How can you get the sticky part from a label off a bowl?

How can you get the sticky part from a label off a bowl? Topic: How can you get the sticky part from a label off a bowl?
June 16, 2019 / By Bijou
Question: I have a stainless steel bowl that I took the labels off, however, the one on the inside looked like it would come off easily but it didn't. So I soaked it in warm water twice and most of the label came off but there is still sticky residue that is left behind. If it were on the outside of the bowl I wouldn't mind but it's on the inside where I will be preparing food so I'd like to make sure it's gone. Like I said, I soaked it in warm water twice, the 2nd time I used one of those sponges with the scrubber on the back, used soap, etc. Thanks for your help!
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Ailith Ailith | 6 days ago
I don't recommend harsh solvents on stainless steel. Gasoline and nail polish remover could ruin the bowl. So could Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. You can remove that residue with plain old oil...either cooking oil or baby oil. Douse a paper towel with the oil and press the paper towel onto the sticky spot. Let that sit for about an hour. The residue should roll right off with your fingernail. Then wash the bowl with dish washing liquid and water. Rinse well...and you're done. -
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Tolly Tolly
You can get the sticky residue off with fingernail polish remover or lighter fluid. Wash bowl thoroughly afterwards and you're good to go. My mom told me to always keep a can of lighter fluid on my laundry shelf to get rid of grease spots on clothing. It works.
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Rastus Rastus
You can use any solvent, like WD40. That will remove any residue. Of course, wash it thoroughly afterward.
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