How to gain weight for my 8 month old daughter?

How to gain weight for my 8 month old daughter? Topic: How to gain weight for my 8 month old daughter?
July 19, 2019 / By Ethelinda
Question: My daughter is almost 9 months. At recent checkup I found out that she is 200g underweight. I've been feeding her 3 meals a day (started on solids since she was 6 months, home cooked) plus breastmilk. Although she is small, she is very healthy. She started crawling when she was 7 months and now is standing and pushing herself to walk. She is a very active baby, yes. What could be the reason of the slow weight gain? What kind of food should I add to her diet to make sure that she is in a healthy weight range?
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Claudia Claudia | 6 days ago
She sounds like she is doing really well. There is huge range of normal weights for babies, and weight by itself isn't a good indication of overall health. It doesn't even make sense that someone would tell you that she is 200g underweight. It would be impossible to know that and 200g is a pretty small amount. Some babies are just meant to be small, and babies in the lower percentiles aren't necessarily any less healthy than larger babies. My daughter has always been small and weighed 17 lbs at her 1 year check up. Her cousin weighed the same at only 4 months and they are both perfectly healthy. Overall health needs to be considered and by the sounds of it your daughter is doing wonderfully! Is she happy, otherwise healthy, gaining weight appropriately and proportionately, meeting developmental milestones, etc... The answer is yes. We tend to want to quantify growth too much. Most babies don't follow a standard curve and some will have periods of slower weight gain followed by periods of higher weight gain. Also, make sure when tracking growth, your doctor is using a chart for breastfed babies rather than formula fed babies. There is a difference. Often breast fed babies will gain quickly in the first few months and level off whereas formula fed babies will continue to gain at a higher rate. Your breast milk has more nutrients and calories than any food you could feed her. Just make sure she is nursing and keep offering a wide variety of foods. Best of luck!
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Claudia Originally Answered: Daughter losing weight: Any creative ideas and/or recipes on what to feed my VERY fussy 19 month old daughter?
What about stuffing pasta (which you said she likes) with other stuff? Make ravioli and stuff it with stuff you'd like for her to eat but she won't. Also, for the mac and cheese, I wouldn't worry about finding something you can make in 15 minutes, find a good recipe, it'll probably take a while because really good mac and cheese is baked, make a whole bunch of it and freeze it, then you can warm it up in less than 15 minutes whenever you need to. My daughter loves cheese too, so if there's something she won't eat, we'll try melting a little cheese on it, this works for me maybe 60% of the time. I've also find that it's easier to get her to eat if we are eating whatever it is she is eating. She loves rice as well, and we were having pork ribs the other night. She won't usually eat meat either, so I made her some veggie fried rice. She wouldn't touch her rice! And she loved the ribs! I would maybe just freeze a bunch of meals that you know she likes, and let her eat some of whatever you are eating, and use the frozen stuff as a back up. I also find that ketchup helps with things she won't eat. I'd offer some recipes, but I just kinda throw things together as I cook. I hope I helped at least a little.

Becci Becci
Don't worry about her weight. She sounds like she is eating well. She is however very active and won't be gaining much weight at this point. My daughter is the same way. Her Dr. advised that it is not a problem. The height/weight charts are geared toward formula fed babies who normally gain a constant amount of weight through their first 12 months. Most breast fed babies gain the most in the first 6 months and then do not gain as much in their last 6 months of their first year. My daughter barely gained a pound between her 6 month appointment and her 9 month appointment. Keep doing what you are doing!
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Adene Adene
some babies are just small...my son was. He ate all the time and just didn't gain weight....at 9 months he was 16 lbs 9 oz. He was a very active baby and is an extremely active toddler. Keep feeding your baby a wide variety of healthy food and make sure she gets plenty of mommy's milk. I am sure she is just fine, if she was not your Dr would say something.
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Temani Temani
Unless the doctor specifically said she is underweight and needs to gain, you shouldn't be trying to bulk her up. Some babies are just more wiry than others. My son was like that too, and he was (and is) perfectly healthy. Until the age of 12 months, all she really needs is breast milk. Solids are fine, but they're really just for practice and not for nutrition (although everything she eats should be wholesome). So if she's nursing well and healthy, just let her be.
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Philipe Philipe
If she seems healthy to you and she has been having solids that she is eating and getting your breastmilk then I wouldn't worry if they say she is underweight. If you are a smaller make then she will tend to follow the same. 200g is not much and she will probably be using up her weight by crawling.
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Feed him just a little more than the standard recommended amount for his size and he will soon be a healthy weight (you can do this by feeding him 3 or 4 small portions a day that add up to a slightly larger amount) as you don't want him to eat too much and get ill- the wet dog food is also better as it often contains more nutrients. It might also be worth getting him neutered if he isn't already as this causes animals to gain weight at a faster rate. Its amazing what you've done rescuing a dog like that and you've made the world a better place. Edit: ahhh sorry, forgot he was 4 months- get him neutered at 6 months :)

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