please answer(lupus)?

please answer(lupus)? Topic: please answer(lupus)?
October 14, 2019 / By Jocelyn
Question: Today the doctor said I have mild lupus I looked at the symtoms of lupus I have non.the ana is a 294 I think,all I know is when I stand up from sitting there is a sharp pain in my leg then it goes away,I looked up lupus and i can't understand how I have a mild case with none of the symptoms except for this blood work,should I get a second opinon.I'm really confuse and she gave me plaqunil.I would think if you have lupus you just have it how can you have a mild case and no symptoms,thats like being mildy pregnant I would think.I don't have any pain,or tired or rash,my mom says I just need to thank that I don't have any bad pain or other symtoms.
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Gregg Gregg | 2 days ago
I am concerned by that diagnosis because it doesn't sound like the data is there to support it. I'm not a doctor, but I have studied some aspects of medicine and am helping to monitor a real SLE patient. Here's part of why I think that may be a hasty diagnosis: "The 11 criteria used for diagnosing systemic lupus erythematosus are: malar (over the cheeks of the face) "butterfly" rash discoid skin rash: patchy redness that can cause scarring photosensitivity: skin rash in reaction to sunlight exposure mucus membrane ulcers: ulcers of the lining of the mouth, nose or throat arthritis: two or more swollen, tender joints of the extremities pleuritis/pericarditis: inflammation of the lining tissue around the heart or lungs, usually associated with chest pain with breathing kidney abnormalities: abnormal amounts of urine protein or clumps of cellular elements called casts brain irritation: manifested by seizures (convulsions) and/or psychosis blood count abnormalities: low counts of white or red blood cells, or platelets immunologic disorder: abnormal immune tests include anti-DNA or anti-Sm (Smith) antibodies, falsely positive blood test for syphilis, anticardiolipin antibodies, lupus anticoagulant, or positive LE prep test antinuclear antibody: positive ANA antibody testing " http://www.medicinenet.com/systemic_lupu... Besides the fact that having an incorrect diagnosis can pose problems (esp. if prednisone becomes a medicine of choice to use), it means the actual problem remains undiagnosed and untreated. You said "the doctor" said you had lupus--is he actually operating within what he's really familiar with? Having had to haul my parents around to many a specialist I know that when I took my mother who probably had just a cold to her regularly scheduled cardiology appt. and my mother asked the cardiologist if she had a cold, the doctor replied, "I wouldn't know. I do cardiovascular. Period. Don't deliver babies. Don't do skin. Know nothing about that stuff." Hopefully she FORGOT about that stuff, but you get the point. The field of medicine has exploded--so much we know, so much we guess at--and no matter how bright or intuitive A doctor is he can't accurately diagnosis EVERYTHING. What if it turns out you have something cardiovascular? Inaccurate SLE diagnosis will not help, could hurt. I'd ask to be referred out for a second opinion. Good luck. I hope it turns out to be a short-term non-significant problem.
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Gregg Originally Answered: I have lupus. Is lupus heriditery, and should i have my children checked?
My sister is a carrier but does not exhibit any of the symptoms. She found out when she went through in-vitro pregnancy. She had to have the boys tested after they were born.

Dunky Dunky
Joint and muscle pain can be a symptom of lupus, but also of other disorders. And yes, it is possible to have mild lupus, and no symptoms at some time. What made you go to the doctor? And what made the doctor think it might be lupus? Were other disorders ruled out? Many other disorders can cause positive ANA's. Clearly you were complaining of some symptoms or the doctor would not have gone on a hunt to find out what was wrong with you. If you are not happy with the diagnosis, get a second opinion. It is your right to do so. I strongly suggest you see an experienced rheumatologist because that is the best person to make an accurate diagnosis. Unfortunately, there is no definitive test for lupus. It's not black and white. And if you do have it, it's not the end of the world. 1 in 170 Americans has lupus and most are living quite successfully with it.
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Brutus Brutus
Definitely get a second opinion. My mom has lupus and doesn't have most of the symptoms a previous answerer listed, but she is definitely sick. You can have mild lupus, and not it's not like being mildly pregnant. You're either pregnant or not. Lupus is a set of things, so it can be mild or severe. I hope it turns out to be an incorrect diagnosis and your leg pain gets better and this fades into a distant memory. For sure, get a second opinion, and if that doc confirms it, get treated so you aren't worse in the long run.
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Alban Alban
Lupus actually can range in severity from mild to extreme. It's different with everybody. Some people might only get the skin rash - others may have neurological issues & problems with the kidneys, liver, etc. On the other hand, with things suchs as pregnancy - you're either pregnant or your not! Positive ANA could mean many things. I mean MANY things. You might want to get several medical opinions on this. Feel free to message me any time with your questions. I have had Lupus since I was 17 yrs old - diagnosed officially earlier this year at 18 yrs old. We can talk about it!
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Alban Originally Answered: Do you know of a teenager with Lupus and does Lupus have remissions?
Hello..well the answer to your question is yes. Both of these diseases can go into remission. My wife suffers from both and has had periods of remission and active disease (currently she is in remission) She was diagnosed with both at 15. Her periods of remission have varied from as long as 4 years to as short as a couple of months. There are tests for both diseases and even if she is in remission she is able to be tested. What types of signs and symptoms is she presenting?

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