Are diet sodas really that bad for an otherwise healthy person?

Are diet sodas really that bad for an otherwise healthy person? Topic: Are diet sodas really that bad for an otherwise healthy person?
June 16, 2019 / By Bevin
Question: If you try to research Soda on the internet the majority talks of the non-diet variety, which of course is unhealthy if you are drinking several hundred calories a day, and in most cases not realizing it so eating a full day's calories or more as well. And if your drinking of soda means you aren't drinking other healthier drinks like water that is of course bad. I've seen speculative things mentioned about damage to the brain (memory loss or dementia), heart disease, weight gain. Is any of this true specifically to soda or are these just people who live unhealthy lives, of which drinking a lot of soda may be one symptom. I am 35 years old and in reasonably good shape, grew up an athlete and holding on for dear life as I age(!). I work out 45-60 mins 4 to 5 times a week. I eat a pretty healthy diet most of the time, alcohol consumption during football season or one weekend day might be the real vice. No smoking or drugs or anything like that. But I drink tons of fluids a day. Particularly during the work week. In a typical work day at my desk I might drink 3, maybe even 4 cans of diet coke. But I'm also drinking water from a 32 oz nalgene bottle that I refill 3-5 times a day. So above average soda intake, but a lot of water too. Do I have anything to worry about? Am I really increasing my chances of dementia down the road? Or is this just all speculation from overly healthy minded people, or hypochondriacs? I'm not criticizing anyone's opinion. Just many of those who rant about the perceived healthiness of things are often on the extremes of opinions. Hard for a guy like me to relate to any sort of extremist opinion. Anyone out there that can help me on this would be very much appreciated. Just curious if an otherwise healthy person can actually be seriously affected by diet soda consumption. Thanks in advance!
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Ailene Ailene | 3 days ago
Diet sodas are actually worse for people than regular sodas. They may contain less calories, but they contain more aspartame. Aspartame can be considered a carcinogen. Also, that much soda is not good for you. There is no nutritional value to it, and it causes bad skin, and teeth. Just try and eliminate sodas all together.
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Ailene Originally Answered: How do diet sodas affect weight-loss diets?
Do not drink diet soda! It is the worst thing you can do to lose weight especially if you are past thirty years old. While regular soda has sugar and calories, diet soda has a chemical in it that "substitutes" sugar and while it has no sugar the bad thing is that the chemical slows your metabolism exponentially! It becomes harder to lose weight, especially with prolonged drinking of diet soda.

Tod Tod
Very good question. The # 1 ingredient that has stirred up the most controversy is aspartame. Aspartame as you may know is an artificial sweetener that gives soda it's sweetness without the calories. I believe it was approved by the FDA in the early 80's if i'm not mistaken, amid some controversy. As far as my opinion goes, 3-4 per day is something I would not do. I'm in pretty damn good shape; not to toot my horn but for my small frame I can do 20 plus pull ups, did a 1/2 marathon, blah blah, you get it. However, I do enjoy diet soda but have cut down a lot. I would limit myself to one a day, then started buying those 8 oz cans and now I try not to buy it every time I go to the store. I'm all about common sense. Common sense would lead me to believe that water is 100% more safe than diet soda. I mean look at the ingredients in a soda. That can't be good. Could it kill you? I highly doubt it but i'm not willing to risk that. It's rolling the dice on your life, so to speak, though most people will probably die of heart disease or cancer before any strong linkage comes from diet soda.
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Randy Randy
Diet soda can be harmful to your health because though there may be less calories and such, it contains less pure materials to do so. It can be dangerous for your body, and even harmful to your teeth as they will deteriorate from drinking large amounts of it. Even though you do drink a ton of water, it can't undo the effects of the diet soda.
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Marvin Marvin
This is a great article I always refer to when I see this question arise. Hope it helps you out! http://myfitnessjunkie.com/health/is-diet-soda-bad-for-you/
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Marvin Originally Answered: FIRST time preg chick and having cramps? Is this NORMAL ? What about food cravings and diet sodas? HELP.?
CONGRATS Yes it is normal to have cramps in early pregnancy. If they are so bad that they stop you in your tracks or you are experiencing bleeding with it should you go to the Doctors. Food cravings can start very early. That is also normal. As for the Soda: Aspartame, also known as "NutraSweet" is a non-caloric sweetener used in many foods and diet sodas. It is made up of two amino acids (the building blocks of protein). There are no studies that show aspartame is harmful to pregnant women as long as it is taken in moderation (no more than one diet soft drink per day). Aspartame is broken down in the digestive track the same way any other protein is during digestion. I am sure you are thinking one diet soda per day is not going to cut it for you. I think one soda is said to be the limit because doctors and dietitians do not want pregnant women to avoid drinking juices, water and milk which supply more nutrients and health benefits. The major concern with aspartame is with the phenylalanine (a protein that makes up part of aspartame). Women with a condition called phenylketonuria (PKU - for which your baby will probably be screened for at birth), a rare hereditary condition in which the amino acid phenylalanine is not properly metabolized, are at risk because high levels of phenylalanine can cause damage to the fetus.

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