Does buying organic clothes make a difference?

Does buying organic clothes make a difference? Topic: Does buying organic clothes make a difference?
June 18, 2019 / By Bettina
Question: Is buying clothes more for the environment... or does it benefit your health to buy organic clothing/sheets etc? Thanks.
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Aidith Aidith | 9 days ago
Both - buying organic clothes helps the environment because conventional methods of processing clothing, such as cotton clothing require many harsh chemicals to be used in the production of cotton. 9 of those chemicals/pesticides are highly toxic and 5 are thought to be carcinogens. The World Health Organization estimates that pesticide poisoning kills 20,000 - 40,000 people per year. Organic Cotton is produced by maintaining a balance between natural "pests" and their predators. They don't kill the good insects such as ladybugs, spiders, and parasite wasps. Organic Cotton producers use biological practices to control pests. This is much healthier on the soil and the environment. Buying organic clothing and sheets is also beneficial to your health, because you are not subjecting your skin to chemicals that have been used in cotton production of conventional cotton when you choose organic. In addition, the clothing feels softer, silkier, and is less irritating on your skin. Many parents opt to choose organic cotton baby clothes for their babies to help with skin alergies and Eczema.
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Aidith Originally Answered: Organic vegans, as well as food, do you buy organic clothes, and other products?
I mostly only go with organic with regards to what I consume. I only only strict about the "drity dozen" which are foods which absorb the most pesticides. Apples Cherries Grapes, imported (Chili) Nectarines Peaches Pears Raspberries Strawberries Bell peppers Celery Potatoes Spinach For what I use, I try to go locally over organic.

Toal Toal
People buy organic clothes to save the animals. Not really any health benefits unless you have a skin disorder to certain materials. And it is good for the environment because it is easily biodegradable.
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Randell Randell
Better for the environment, better for those who farm the crops and better for those who have sensitive skin. Around 150 grams of pesticides and fertilisers are used to grow the cotton for just one T-shirt – this is the equivalent of a cup of sugar (Soil Association). But when you chose to buy organic cotton clothing you are helping to reduce this chemical cocktail on our planet.

In addition to the environmental and health benefits of choosing organic cotton there is also the fact that it feels so much nicer next to your skin. The cotton fibres are longer and you can feel the luxurious quality.
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Martial Martial
It is better for the environment because there are no chemical pesticides or fertilizers used. It is better for some people's health. Some people are extremely sensitive to the chemicals that are used in standard clothes. (No-iron, stain resistant, dyes, bleach used for whitening, etc.) It is very hard to find a set of sheets, for example, that doesn't contain a no-iron finish, dyes, or bleach, unless you go organic.
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Jeshua Jeshua
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Glanville Glanville
I think that "Organic Clothes" is just a marketing hype to improve their sales on the "Green" bandwagon. I do not think there is any health on environmental benefits.
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Glanville Originally Answered: If you have a cold and wear particular clothing to keep warm, will wearing those clothes again make you sick?
No because you have built an immunity to that cold. If you have a new strain of cold or whatnot, your body really doesn't know how to handle it so it kind of spirals out of control until you kill it off. Your immune system, however, actually logs in that strain of cold and remembers it so the next time it comes into your body, your immune system immediately recognizes it and kills it off before it has time to grow. (However there is an expiration date on this, your immune system will only remember things for so long.... but we're talking anywhere from a couple of years to decades). Think Chicken Pox or the vaccines you get. For most people, you get chicken pox and then you never get it again (immunity). Or when you get vaccinated.... vaccines are small harmless versions of the disease itself... the point of vaccines are so that your body sees this small harmless disease and immediately logs it in so that if you ever actually come in contack with, say measles, then your body will destroy it. Also consider people who work in hospitals. Most people who work in hospitals after a number of years have a relatively strong immunity (much greater than the average person) due to being around bacteria all the time... their immunity becomes super strong. The other "however" is if you've been sneezing and sweating all over your clothes and then put them back in the closet or on top of a bunch of other clothes then you're cross-contaminating these items. You're putting other people (who haven't had your particular strain of the cold) at a slight risk for getting it (so you should wash your clothes fairly soon after being sick if not immediately). Hope this helps.

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