Iams Healthy Naturals pet food?

Iams Healthy Naturals pet food? Topic: Iams Healthy Naturals pet food?
November 23, 2019 / By Micky
Question: Hi. There has to be "some" people feeding there animals Iams pet foods. Is anyone feeding there cat/dog Iams healthy naturals? I just started my cat on it and wondered how other peoples animals were doing on it. Thanks, if you can help. I do appreciate it. God bless.
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Jules Jules | 9 days ago
I do not know the food so you have to read the label. No grains? First ingrediant a muscle meat? Nutrition since there are so many bad things out there is very important to your cat’s health Contrary to what you may have heard; dry foods are not a great thing to feed a cat. Please read the label on what you are feeding? What are the ingredients? Do you know what they mean? Is the first ingredient a muscle meat like chicken or is it meal or other things? http://www.catinfo.org/#Learn_How_To_Rea... Dry foods are the number 1 cause of diabetes in cats as well as being a huge contributing factor to kidney disease, obesity, crystals, u.t.i’s and a host of other problems. Food allergies are very common when feeding dry foods. Rashes, scabs behind the tail and on the chin are all symptoms The problems associated with Dry food is that they are loaded with carbohydrates which many cats (carnivores) cannot process them. Also, Most of the moisture a cat needs is suppose to be in the food but in Dry, 95% of it is zapped out of dry foods in the processing. Another thing, most use horrible ingredients and don't use a muscle meat as the primary ingredient and use vegetable based protein versus animal. Not good for an animal that has to eat meat to survive. You want to pick a canned food w/o gravy (gravy=carbs) that uses a muscle meat as the first ingredient and doesn't have corn at least in the first 3 ingredients if at all. Fancy feast is a middle grade food with 9lives, friskies whiskas lower grade canned and wellness and merrick upper grade human quality foods. The optimum food to feed cats has no grains whatsoever, cats have no use for them and many have trouble processing them as well as the carbs. IBD is another disease that is rapidly becoming common amoung cats because of the inappropriate diets being fed. Also, dry food is not proven to be better for teeth. Does a hard pretzel clean your teeth or do pieces of it get stuck? http://www.felinefuture.com/nutrition/bp... Please read about cat nutrition. http://www.newdestiny.us/nutritionbasics... http://www.catinfo.org/feline_obesity.ht... http://maxshouse.com/feline_nutrition.ht...
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Jules Originally Answered: IAMS pet food is it the best?
No it is far from being one of the best. Here is a site that will show you which dog foods are the best and the worst. I suggest that you get any one of the dog foods that are top rated. Iams is a low rated dog food. http://www.dogfoodanalysis.com/dog_food_reviews/ Most of Iams' dog food formulas contain "meat and bone meal" which has been known to contain dead dogs and cats that were euthanized in animal shelters. Their bodies are picked up and bought by the truck load by "rendering plants" , that also pick up road kill, dead live stock, and etc. They are shredded, and boiled. They skim off the fat on the top of the "soup" and collected it and sell it to pet food companies as "animal fat", the rest of the animals' remains are crushed up, dried and sold to dog and cat food companies (including the makers of Iams) as meat and bone meal. You can read more about it here. http://earthislandprojects.org/eijournal/fall97/fe_fall97petfood.html Here is an article where the owner of a rendering plant talks about it. He says that cremating the dead shelter animals would cause pollution, and that rendering them is good. http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_m5072/is_12_26/ai_115041999 Here is further information on what you shouldn't see in the ingredients list in your puppy's food (if you want him or her to live a long healthy life that is) http://www.dogfoodproject.com/index.php?page=badingredients Top rated dog foods like Canidae contain good healthy ingrediants. Edit: Eukanuba is a low rated garbage dog food as well. Here are the reviews on their dog foods. They do contain by-products. Top rated dog foods do not. http://www.dogfoodanalysis.com/dog_food_reviews/showcat.php?cat=all&stype=1&si=Eukanuba

Harri Harri
This Site Might Help You. RE: Iams Healthy Naturals pet food? Hi. There has to be "some" people feeding there animals Iams pet foods. Is anyone feeding there cat/dog Iams healthy naturals? I just started my cat on it and wondered how other peoples animals were doing on it. Thanks, if you can help. I do appreciate it. God bless.
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Eldon Eldon
hi, alot of people now boycott iams for the reasons on this link, if you are interested. http://www.uncaged.co.uk/iams.htm personally i would not give it to my cat for these reasons, i use a holistic cat food called burns, its really good for the cat with no additives or dairy products, i apologise if this doesnt really answer your question x
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Carter Carter
Good question for a vet. I used to work for one and he liked Iams and Science Diet. They said don't feed canned food because it contains ash, this will cause a pet to have kidney stones. Alot of people are going to home fed, but if you pay attention to the label and see whats in it you do want it to be natural foods, like real meat and veggies that we eat.
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Allin Allin
My dog used to have 2 stools a day and after I switched him he was going 4+ times. After two weeks of that I switched him off.
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Temperance Temperance
We make home made animal food. It's super healthy, and cheaper. Just mix rice, vegetables, and chicken. Both our dogs and our cat go nuts for it.
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Temperance Originally Answered: Diamond Naturals large breed rice and lamb puppy food for a Newfoundland/St. Bernard 5-month-0old?
this is what they say about your food: Review Date: Sun December 30, 2007 Would you recommend the product? No | Price you paid?: Not Indicated | Rating: 0 Pros: First two ingredients are named meat products Cons: Insuffiecient meat content, mixed quality ingredients The first two ingredients in the food are named meat products. The second of these is in meal form and the sole significant meat product in the food. The first is chicken - inclusive of its water content. Once this is removed, as it must be to make a dry food, the ingredient will weigh around 20% of its wet weight. It is thus unlikely that it is the true first ingredient in the food, and it is likely to be more accurately placed much further down the ingredient list and is unlikely to make any significant contribution to the overall meat content of the food. There is a further meat meal ingredient 12th on the ingredient list. This is a fish meal, however, and we fail to find any assurance on the manufacturer's website that the ingredient is not treated with Ethoxyquin. Ethoxyquin is a chemical preservative, banned or heavily regulated in human food, and believed to be carcinogenic (and is commonly added to fish meal ingredients). Egg product is the third ingredient, though we would prefer to see the use of whole eggs.The main grains in the food are barley, millet and rice, all of which are decent quality. Potato protein adds to the protein content of the food, but this is very low quality protein compared to that obtained from meat. Further carbohydrate sources are oatmeal and potatoes. Tomato pomace is primarily filler. Overall, this product appears better than some produced under the Diamond label, although the ingredients overall are of mixed quality and we have limited confidence in the meat content of the food. THE BEST thing for this pup is NO PUPPY FOOD!! in large/Giant breeds, you do not want rapid growth,, it can damage the growth plates and you certainly do not want that... that would be better than glucosamine *** SOUND BAY NEWF IS CORRECT!! _ NO PUPPY FOOD

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