what is the quickest way to lose stomach fat?

what is the quickest way to lose stomach fat? Topic: what is the quickest way to lose stomach fat?
October 15, 2019 / By Gaila
Question: Need to lose 15lbs. ASAP, but stomach is the most troublesome, post-2nd c-section. Walking as much as time allows, cutting junk, what else can I do, how fast will it work?
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Deanna Deanna | 4 days ago
Hi, You’ll make dramatic improvements in your worst trouble spots and most stubborn problem areas if you do simple, yet carefully structured, bodyweight exercises (no weights & no machines) which combine all three types of muscle movement: Concentric, Eccentric and Isometric. This is a crucial factor for man and women that cannot be addressed with typical weight and machine type exercise programs. The only way to combine these for maximum results and SAFETY is by focusing on bodyweight type exercises. Because its basically impossible to achieve this when using weights and machines. I am a 5.7 and 25 years old and a month ago I weigh 147lbs although about a year ago I weighed 188lbs. I am not very happy with how I look, although I have slimmed down a lot, but I still look like I'm pregnant. My stomach is flabby, my butt is big and I just feel and look disgusting. I used to run on treadmill for 15-20 mins then do some stretching for 10 min and then workout for 30-40 mins and all this 7 days a week. But I just couldn’t reach my goal. It is enough to make anyone frustrated. A month ago a friend introduced me a workout program. I was skeptical at first that this would work by itself. Targeted weight loss is quite tough, some would say impossible, but it definitely does produce results. I have lost 20 lbs in four weeks plus 3 inches from my stomach and even my legs are much more slimmer then before. If you are wondering that this program is too good to be true - I challenge you to try it! You will not regret it! And your body will thank you for it. The link is at the source below.
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Deanna Originally Answered: what is the quickest way to lose weight?
First you need to calculate how many calories your body can intake daily without gaining weight. This can be done by taking your current weight and multiplying it by 10 (for example if you weighed 150 pounds you could consume 1500 calories a day w/o gaining any weight even if you didn't exercise). Once you figure out how many calories you can have everyday you should cut out a portion of those calories, usually 20% is a good amount (for example .2(1500)=300, so you should subtract 300 from 1500 for 1200 calories everyday). This diet alone will help most people lose 5-10 pounds in 1-2 weeks. You can eat whatever you want with this diet as long as you don't go over the desired caloric intake (for the example it would be 1200 cals everyday) A good way to plan out your daily diet would be to consume about 25% of your daily calories at every meal and 25% for drinks and snacks. For the above example, if you aimed to consume only 1200 calories everyday to lose weight then you should eat 300 cals at breakfast, lunch, and dinner then leave 300 calories for drinks and snacks. I personally recommend throwing some fruit or salad (veggies too if you like 'em) in your diet because they are relatively low in calories and help keep you from feeling hungry throughout the day (for example a medium sized apple usually has about 50 calories in it) Also I recommend planning your meals everyday (I mean write them out everyday. Include what you'll eat, the serving size (generally you should go by the serving size recommended on the box or if that's too much or too little try halving it or doubling it), your weight at the beginning of the week and again at the end of the week. Go to myfitnesspal.com to get the caloric value for the foods you eat that don't have a nutrition label. Please feel free to contact me if you want clarification or more examples.Hope this helps and good luck!

Bridgette Bridgette
stop eating high corn fructose and saturated fat and do lots of ab workouts and youll see alot of a diffrence
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Algoma Algoma
oats are your friends eating a cup of oatmeal in the morning will prevent you from gorging in the afternoon
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Tyrell Tyrell
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Riel Riel
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Riel Originally Answered: Quickest way to lose weight?
Do the lemonade cleanse: When To Use It: If your overweight and would like to shed excess pounds. How Long: 3 - 5 days Lemonade Drink Ingredients 18 -25 lemons or limes (preferably fresh picked) Genuine Grade A or B Dark Amber maple syrup (not maple flavored syrup) Cayenne pepper (red pepper) natural or organic Water (spring or distilled) Sea salt (uniodized) 1 bottle CKLS

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