Help I need some advice ASAP!?

Help I need some advice ASAP!? Topic: Help I need some advice ASAP!?
October 18, 2019 / By Howard
Question: I am full term and have not dilated passed 1cm.... I read that evening primrose oil can help dilate the cervix if inserted onto the cervix.. I just bought some Spring Valley (the wal-mart brand) and it said that it has Gmma-Linolenic Acid and Cis-Linoeic Acid in it... Is this still safe to use... I do not want to hurt myself or my child... but I am misrable and the doctors will not induce me unless i'm a week overdue... Can someone please give me advice if you have used this before?? Or know about it. Thanks.
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Emil Emil | 8 days ago
Im interested in knowing the answer to this as well...Im coming up on my due date and my cervix is still "long and thick" and Im only 1cm as well.....aren't you feeling like there is no light at the end of the tunnel!?
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Emil Originally Answered: medical advice asap im a girl i will be 16 in december and i think i have colon cancer i have alot of the?
Hi, Do you take iron supplements for your anemia? If so that is what is probably causing your constipation and therefore your bloating. At your age, colon cancer is exceptionally unlikely. However the anemia MAY be caused by an ulcer in your intestines that can cause some of these symptoms. I'm a 19 year old female and have severe anemia and some of the symptoms your listing, my doctor referred me to a gastroenterologist who performed both an upper endoscopy and colonoscopy. These both came back fine and I'm still undergoing further investigations for my anemia. So I assume that because of your age, you also would be fine. Go to the doctor and tell them your symptoms so that they can take appropriate action. Because of the anemia they may refer you to a gastroenterologist also. Hope this helps and good luck :) Feel free to email me with any questions.

Clifford Clifford
There is a reason that your doctors don't give pregnant ladies a list of chemicals and herbs to use to induce themselves. It's because either the herb used is not safe, or, it will make you uncomfortable. While I have not had experience with your particular choice, I wouldn't advise it. They won't induce you earlier because there is always a chance that your baby is not quite as developed as everyone thought. Why mess with that? Every woman complains about her misery at the end of pregnancy. I know. I've been there. You will get through it. You won't be pregnant forever. Despite the plethora of suggestions you get to induce your labor it all boils down to when your baby is ready. Then he or she will release hormones to bring on active labor contractions. Any thing anyone does in the mean time just helps pass the time and makes them feel as if they are helping labor come. (You'll find that people will tell you that such-and-such activity helped, but really they had to do it several times before they went into labor. I bet if they hadn't done it, they still would have!) Cheer up, relax and put your feet up. Many women don't dilate until they are in truly active labor. It isn't a rule that you must be dilated weeks before hand.
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Angel Angel
Okay i was going through the very same thing and I was so tempted but I also read that it wasnt safe Im sure you canhang in there, look at it this way, at least you werent like me I was 20 weeks when I started to have contractions i was in and out of the hospital at least 3 times a week even hospitalized. and still didnt have my baby until the full term. hang in there girl I knkow it is hard but when that baby comes it will all be worth it you wont even feel anything anymore.. good luck
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Trace Trace
I have never used that stuff .. but I wanted to let you know .. I was not dilated at all one day .. and was in full blown labor the next! Same with a good friend of mine .. she got examined on her due date and was not dilated whatsoever .. 9 hours later she was in full blown labor!! walk walk walk!!! (I also did the nipple stimulation .. and that really worked!!)
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Sabrina Sabrina
Don't do that....Try drinking rose hip tea or something...I'm due now as well. Better wait to be induced by your doctor and be safe than bringing on contractions too quick and having a miserable child birth..
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Netta Netta
try 3table spoons of castro oil its nasty but sent me into labor with in 4hrs. i never heard of primrose oil.
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Netta Originally Answered: i need help ASAP. i might die ?
Well im 15, i poop like once a week, and my mom had colon cancer, and im exected to get colon cancer by age 25. so when im 18 i have to start getting colonoscopies. which is probably something you should look into now.

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