Weight loss success stories?

Weight loss success stories? Topic: Weight loss success stories?
June 19, 2019 / By Biddy
Question: I am looking for weight loss success stories from people who have lost large amounts of weight.I want to lose 7 stone in total. I have re-joined my gym and i'm just looking for info and tips from people who have done the same. Hope someone can help x
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Ailie Ailie | 5 days ago
Over on the C25K website (the C25K stands for 'Couch to 5k', and is designed to get you off the couch and capable of running a 5km within a couple of weeks), there's a video posted of a guy who lost 120lbs. It's pretty inspirational, and may help. I've added the link below.
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Ailie Originally Answered: Any weight loss success stories (without drugs)?
Forget the cleansing stuff- I have never had to lose beacuse I found a natural way of eating and living. Just be normal- I eat normally, a variety of foods all day, (if I have a weakness for fast food its Long John Silver's fish!) I eat small frequent meals. I started dance lessons at 2 years of age (yes I have been dancing for over 50 years) and haven't quit dancing since. I do ballet for flexibility, and fast tap for aerobics. I do some mild weight bearing exercise. Never is it 2 hours- I just found an activity that was fun for me that I can feel a sense of accomplishment with.

Tolbert Tolbert
never eat any snack food out of the box carton or bag it came in you re less likely to overeat if you separate snacks into appropriate fist sized servings
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Rashawn Rashawn
got nuts with nuts eating a handful of nuts will help you stay full try soaking them in water for a different texture
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Mason Mason
if you find yourself at a weight loss plateau up the duration of your exercise routine by five minutes
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Mason Originally Answered: Please tell me your weight-loss stories?
I was 310lbs march 2010 and now I am 209 lbs. All together i've lost 101 pounds in about 7 months. At your height, you should weigh 115-125 pounds. In order for you to lose weight, you must burn more calories than you take in. Eat 1,500 to 1,700 calories everyday. Make sure you count your calories and try to zig zag ( switch up the number of calories each day, 1,500 one day and maybe 1,300 the day) them so you won't reach a plateau (stop losing weight) It's NOT a diet, it's a LIFE STYLE CHANGE Eat whole grain foods (brown rice, wheat bread, whole grain pasta, etc) fruits and vegetables and drink a lot of water. NO soda and try to stay away from junk food. 100% juice is good to drink because it has no added sugar and no high frutose corn syrup (a bad super sugar) if you want chips, eat baked chips, thet are really tasty. Eat more poultry (chicken, turkey, fish) and less red meat (steak, burgers). Whatever meat you eat, remember to NEVER FRY your foods. Always bake, broil, roast, stem or grill your foods. Exercise You can speed walk for about 2 miles a EVERYDAY or more if you like. Jump rope is good or any sports you like to do is good also. Do some light weight lifting to help tone your body, like lifting bags from the supermarket. Squats are good to help tone the thighs and but, crunches and leg lifts for your stomach. Just have fun eating healthy and exercising and the weight will come off. Buy a tape measure and a scale to track your progress. Measure your thighs, stomach and waist with the tape measure every 2 weeks. Measure yourself on the scale every 2 weeks also. At first you will probably lose a lot of weight, then it might slow down, but that happen to and its only natural. Best of luck to you and if you need any help or advice, email me.

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