Cheapest place to buy and deliver Biorb 30 or 60 litre online (UK)?

Cheapest place to buy and deliver Biorb 30 or 60 litre online (UK)? Topic: Cheapest place to buy and deliver Biorb 30 or 60 litre online (UK)?
July 20, 2019 / By Destinee
Question: I want to update my current tank to a Biorb 30 liter or 60 liter but know them to be very expensive (around £90-£150+) ideally i want one for about £55 at the most. I'd be very greatful if you find a trustworthy site for me! Thankyou very much
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Best Answers: Cheapest place to buy and deliver Biorb 30 or 60 litre online (UK)?

Camryn Camryn | 4 days ago
unless your tank is a smaller biorb, I wouldn't bother. these are WAY over priced for what you get. the shape means less surface area and the filter is an undergravel filter which is one of the least efficient type of filters... both those mean you have to stock the tank lightly. they're basically glorified bowls :\ plus you're not going to find one for that price...
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Amalee Amalee
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Wainamoinen Wainamoinen
eBay.. If you can't find the price you want for one on there, then you will struggle to buy one elsewhere - unless you know someone personally, who can sell you one cheaply. Everything comes with a price, whether you like it or not I'm afraid Bummer :( Good Luck; Dan
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