Is this enough for a sweet 13?

Is this enough for a sweet 13? Topic: Is this enough for a sweet 13?
June 16, 2019 / By Bethel
Question: I just turned 13!! Woot! Okay anyway my first bday party for 13 was sorry, this should be better. I want to take a party bus(has neon strobe lights, limo style seating, blasting music!!) to glow in the dark bowling. Is this enough? How many people should I invite for something like this?
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Aggye Aggye | 3 days ago
Do you have the money for all of that? I suggest save all of that for your Sweet 16 (I'm assuming you're a girl since it's the sweet birthdays, guys don't have that, lol). Limos for a 13th birthday? Too much to tell you the truth, having to top all of that for your Sweet 16 will be a major pain! Party buses are usually for drinking alcohol and people dancing all over each other and getting lap dances.
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Aggye Originally Answered: Sweet 16 Party Ideas?
depends on what kind of party you want: Bowling party. Movie party at your house (decorations for this at oriental trading) You could make homemade pizzas and sundaes and have your besties sleep over. Party at home. Luah/beach/summer theme. Oriental trading has tons of decorations for this. Guests dress in Hawaii shirts, swim suits or summer clothes depending on what you want. Can play limbo, hula hoop. Karyoke. Dance. Make tropical drinks and put in luah type dishes. Luah games: http://www.alohafriendsluau.com/games.ht... Hollywoods theme party and dance. At home if you have room or rent a small hall. You can have a red carpet event and dance Have guests wear black and white, put it on the invite, and you both wear red gowns and gloves. Colors black, gold, siliver. Gets balloons those colors and balloons that say hollywood on them. Attach the balloons to a hollywood themed centerpiece on black and gold tablescloths. Buy hollywood decorations at shindigz, partycheap and hollywood megastore etc and also scene setters (large plastic wall size murals that are cheap). Have a red carpet (cheap from those sites mentioned) and buy some celebrity stand ups (20 each Ebay new) to put along the red carpet for your guests to take pictures near. Also this is a cute entrance for picture taking too: http://www.shindigz.com/catalog.cfm?pgp=... these paparazz stand ups are cute too: http://www.stumpsspirit.com/catalog.cfm?... A candy theme is cute. You can have cute heart suckers with pretty bows on them with card attached that is your invite. You can buy a wide mouth glass vase at the dollar store and some wrapped peppermint candy disks and put 1/3 full in vase and then insert lollipops with pink bows on them with a small favor tag with your initials on them or a 16 and make similar ones but use colorful candy sticks so they serve as centerpieces on tables and then when guest leave they take one as favor. Buy plate size 2 inch round styrofoam and cellophane or colored food wrap and make large candy decorations. You can make suckers that way too but use a dowel for the stick. You can hand out candy necklaces and bracelets and ringpops to your guests as they come it. Here is the cutest dress for this theme: http://www.jessicamcclintock.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay?catalogId=10002&storeId=10001&productId=128167&categoryId=10330&subcatname=Short%20Dresses&spage=2&langId=-1&parent_category_rn=10320 You can buy personized M and Ms. You can put hersheys kissess in organza bags for favors. You can get those personalized candybar wrappers for hershey bars but you can print these yourself if you want. Twister is a colorful game for this theme. Make sure whatever theme you have you make a sign in board. By a posterboard or better yet a a 3 part display board. Decorate the board with your theme. Use construction paper, border edge, stencils. Then, on the outer 2 folds put pictures of you and your friends. Mixed in there you can buy scrapbooking stickers of things you like, like the beach, cheerleading, etc. Then in the center at the top put your theme and some small decorations but the rest of the center your friends sign as they come in. If you want more fancy invites you can check out handykane.com but they are personalized so more expensive than the ones you buy. Hope this helps and have a nice sweet 16.
Aggye Originally Answered: Sweet 16 Party Ideas?
Alice in Wonderland - Have everyone dress as their favorite character or wear crazy hats. You can serve tea and cookies that say eat me. You can do alot of things with this theme Pink (Or any other color) - This is a really easy theme but would look really great. Get all your decorations in differnt shades of pink. Tell all you guest to wear pink. Almost everything for a sweet 16 is in pink Limo/Hotel - Some girls like to rent a limo and go all over in it and I have seen some girls rent a room or two in a hotel so they can have a sleep over and be able to use the hotel pool and go to the mall etc.. appropriate for a small group.

Tikvah Tikvah
I didn't have a sweet 13! No fair! What ever happened to sweet 16? And heel yeah that is alot! How could that not be enough?????????????? I barely even had a party for my 13th!
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Ralph Ralph
Well I am 20 and that sounds so fun I think I want to do it. You should invite as many people as you can up to 30 I guess. I would be happy if you invited me :P
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