, but after a year of that, it just seems mean to make her wear if every day. I'd like to get it over with. OL extract works on other human funguses (fungi), so I was wondering if it would hurt the kitty in any way. I know they are different from us. I have alcohol-based and oil based, and I know she will lick. Any advice?
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Jesca Jesca | 2 days ago
I certainly agree that it is about time the poor girl stopped having to wear an elizabethan collar for hours every day, but I don't think I'd bother trying olive leaf extract. What kind of food are you feeding her? My cat had acne for a little while and she would have never allowed me to put anything on her chin--she wouldn't even let me wipe her chin after eating. I changed from dry food (very dusty) to wet food (which also tends to help keep weight down) and now use a fresh bowl with every feeding, and her acne cleared up within days and has not returned. You can try wiping her chin after eating with a very weak solution of iodine and water. I have also heard that a warm epsom salt compress can help (do not press hard, though), although I admit I was not able to try it myself. Or, get another kitty so that they can lick eachothers' faces clean! :) I hope your little lady's problem is soon resolved. Good luck!
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Jesca Originally Answered: No Die Off Effect from taking Grapefruit Seed Extract and Olive Leaf Extract?
Die off effects and detoxing effects don't happen the same way for every person... some are "clean enough" that they don't experience enough of the negative effects and some people just don't have enough of a problem to experience the down side of it. In a similar way, some people don't experience the negative side effects of a variety of products either. ;-) I would just consider yourself in the luckier percentage that you didn't have the die off effect (as it can be very uncomfortable in worse cases) and be glad the infection has been taken care of. Good luck and I hope I helped!

Florette Florette
I would not use it till I checked with a vet, a lot of the extracts and oils are toxic to cats, particularly tea tree oil (dogs and humans have no problems but it does permanent kidney damage to cats). Olive leaf extract may be just as toxic. We always used a rough washcloth with soap and water, scrubbed the area briefly, then rinsed the washcloth and rubbed the wet part to remove any soap residu. This worked pretty good, getting rid fo the acne fast. If you're using plastic bowls, change to porcelain or ceramic plates or low sided bowls, the glass doesn't hold bacteria as well as the plastic, and the cat isn't rubbing his chin into the food fragments that way.
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Darina Darina
Sure it is safe. It is safe to keep your body from getting yeast infection. Now that you have yeast infection, you have to get rid of the yeast. It is not a bacteria or virus. It comes from normal food. It is called Candidiasis. The problem is you have an overgrowth of yeast; too much yeast. Bowel cleansing is recommended. For awhile, stop eating breads, sugars, pastas, don't drink sodas. You might find that taking all of these natural things are good to take and they are, but once you get yeast infection, those things become it's food and it will get full fat and happy and disappear for awhile because it is not hungry anymore. When I say hungry, your body has a thing called homeostasis and once the yeast fully invades the body, it is satisfied, but you will be miserable.
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Bliss Bliss
If you are using plastic food and water bowls that is probably why it keeps coming back. I learned in vet tech classes that no matter how much you clean them they really don't get clean cuz of the micro small holes that are in the plastic hold alot of bacteria and stuff. I've treated a cat that had that and switched her plastic bowls to stainless steal and she never got them again.
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Airlia Airlia
While it took little less than two months for me to really see a difference, my acne, blackheads and whole lot of other skin problems I had such as eczema had completely cleared! It was totally amazing... Get Rid Of Acne Permanently?
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Airlia Originally Answered: Can olive leaf extract effect your moods or personality?
I have also researched it an awful lot and i personally use it to combat infections and bolster my immunity .... i'm wondering here if you are using a flavored variety of olive leaf extract??? I used the Aloe Vera Flavored variety by mistake once and i'm severely intolerant to Aloe Vera...... within 15 minutes my moods were swinging and my brain was frizzing......... and my tummy bloated and i was really gassy ...... is it possible you are intolerant to the flavor you chose?? Use the natural flavored variety of olive leaf extract as the active ingredient oleuropein is greatly reduced in potency in the flavored varieties. Also ensure you take it before food to aid in the absorption process. peace baby ♥

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