What is the most healthy kinds of foods to have for Breakfast?

What is the most healthy kinds of foods to have for Breakfast? Topic: What is the most healthy kinds of foods to have for Breakfast?
September 20, 2019 / By Adallina
Question: I was just wondering what kinds of foods are really healthy to eat for breakfast. Please share the foods you eat that are healthy and how you feel for the rest of the day because you ate that food.
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Taffy Taffy | 2 days ago
A good breakfast is an important thing if you want to start your day right. This includes avoiding fattening foods or heavy breakfasts that make you bloated for the rest of the day. A good breakfast gives a person energy for throughout the day and provides the proper nutrients that your body needs to get started right everyday. The level of concentration that a person has increases as well and allows the mind to focus and operate much better than a person who has had an unhealthy breakfast. Some great, healthy breakfast options include: yogurt fresh fruits eggs (as long as you don't add too many condiments) granola cereals oatmeal (if you don't add brown sugar and other sweet things to it) baked ham (as long as it is low fat and BAKED) granola bars It is important to get some kind of protein in your breakfast whether it is a low fat meat a dairy product. Avoid artificial sweetners in things.
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Taffy Originally Answered: Healthy breakfast foods?
Here are some healthy ideas :) ~ Oatmeal Topping ideas: berries/fruit, nut butter, nuts, seeds, dried fruit, cinnamon, natural jam, honey, agave nectar, non-dairy milk or organic unsweetened applesauce, etc. * Non-dairy milk like - almond, soy, rice or coconut milk. ~ Veggie omelet. Paired with whole grain toast and fresh fruit ~ Eggs (scrambled, hard boiled, etc.) with whole grain toast. ~ Whole grain toast with nut butter (such as almond butter or peanut butter) & natural jam or slices of banana. Paired with a hard boiled egg. ~ Buckwheat or whole grain waffle or pancake (made with non-dairy milk) - topped with nut butter & natural jam or slices of banana, mixed berries. ~ Toasted whole grain flax waffle with nut butter and jam or banana slices ~ Toasted whole grain english muffin with a poached or boiled egg, tomato slices, baby spinach + fruit ~ Whole grain bagel with nut butter, banana ~ Smoothie made with non-dairy milk and fruit of your choice. Paired with multigrain toast with nut butter or a hard boiled egg or almonds. I hope this helps :) ♥

Pekahiah Pekahiah
Every morning I devour three eggs. both three egg whites or two egg whites and one gap egg, made with fats loose cheese. Then I'll both have a entire wheat English muffin with sugar loose jelly, or Weight Control Oatmeal. and One cup of Skim Milk.... Oatmeal is well for you, simply make certain you seem for the burden manage style for the reason that all of the other forms have a ton of sugar, English cakes are fairly well for you, one hundred energy and filling, very fluffy! Eggs are unique for you, however you wanna make certain that you do not devour plenty of yoke for the reason that it's prime in chol. Good Luck! Also, any cereal with low sugar, I uncover REG cheerios are fairly well for you. 1g of sugar.
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Lovel Lovel
Greek yogurt is so good for you and is high in protein I mix in whatever I have or in the mood for. Sometimes cereal or fruit or both or I eat it with a ham and cheese
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Jaylyn Jaylyn
i love to have: -oatmeal (with no sugar) and not the packet kind -homeade smoothies -scrambled eggs -yogurt mixed with fruit -granola cereal (make sure the sugar isnt high)
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Jaylyn Originally Answered: healthy breakfast foods?
Hi fiber cereal with or without milk (lowfat, nonfat,1%, etc.) Kashi Go lean is GREAT!! I don't drink milk, but I look forward to a BIG bowl with a big spoon with cold water on the side. If you have Trader Joe's, all of their cereals are great. Otherwise, WalMart carries Kashi Go Lean. You can also look in health food stores for hi-fiber cereals. Also healthy breakfast bars are yummy. Look in supermarkets for hi-fiber and protein (and calories, if you care.) Read labels! Don't forget about good old oatmeal. Add Equal instead of sugar, and add a banana or other fruit in season. Are you trying to cut out caffeine, or just coffee? You can get Tea with or without. There are a few beverages out that wake you up, but they all have caffeine. Hope some of that helped! Lynn

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