Constipation problem!?

Constipation problem!? Topic: Constipation problem!?
June 19, 2019 / By Beryl
Question: I've been constipated over a week now and nothing seems to help! I drink a LOT of water, I keep a high fiber diet, I constantly eat prunes and other fruits to get my bowel movement going. I've used a lot of homemade remedies for constipation but nothing seems to have helped!!! Can someone please help me???? What should I do??? I've used laxetives but they didn't work at all.
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Africah Africah | 4 days ago
All fruit in very large amounts is laxative so perhaps you need to binge on oranges, mandarins, prunes, olives or any other fruit.
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Africah Originally Answered: Constipation problem, help!?
Considering that you did not mention your age, my advise focuses on two aspects: diet and lifestyle. I don't think you should take laxatives yet. 1) Diet: Iron tends to constipate so if you taking a vitamin and mineral supplment, just do not take it for some days. Eat whole fruits (not just the juice). For example: eat the whole orange, not just the juice. Avoid refined food. Do not eat white bread, prefer whole grain. Do not eat cakes or sugar. Have a generous slice of papaya everyday. Ah! Drink 8 glasses of water everyday 2) Lifestyle: exercise a lot, move that instestine of yours. Do not smoke,. Do not drink alcohol. Do not use drugs. Just jogg or swim or play something. In other words: MOVE!. Make that instestine move
Africah Originally Answered: Constipation problem, help!?
If you're having BM's, I personally wouldn't see a doc unless you think you need some medicine for future use. Step up the REAL fiber intake, like salads, brocolli, veggies! Eat some roughage. Drink lots of water. See what happens.

Thutmose Thutmose
I'd recommend that you try a warm tap water enema to get some relief. Your diet sounds fine. If this has be going on for some time now, you might want to see a colo-rectal specialist to see if you might have slow transit time thru the colon or possibly some muscle issues in your rectum.
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Quinton Quinton
Go buy a laxeative or some stool softeners. Almost any place that has a pharmacy will have them on the shelf.
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Quinton Originally Answered: problem of constipation?
It is normal, especially in the early stages. Increase your intake of fiber and water. Try to avoid taking oral laxatives as anything you consume also goes to the baby. Those chemicals could lead to other problems in your childs health later. Also repeated laxatives lead to a dependency on laxatives. A stool softener shouldn't hurt as it is not a stimulant laxative. If all else fails a small warm water enema (1 pint to a quart) with a teaspoon of salt or baking soda added per quart should help with the passage of the stool and you have relieved the problem at the source.

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