I'm vegetarian, and I'm sick.?

I'm vegetarian, and I'm sick.? Topic: I'm vegetarian, and I'm sick.?
January 29, 2020 / By Jerome
Question: I'm vegetarian and I am sick, but I choose not to have chicken broth or chicken noodle soup or anything with meat products. I'm fairly new to the vegetarian ways, but I don't know very well what I can eat to boost up my immune system. Can somebody help me? Thanks.
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Gilbert Gilbert | 3 days ago
Chicken broth will not boost your immune system. The hot liquid is just soothing when youre ill. Try vegetable broth. Or a vegetable soup. Vitamin C will help your immune system. You could try tea, tea has plenty antioxidents and is soothing.
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Gilbert Originally Answered: How to stop convincing myself I'm sick/how to convince myself I'm not sick?
You may need to see a psychologist/psychiatrist. It seems that you have some sort of anxiety problem, obviously involving throwing up. If thats too expensive , or you can't access that, maybe Google some ways to calm your anxiety. It's good that your taking vitamins to keep your immune system up! Here is a list of ways to boost your immune system to prevent from getting sick: http://www.care2.com/greenliving/the-top-20-immune-boosters.html And here is a list ways to calm your anxiety: http://noedb.org/library/features/50_quick_and_easy_ways_to_calm_your_anxiety Hope I helped! :) And good luck!

Donall Donall
Chicken soup doesn't boost up your immune system. People drink it when they are sick because "rest and fluids" are the way to help your immune system battle illness and chicken soup is fluid. The warmth of soup can be soothing to raw throats. Just have vegetable broth instead (watch the sodium). Get plenty of rest.
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Bran Bran
The main point of "chicken noodle soup" is that it's hot liquid, which can help ease the symptoms, as well as providing you with needed fluids. There's nothing magic about chicken. Orange juice, soups, fruit or vegetable smoothies should all go down nicely. Onions and garlic can help boost your immune system, so consider adding both to your dinner.
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Adisson Adisson
If you want broth or soup, get some vegetarian bouillon. To boost the immune system, you can take vitamin c, zinc, and echinacea.
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Stephany Stephany
Your question reminds me: Years ago, whenever I felt sick and couldn't shake it off, I'd go to the health food store and buy a can of powdered fortified Brewers Yeast. It's a very fine powder with a tendency to lump up which didn't bother me but I'd mix a heaping tsp. with a little milk or juice and drink it. Invariably, the drink was effective.
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Stephany Originally Answered: Vegetarian diet? how to become vegetarian?
to be a vegetarian its a good idea to plan what you are going to eat. if you are going to be a vegetarian you need to eat something with protein in it. try eating chia seeds on your food. you can get them at health food stores or online. i have to warn you they are a little expensive but its worth every penny. they have lots of protein and fiber in them and you can put them on almost anything if you are going to eat eggs you can eat them in salads and for breakfast. i don't recommend it though. chickens are the most abused animals on earth. also, you should try to include fruits and vegetables in most of your meals like with breakfast: for grains eat whole grain toast. for fruit you can eat any kind of fruit you want. for vegetables you can eat as a snack afterward if you want to become a vegan when you master the whole vegetarian thing you can make tofu scrambled eggs. im not sure how to make it though. what has lots of protein is nuts, seeds, legumes, and peanut butter. if you still need help you can go to happycow.net. theres a chat room you can go to. the people are really nice and its the safest chat room you can go to. tell them that vegetarian13 told you about it if you are looking for ideas on a meal, here are some ideas: spaghetti with meatballs made out of red kidney beans (spaghetti has lots of protein in it) white rice with black eyed peas portobello mushrooms, sauteed with BBQ seasoning on them and vegetables and a baked potatoe (the mushroom tastes like steak if you don't like mushrooms) spanish rice and bean and cheese burrito you can look up vegetarian recipies online and get lots of easy recipies. another idea is to go to wal mart and get the frozen meals. watch out for lard though. its in some refried beans. its not vegetarian

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