is there a weight loss pill that's safe for children?

is there a weight loss pill that's safe for children? Topic: is there a weight loss pill that's safe for children?
December 13, 2019 / By Josette
Question: my little sister is really self concious and she's like 40lbs. overweight. D; is there a weight loss pill / something the doctor can give her? thanks ‹3
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Best Answers: is there a weight loss pill that's safe for children?

Georgine Georgine | 3 days ago
Absolutely not. Not only would a child risk very serious health problems from taking the pills (even more so than an adult), you're only teaching that child that drugs/pills are the answer to all problems. It starts with the diet pills, and then when they're not strong enough it's heroin and cocaine. Unless your goal is to turn your little sister into a cheap drug slut living on the sreets. Get her to exercise more and eat healthier food.
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Georgine Originally Answered: What diet or weight loss pill can you use that's safe with other medications?
I've heard good things about Alli. A friend of mine from work swears by it as she's lost over 60 pounds in the past year on it. She said her mom and sister have also had great results from it. I know my friend exercises every day and has changed her eating habits. But she said the Alli really helped with cutting her appetite. And there's no side effects.

Delphia Delphia
Hello! I wouldn't suggest taking wight loss pills at a young age. Well, I don't actually know how old she is, but from what it sounds like, she's a young one. Anyways, she might want to try eating better and taking more walks etc. Tell her to start doing this. Instead of eating 1 - 3 large meals a day, eat about 6 small ones at different parts of the day. This way, her metabolism should stay high because it's always working to burn fat. I would recommend daily walks for about a half mile at first, then moving forward slowly. I really hope your sister has confidence in her self! Jordan
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Caetlin Caetlin
There are no pills or magic cures, especially not for children. It would be beyond irresponsible to put a child on any form of appetite suppressant, no doctor would even consider it. If she wants to lose weight, the only thing that will work is good old fashioned exercise and healthy eating. Healthy eating doesnt mean that she cant eat ANY of the foods that kids love... it just means that she cant have these foods several times a day or for every meal. Controlled portion sizes of low GI foods are a good way to begin- they will keep her energy up whilst maintaining a satisfied appetite. Exercise is hard to get kids into... most kids hate walking the dog and stuff like that, but that doesn't mean that she's excluded from exercising- just disguise it. Get her enrolled in something like Girl Guides or The Scouts... she will get exercise that has been made fun by the instructors... its non-competitive too. You may want to get your parents to see a dietitian to discuss the kinds of foods that are suitable for a girl her age to eat in order to lose weight.
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Almah Almah
Don't listen to this freak ^....they've been pushing that stuff all over the place. The best thing to do is go get some exercise. Take her to the park or for a swim. Keep her active.
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Val Val
My suggestion is that children shouldn't take medicine unless it is used to cure a disease. My advice is a slowly growing routine of daily exercise along with healthy meals.
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Val Originally Answered: Garcinia Cambogia Lean Safe for teens? Weight loss pill?
Garcinia Cambogia is associated with certain side effects so stay from it until you are at least 18.

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