theme parks in California?

theme parks in California? Topic: theme parks in California?
June 18, 2019 / By Billie
Question: which two would be the best to go too? reasons also please! Knotts Berry Farm Disneyland Seaworld Six Flags Magic Mountian?
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Ailsa Ailsa | 7 days ago
It really depends what you want. Disneyland is fun to go to maybe once every year or 2 years. Seaworld probly the same thing. If you want coasters though and thrill rides, Knotts berry farm and Magic Mountain. Magic Mountain is definitely my favorite out of all those parks. It competes with Cedar Point every year for the most and best coasters (although Cedar Point has a few more now). But its a great park, lots of varieties of coasters and great food. Make sure you ride Goliath, Ninja, Colossus, X2, Tatsu, Superman, Riddlers Revenge and if its open, Deja Vu. Goliath is my favorite coaster, and if you sit in the front it is a truly unique experience. Ninja is one of very few (I think 3 or 4) suspended swinging coasters. It twists its way through the forest and you feel like your feet will hit the trees, yet you are in a car. Colossus is a duel racing wooden coaster. Its pretty big for a woody. X2 is a 4 dimensional coaster, only one of its kind. The line can be 3+ hours, but if you have time, worth it. You have no idea whats going on when you are on it. Tatsu is a flying coaster (your below the track facing down like a brid), and is pretty fun but if the line is huge, you could probably skip it. Superman shoots you up 400 feet at 0-60 in about 3 seconds. Riddlers Revenge is a standing coaster, and is really fun too. Deja Vu is a "boomerang-style" coaster, but inverted and a lot taller than most. It has been closed the last few times I went though. As for Knotts, they have some great coasters too, Ghost Rider (one of the tallest wooden coasters) and Xcelerator. I haven't been there in a few years, but they have some fun rides.
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Tom Tom
Knotts Berry Farm- There are many roller coasters here. It is a nice park. Silver Bullet is a great ride. Ghost Rider is awesome. There are many things to do. It is fun for a whole day. KBF has good food and it is located in LA area. You can go to the water park there and have fun in the pool. The water park is pretty good there. Six Flags Magic Mountain- Most roller coasters in any park in CA because they are awesome. Tatsu is a great flying coaster. Ninja is supremely awesome. Scream! will make you scream and leave you breathless. Goliath may knock you unconscious it is so intense and awesome. It is the tallest full circuit coaster in the park. X^2 is insane and you never know what may happen on there. Viper is like a venomous snake that keeps coming at you and is relentless in its loops. Revolution is a classic looping coaster. Superman: The Escape will leave you with a stunning view of LAs mountains. Batman: The Ride will leave you screaming to go on the Riddler's Revenge. The Riddler's Revenge is so good that you will want to go back on it again. Feet may be sore after a while- its a stand up roller coaster. Colossus is a great wooden coaster that has twists and turns. Deja Vu will leave you delirious of your thoughts. There are just so many rides there.
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Raven Raven
If you want coasters, Six Flags Magic Mountain is your place to go: Ride/Manufacturer/Type/# of Inversions (loops): X2/Arrow/5th Dimension roller coaster/4 inversions. Its a prototype coaster that is simply a MUST ride, for it cannot be described in any way. Its worth the 3hr wait (in the summer months it usuall is 3hrs long for the wait). Colors are red and black. Special Features: flamethrowers that do shoot fire at you near the end of the ride and onboard music. Tatsu/B&M/Flyer/4 inversions. Its a great ride and the best one of its kind. Colors are a light orange (almost yellow light) and light red. The ride is very nerve racking though going up the lift hill. Goliath/Gionalva (sp?)/Hyper/0 inversions. Its the second tallest ride in the park, standing 235ft tall. Its very fast-bout 85mph at top speed-and is a great roller coaster. Colors are teal and orange. Special features include a 125ft long tunnel after the first drop. Scream!/B&M/ Floorless/7 inversions. The trains of this coaster are literally floorless. Nothing but the track underneath your feat. Really fun at night to ride. Colors are Blue, purple, and yellow. Batman The Ride/B&M/ Inverted/5 inversions: Similiar in experience to Scream! but riders hang under the track, not over it. Colors are gray and black. Riddler's Revenge/B&M/Stand-up/6 inversions. You do literally stand-up during the course of this ride. Another fun roller coaster to ride at night. Colors are just green. Collosus/Unkown/Wooden/0 inversions. I personnally think this ride is the best wooden coaster in California to date, much better than Ghost Rider at Knotts. can be a little rough, but not unbearably rough. Colors are just white, but red and black for the trains. Viper/Arrow/Multi-looper/7 inversions. This coaster holds the record for the tallest loop at 144ft. can be a little rough and very uncomfortable for taller persons like myself. Colors are red and white. Revolution/Unknown/Unknown/1 inversion. It can be rough if you dont control your head movement. This coaster however was the first to have a 360 degree loop. Colors are white Ninja/Arrow/Suspended coaster/0 inversions: This cool ride is pretty fun for adults and kids, and helps kids get used to the bigger faster coasters. Colors are red Superman: The Escape/Intamin/Shuttle/0 inversions. A simple coaster that launches you 100mph up a 415ft tower. However, due to its old age, it doesnt reach that speed anymore and the train goes up 300ft. It does break down more often than the other coasters and the line is usually pretty long since its a one train operation. Colors are gray for the track and red and blue for the trains Deja Vu/Vekoma/Super-Boomerrang/3 Inversions. Located at the back of the park, this 195ft tall coaster is a lot of fun, but can be very nerve racking while ascending the first tower. Colors are blue and green. Terminator Salvation: The Ride/GCI/Wooden/0 inversions. The ride is currently under construction and will open in May 2009 (possibly around memorial day weekend) The park also has a few water rides, kiddie rides, what we coaster enthusiasts call flat rides, and a few upcharge rides (rides that cost you an extra dollar to ride.) Disneyland however is your park for family rides. They have three really fun roller coasters among several thrilling rides, and they also have the classic Pirates of the Caribbean and Jack Skeleton's Haunted Mansion attractions. There is also California Adventure right across from Disneyland. Knotts has a good selection of coasters, but they arent as good as Magic Mountain's, except for Xcelerator which is pretty good, and Sea World doesnt have much to offer outside of a few rides and animal shows, but they are expected to expand soon.
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Mat Mat
knotts berry farm--great rides like ghostrider and silver bullet six flags---giant thrill roller coasters
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