low carb high protein diet?

low carb high protein diet? Topic: low carb high protein diet?
December 16, 2019 / By Laurence
Question: ok so for the next 3 weeks, i plan to lose some weight. what im going to do is basically a super low carb diet. consisting of mainly meat. i will allow myself 30 "bad" carbs everyday, now the carbs from fruits and vegetables will not count towards the bad carbs, i wont count them at all. but i only plan on having vegetable and fruits one setting a day so that wont amount to much anyway, the rest of the day will be meat meat and more meat. and i will eat 4-5 meals a day. what do u think about this? will i lose weight fast or no? id like to lose anywhere from 10-20 pounds. on top of this diet i will be running about a mile a day on top of my work which is at a body shop so im never really sitting still very long. give me some feed back maybe some ideas lemme know. thanks by bad carbs i mean candies sweets, breads, ect. and in the evening i do a small amount of weight lifitng.
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Ivo Ivo | 9 days ago
I have been on a low carb diet for about 4 months and I've lost a little more than 40 lbs I love this diet
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Ivo Originally Answered: Low-carb, high-protein diet?
Yeah, there are some types of diets which try and fool the body by adjusting the calories up or down (around the normal required daily calorie intake), they called this "zig-zagging" and helps avoid or get past plateaus in weight loss diets. Of course to do this you need to have pre-determined your daily/weekly calories needs based on current body weight, target body weight and current activity levels. The calorie calculation is done via the BMR method (google Basal Metabolic Rate). Low carb, high-protein is good for weight loss as long as physical activity is kept low to moderate, otherwise you could run into trouble with fatigue, as your blood sugar levels will drop due to low carbs. Binging on carbs one day a week - well I dont know how many calories that would be, it depends on the type of carbs, but if your calorie surplus for that day was greater than the total calorie reduction for the previous 6 days....well, you see where I am coming from don't you? Also, a massive carbs binge will do all sorts of strange things to blood sugar and insulin levels, especially after the body has been carbs starved for the previous 6 days. Personally, I started off on a similar diet to get back to my normal weight (13.5 st) which I am still on, though I had to up my carbs as I was running of out energy in the gym. I eat carbs with a low Glycaemic Index (GI) - they release their energy at a slower rate than sugary or starchy carbs and therefore keep you fuller for longer, rather than a short, intense sugar spike. Low GI foods - wholemeal pasta, brown rice, oats, green veggies, sweet potatoes, pulses etc. Occasionally, I 'binge' on carbs in the week (not every week, only as and when my body tells me that I need to) as I am trying to balance my weight loss needs against my nutritional needs for training at the gym 4 times a week (usually hard sessions with a mix of cardio, free weights and martial arts). These extra calories gained are an insurance policy during times of intense exercise - better to have a bit more fuel in the tank than consistently running on empty, as over-training and chronic fatigue syndrome are dark places for a fitness enthusiast/athlete, which can take literally months or even years to fully recover from. A "carbs binge" for me would be one of the following - two extra bowls of crunchy oat cereal, - two or three, small, wholemeal pitta breads - snacking my way through 200-300g dried dates (high carbs, from natural sugars though) - or if im really naughty, 2 or 3 flapjacks. (saturated fats - bad, oats - good) However, I am always conscious of this binge and try to regain some lost ground later on the week (though not all, as this would defeat any required carbs gains). If you are serious about losing weight, I would selectively choose your carbs beforehand and avoid binging on sugary, processed foods, chocolate, ice-cream, white breads, pastry-related products etc - yeah I know it sucks, cos all the yummy foods fall into this group. That's the price we have to pay for results In short, you will lose weight with a low-carb, high protein diet, but after some time you would run out of energy, when your calorie intake dips below the minimum threshold for your needs, then your body will go into starvation mode and whatever you eat will be converted straight to fat and perversely, you will stop losing weight and may even put back on what you lost the previous week. Other signs that your metabolism has effectively 'switched off' is the feeling of being cold all the time, beyond what is normal for you at this time of year. Hmm, I appear to have rambled, however I feel there are some pearls in there somewhere and good luck! : )

Fido Fido
Time your having and exercise appropriately. Never eat when you work out, and wait 30 to 60 minutes after training to ensure you catch your metabolism in its highest.
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Dana Dana
Banish salt from your foods wherever you can. Not only does it raise your blood pressure and normally dry out your blood, but sodium causes you to retain water contributing to overall ill health insurance and weight gain.
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Avery Avery
Beans, beans, are good for your heart, the more you take in the more you… lose weight actually. Super-effective and full involving fibre, beans will regulate your appetite and slow the rate at which the stomach empties, meaning you continue to be fuller for longer.
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Vivian Vivian
Not To Be Mean or anything but what i learn't off a doctor was have balanced diets, small(er) portions and also balance this with exercise and try different exercises because you might started to feel bored type in on google the eat well plate and click on images this may help you. Dont stop eating bread completely you need to have part starch in your diet with is in bread. A good balanced meal is rissotto its simple and balanced and absolutley delicious!!
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Shanna Shanna
treadmill will help u loose weight.1 hour walk on treadmill at 5.5 kmpl will make u loose around 300 calories. if u do it at 8.5kmpl ul loosearound 600 calories. 600 calories per day=600*30=18000 calories per month=216000 calories per year.so if u have a balanced diet along with it ul loose 216000/3500=62 pounds(approx per year) 3500 calories=1pound amazing rigjht diet is the another story behind weight loss. take eggs without yolks...nuts are good but dont forget they do hv ''healthy fats'' if u hv time-cardio with a low fat diet with very moderate carbohydrates n proteins is essential...activities,sports all count do good workout...minimum 500 calories is must hv green tea-its good avoid sweets,fried items,mango,peas,bannana,wheat flour,rice,soft drinks,etc m on a juice diet.. im loosing 10 kgs on an avg since 4-5 years...i just cnt maintain weight... if u caan do workouts to the tune of 1000 calories...try the gm diet...ul be loosing 4-5 kgs in a week if u hv will power try the lemon juice diet that beyonce followed...u can loose 10 kgs in 2 weeks!!!!!! :D right know im not fit to do workout,so im on a sweet lime juice diet...lost total 8 kgs in nearly 2 weeks..n no lying...my belly and my face have lost lot of fat! try this ALL THE BEST :D p.s maintain weight after loosing...for eg.if u want to loose 20 pounds...atleast loose 30 pounds n then maintain it
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Oralee Oralee
No matter what you want to weigh, you should always eat healthy. You should always eat 4-6 meals a day. Eat healthy foods. It's not that difficult. If you are going to "count" things, then count your calorie intake. Because taking in more calories than you burn is what's causing you to gain weight. It's as simple as that. You need to take in less calories than you burn off to LOSE WEIGHT. Always get your calories from healthy nutritious foods.
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Maidie Maidie
Definitely do some research. I have heard bad things about low carb, then again I hear bad things about everything. Eat wisely, move more. Good luck.
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Maidie Originally Answered: High protein, no carb diet?
going low-carb will be healthier than going no-carb. Your body needs carbs but some people can't have a lot. I am on a low-carb, high-protein diet per my doctor because I am hypoglycemic. I found this website just now while I was researching stuff for you. I also think It's probably really really hard to avoid carbs, almost everything has them. Chicken's meat doesn't have it but what you cook it in probably does. Anyway, here is the site I found for you: http://www.ehow.com/way_5463619_carb-die... It says the reason low-carb or no-carb diets don't work is because people eat too little. It also says not to cut your carbs out completely and replace it with nothing, if you're going to replace it use lots of meat. You can read more on the site and good luck.

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