Is this a healthy snack/meal?

Is this a healthy snack/meal? Topic: Is this a healthy snack/meal?
September 19, 2019 / By Bess
Question: I discovered that if I take a bowl of raw vegetables; pour a fair amount of parmesan cheese on top of them; put it in microwave for 60 seconds then eat it, it tastes so freaking good. Is that a healthy meal to eat since i know cheese is not that healthy
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Afrika Afrika | 5 days ago
Cheese is not bad in moderation. The one thing I'd suggest is staying away from faux parm...you know, the green canister kind. Real parm (that you grate onto your food) is very, very strong and a little goes a long way. Invest in a microplane and a wedge of parm and grate away. That way it takes less to give you more flavor. I use it all the time on my broccoli instead of using a heavy cheese sauce. Just a few grams gives it a wonderfully nutty/cheese flavor.
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Afrika Originally Answered: what are some healthy snack and meal ideas?
everything in moderation, so they say :] (except fast foods and stuff.. they're just baaadd.) eat lots of fruit and veg, drink lots of water, if you're not already active, try taking up some kind of sport or walking more because you need excercise to be healthy! breakfast; cereals with skimmed/semi-skimmed milk, wholegrain toast with lowfat spread, low fat yoghurt with fruit, fruit salad, egg (scrambled, boiled, fried.. etc), and i've even been told by a fitness trainer that three rashes of bacon on a wholegrain sandwhich isn't that bad for you either! lunch; i find that at school i get bored of always having sandwhiches, day in, day out. i now try and have more variety, like salad or pasta. if you have access to a kettle at school, coup-a-soups and things like that are good for warming you up in winter. dinner; look through your parents' cook books! or simply ask your mum about it. she may just add a few more portions of veg to what you already have.
Afrika Originally Answered: what are some healthy snack and meal ideas?
Nuts (raw and unsalted) are fatty but filling and nutritious. Yogurt can be tricky--a lot of it is full of sugar, so check the label. Plain yogurts or yogurt with probiotic cultures is even better. For a dairy alternative I recommend almond milk. It's high in calcium, lower in calories and is simply scrumptious. Also, be careful about "whole grains". That term gets tossed around a lot. I think for a while Froot Loops had a big "Whole Grains" stamp on them. I would go for more veggies than fruits--fruits are mostly natural sugar, water, and some fiber. That's not a bad thing, and can easily fill you up, but not as good as filling up on a more nutrient rich vegetable like broccoli or kale or (yum!) avocados. Buy things that are in season--they'll be cheaper and fresher and more local. For protein, chicken and turkey are good sources, and tofu is excellent as well. As far as fish goes, be careful about what you get. Sustainability, nutritional value, and mercury content are important. Sockeye salmon is an excellent choice, whereas Orange Roughy (though delicious) is not.

Thutmosis Thutmosis
Hi there - you're doing the smart thing of making the bulk of your meal a healthy low calorie food. The protein and fat in the cheese will also help stabilise blood sugar with it so, yep, this is a pretty healthy snack/meal. All the best.
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Radcliff Radcliff
If you know cheese is not healthy then why are you eating this . I would not say stop eating this but eat it without cheese . If it tastes too good then eat it once in two months
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Radcliff Originally Answered: Healthy snack and meal ideas?
consider buying in bulk. You can freeze the extra and use the rest throughout the week. Another trick is to check the weekly flyers for deals and coupons. For example, if I see the extra lean ground chicken is on sale, I'll buy alot, freeze some, and prepare a variety of meals with it. I make meatballs, patties and keep them in the fridge. I also precook veggies like broccoli and cauliflower to pack or eat for dinner. I usually plan my meals around what's on sale on the flyers. Some meal ideas could be: • tuna salad sandwiches. you an prepare some canned tuna, greek yogurt, celery for crunch, and spices for flavor. Mix it all up and add to bread for sandwiches or with crackers for a snack. • veggies buy a large bag of baby carrots, a multipack of cucumber and prep it in sandwich baggies for everyone to grab on the go. You can even go the extra step and make hummus with a can of chickpeas, some tahini, garlic, and lemon juice. •meatballs I love making this if te lean ground beef/chicken/turkey is on sale. I dice some onions, add some spices, drained tomato sauce, an egg, and some instant oats. I roll them into balls and bake them. I can keep ten in te fridge and they're great! I can make my own 'pasta sauce' with tomato sauce and some spices to add on top. •brown rice buy a large bulk bag, steam a bunch at the beginning of the week, and heat it up when you want it. you can do t same with whole wheat pasta, quinoa, etc. • as for breakfasts, I buy a large carton of eggs. You can Premake some large batches of quiches or frittatas with spinach and heat then up when you need it. If you like cheese flavor, but want less fat, consider nutritional yeast. • fruit you can get a large watermelon, chop it up, and keep it in the fridge. itu's the perfect snack after school or on a hot day •smoothies I add greek yogurt for protein, a banana for sweetness, and spinach for vitamins. However, it's up to you what you'd like in them since they're very versatile. I think it's best to look at what's on sale at your supermarket and plan your meals based on it. It's not hard to make quick healthy substitues and it can be yummy too :)

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