Working out and Dieting for 6 weeks, with no fat loss, Why?

Working out and Dieting for 6 weeks, with no fat loss, Why? Topic: Working out and Dieting for 6 weeks, with no fat loss, Why?
June 19, 2019 / By Bibi
Question: I am 5'10'' 182Lbs age:21 I have been lifting weights and doing 30-45 minutes of cardio 5 x per week (medium to high intensity). I am eating around 1600 pretty clean calories (no alcohol junk food etc). I have not toned up or lost any weight / visible fat. Am I missing something? Perhaps I should drop carbs altogether for a while? * 13 minutes ago * - 4 days left to answer. Additional Details cardio means running on a treadmill or elliptical work
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Ailey Ailey | 4 days ago
For fat loss i would say your cal's. are ok,but you need high protein,very low carbs. and very low fat!!!! Also,lift light weights and high reps., a different muscle 6 days a week! Keep up with cardio 5xa week.
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Ailey Originally Answered: What working out/weight loss pills are most effective?
There are no over the counter legal weight loss pills that work. The only one that does anything is Alli, and it works by giving you diarrhea.

Todd Todd
Do the Fat X 12 day fitness program. It's great for burning fat, getting fit and toned fast. The videos and the diet are free on the Fat X 10 blog. Good luck!
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Rashaun Rashaun
Losing weight is never fast. You have to burn more calories than you're eating. Sit ups everyday won't help either, you need a cardio such as swimming, running, or cycling. It's not healthy to lose more than 2 lbs a week, either. Swimming exercising a lot of muscles and cycling is easier on your knees but produces the same result as running. The site below has a lot of good free info too.
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Marvyn Marvyn
fast food is salty food if you cut back on the salt in a few weeks youll be able to better taste the natural salts in food and may not crave the junk as much as you used to
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Jethro Jethro
best ways to loose weight at home follow these three simple steps open this blog http://edweightlosediets.notlong.com (copy n paste in browser to open it) wen it opens u ll see green color links open them they will take u to the best weight loosing exercise start loosing weight
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Jethro Originally Answered: Working out, reduced calories, no weight loss?
I'm confused about "under 6 servings of carbs". Your body doesn't typically count servings, but grams would be a more accurate measurement. That is still a lot of sugar you consume. Saturated fats are not bad for your body - and you will never find a clinical trial that shows otherwise. Exercising does not work for losing weight. LPL (lipoprotein lipase) enzymes run throughout your body and work to channel fatty acids in your bloodstream to many different types of cells. When you work out, they channel fatty acids to your muscles. This is great as it temporarily makes your body leaner. However, when you stop exercising, your muscle's LPL activity shuts down, and your fat cell LPL activity is kicked into high gear, flooding fatty acids into storage. Your body is essentially preparing for the next onslaught of work. This makes you crave more carbohydrates, which when ingested - your insulin response is to store fat. This is why you see a lot of marathon runners gain weight while training - and I would surmise they work out harder than you. 'Your metabolism is slowing' is a common phrase to hear. What it really is is that you are becoming more insulin resistant. This means your body is more susceptible to gaining weight, you may eventually become insulin resistant - which can lead to obesity and type II diabetes. The typical advice you'll get from a doctor is exercise and low-fat or calorie-restricted. Low-fat diet is a fad diet created by the McGovern Committee in the 1970s. Look what it has done to our world - type II diabetes is rampant and obesity is crazy. The JAMA just came out with a report - see second source, with headlines including: Nearly 36 percent of adults and 17 percent children are obese and The number doubles when the prevalence of people who are simply overweight instead of obese are also taken into account. So around 70% of adults are overweight and 35% of children are overweight. Over the past several decades, the ingestion of animal fats has gone down, while the ingestion of carbohydrates has gone up significantly. This is due to the cheap nature of carbohydrates - and the benefits that come with packing in carbs (longer shelf life, taste etc). Anyway, check out the book and you may learn some very important information. You can read some pages for free online before you buy it. --- And about the "it is not Atkins" guy - there is nothing wrong with Atkins, or more severely reduced carbohydrate plans. Decreasing carbohydrates enough puts your body into ketosis, which uses dietary fat (mostly) for fuel and ketones for brain function. It keeps your blood-glucose and insulin levels way low, which greatly reduces your chance of heart attack, stroke, many types of cancers and more. So while some individuals may want to just lose weight by cutting out grains and such (which is good), others who go with very low-carbohydrate lifestyles desire an even better and lasting affect on their longevity and well-being.

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