When can i start to give my newborn pups puppy food mush?

When can i start to give my newborn pups puppy food mush? Topic: When can i start to give my newborn pups puppy food mush?
June 18, 2019 / By Bethanie
Question: They are 3 weeks old now and they will be 4 weeks old this upcoming Saturday. When would be the perfect time to do so? And also how do I do it ? Would I have to feed them myself or would they eat on their own? When they begin eating puppy food will they stop breast feeding? Oh my gosh! I new i was gonna get called a byb! Just answer the damn question, if you cant then go on about your business... You people dont know my or my dogs life! Dont judge me!
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Aggie Aggie | 1 day ago
I got this from Dr. Foster & Smith. Prepare the puppy mush by placing 2 cups of high quality dry puppy food in a blender with 12.5 oz liquid puppy milk replacer and fill the rest of the blender with hot water. This should be blenderized until the consistency of human infant cereal. (This feeds 6-8 puppies of a medium-sized breed.) The puppies should receive 3-4 meals a day of this to start. Once the puppies have checked it out, walked in it, and have eaten some, the dam can be allowed to finish it and clean the puppies off. Each week, increase the amount of food, decrease the amount of the milk replacer and water that is added, and the time of blenderizing, so by 7 weeks, the puppies are eating dry food. Once they are on dry food, it may be left in with the puppies (when the dam is out of the box) or the meal times can continue. As the puppies eat more solid food, the ***** may be let away from the puppies for an even longer period of time. By the time they are 6½-7 weeks, they should be fully weaned from the dam's milk, eating dry food, and drinking water. If the weaning is not rushed, the ***** will naturally start decreasing milk production as the puppies increase their intake of solid food. As the puppies begin eating the puppy mush at 4 weeks of age, start changing the *****'s diet back to adult food to also help her decrease milk production. Start by replacing 1/4 of her puppy food with adult food. Keep increasing the adult food and decreasing the puppy food until by the 8th week postpartum, she is eating only adult food. During the last week of weaning, the dam's food consumption should be less than 50% above the maintenance levels and declining toward maintenance levels. ---------------------------------------... It is best not to add goat's milk or canned food so when you are ready to get them onto dry food it will not be a problem because the taste will be the same. I feed four times a day to start out with, and as the puppies get older, I also leave out a bowl of just dry. DO NOT ask a vet's opinion on food brand! They are trained doctors, not nutritionists. Some of the better foods are Canidae, Wellness, Innova, Blue Buffalo, Chicken Soup, Merricks. *if you have no blender or food processor, just mash it with a fork thoroughly until it's mushy. ADD: *never ever ever* start pup's shots at six weeks old! That is FAR too young and dangerous at that! Contrary to what some of the people on here think, a puppy will have its mother's immunity for 6-8 weeks so it is protected and anymore immunity given thru shots can HARM the dog, and you should start the vaccines around 8-10 weeks. & do NOT spay and neuter until they are 1-2 years old; damage can be done if any age before so.
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Aggie Originally Answered: can somebody qive me a list of food to give my dog that barely gave birth to four! pups?
When she became pregnant, you should have put her on the puppy or growth formula of her regular food. Any of the common brands of puppy chow should be fine. That is all she should need. Now the MacDonald's misinformation. Dog foods are carefully formulated to nutritional standards, http://www.fda.gov/AnimalVeterinary/Reso... MacDonald's, like premium dog foods, is all about marketing. Unlike dog foods, nutrition isn't a factor with MacDonald's food. Nobody claims it is a complete and balanced diet. Nobody does feeding tests on it. Nobody certifies it follows nutritional guidelines. Nobody should claim it is similar to lower priced dog food. Saying Beneful is like MacDonalds shows the absolute poverty of good arguments for expensive foods and the ignorance or willingness to lie of those pushing them. At 4 weeks, introduce the puppies to the same food watered down to almost a soup.

Tierney Tierney
Gruel should be introduced when the pups are 4 weeks old Gruel is dry or wet puppy food soaked with supplemental puppy formula or water and mashed until it is the consistency of a thinned oatmeal. You should put the food in a shallow dish, such as a glass pie plate (easy to clean). Over the course of the next several weeks you slowly lessen the amount of liquid until by the time they go to their new homes they are eating dry puppy food. They also need fresh water available, also in a shallow dish and only small amounts at a time and only when supervised so there are no accidental drownings. The pup at this point only know how to suckle, so you may very well have to start feeding them by putting some of the gruel on your finger while they attempt to lick it off. Expect them to be very messy. Also expect for the Dam at some point to start regurgitating food for the pups. The pups will continue to nurse as long as the Dam allows them to. It is up to the Dam as to when nursing stops. You should have started the pups on a de-wroming schedule when they were two weeks old and then every two weeks thereafter until they leave with their new owners. Do NOT buy OTC de-wormers as they do not get rid of all the different types of parasites the pups may have, get it from the vet it is not expensive and works great. I use Strongid T for my litters. I do have to say to your additional details .. That if you are not open to responses and do not like some of the answers you get, either ignore them or do not ask a question in the first place. Breeding is not a sport nor a hobby. Lives depend on the breeder knowing every aspect of breeding, whelping and the rearing process.
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Rainard Rainard
You soften some Puppy Chow in warm water or warm puppy formula. When just the centers are a little hard, it should have cooled enough to put down for the pups. Stir it up & make it mushy . Putting them on solid foods will take a lot of pressure off the mama dog. They are starting to teeth & they hurt her with those sharp little teeth. They will still drink off mom but at least she isn't the single provider. She will enjoy her puppies more that they aren't constantly clinging to her.
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Marlin Marlin
You do know there is more to it than just feeding right. Like a vet visit to ensure they are healthy, they should have been wormed at 2 weeks, then 4, 6 and 8 weeks. First shots at 6 weeks. I hate BYB but if you are on here asking you have no mentor and probably no vet. at 4 weeks ad warm water to puppy chow. Let it sit till it becomes moosh then they will devour it on their own. they still need mom for another week or two then siblings till min of 8 weeks old. Once they are 6 weeks keep them form nursing. Mom will dry up her milk and you can do the right thing and spay her.
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Jerrard Jerrard
Some breeders will introduce solid food in the third week but I like to see them wait until the fourth week. Here is a schedule for weaning. Weaning Puppies From birth to age four weeks the whelps should be getting all their nutrition from mother. From age four weeks to age eight weeks, the puppies are slowly transitioned onto solid food with a mixture of solid food and warm puppy formula. Puppies are fed four times per day from age four weeks until age ten to twelve weeks. The “flying saucers” help keep the puppies from walking in their dinner, but any flat, low-sided pan may be used, such as a baking tray. Keep mom away from the food until the puppies are playing more than eating and then let her in to clean the dish and the pups. If feeding a raw diet, the food will need to be ground for them before being mixed with puppy formula. The fineness of the grind can be reduced each week as their jaws gain strength. They will need thicker bones chopped for them up to age four months. If feeding a commercial diet, then either soak the kibble or use a food processor to mix the kibble and puppy formula. Week Four - a thick slurry, also known as “puppy smoothies” Week Five - like cooked oatmeal, with little soft lumps Week Six - has chunks in the “oatmeal”, dinner takes a few minutes longer because it now needs to be chewed instead of slurped Week Seven - mostly solid pieces, just slightly softened, can sprinkle powdered formula over solid food and add warm water before serving Week Eight - solid food with warm water added just before serving, the formula can be deleted
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Jerrard Originally Answered: can i start breastfeeding after 10 days of bottle feeding my newborn? Desperate to breastfeed her.?
Yes, you absolutely can start breastfeeding!!! And good for you for wanting to do this for your baby. You have to be prepared that it's going to take some work to build up your supply,and it's going to take some work to get baby to latch. First thing you need to do, is contact a lactation consultant. Try La Leche League. Rent a hospital grade double electric pump. I think Symphony is a good one too. It has a stimulation mode at the beginning, that helps with the letdown. Try to find a place in your area that rents pumps. Your hospital should know. Pump every two hours for 10-15minutes, and gradually your supply will increase. Take fenugreek, and blessed thistle capsules. I think you need to take about 6 of each a day. They will help with milk supply too. Eat well, and drink lots. Also, you may want to talk to your doctor about domperidone. It may help you with increasing milk supply, if the blessed thistle and fenugreek are not enough. Spend lots and lots of time with the baby, both of you naked from the waste up. Take a nice relaxing bath with her, and let her try and reach up to your breast on her own. Don't stress, and don't force her. Try when she's hungry, but not too hungry, so that she's patient enough to try drinking from you. Don't wait until she cries for food, offer the breast before that. Sleep with her, and always have your breast available. Have the lactation consultant show you how to latch correctly. Gradually cut back on formula, as your supply increases, and always make sure you pump when you supplement. You can do this, and it's so worth it. Your baby will thank you one day. :) I'm wishing you the best of luck. Check out this article too. http://www.alisaikeda.com/Clients_Clips/...

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