Does Raspberry leaf tea help with labor?

Does Raspberry leaf tea help with labor? Topic: Does Raspberry leaf tea help with labor?
December 15, 2019 / By Gedaliah
Question: Has anyone drank this and started having contractions or did you drink it and it seemed to make labor easier? I didnt say labor was hard to beginwith. I have a kid and I didnt think it was hard at all. I just heard drinking it during pregnancy helps your uterus and makes it easier. I also didnt say anything about it inducing labor. It is supposed to work on your uterus so some people get contractions. Thats all I was asking. k Thanks.
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Best Answers: Does Raspberry leaf tea help with labor?

Dickie Dickie | 1 day ago
There was a study done on Red Raspberry Leaf tea and the results are shown here: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/entrez/query... Anyone who says it's "stupid" or is "unproven" doesn't know what they're talking about. RRL tea is used as a uterine "toner" and can be consumed (in moderation) throughout pregnancy. Despite the research, some use it and see no difference at all. I've never heard of it starting labor contractions, though some women report BH (the medicos call them Braxton-Hicks, I call them "baby hugs"), but that's the "toning" effect and it's very mild. A tea that many women swear by is sold here: http://www.compleatmother.com/tea_compan... There are some testimonials on the page too. Another good tea is sold here: http://www.birthjunkie.com/pregnancy_tea... This one has RRL along with some other helpful herbs. Good Luck finding the right tea for you!
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Dickie Originally Answered: How does raspberry leaf tea induce labor? And where to find it?
Raspberry leaf tea does not induce labor. What it does is nourish the uterus in such a way that you have more effective contractions. There is anecdotal evidence that it also reduces ineffective Braxton Hicks contractions, although I'm not sure why it would. Even my local grocery store now carries raspberry leaf tea. Steep 5-10 minutes and then drink twice a day.

Billy Billy
Funny how some people answer when they don;t have a clue. Red Raspberry Leaf is great for toning your uterus THROUGH OUT your pregnancy. Most Good prenatal vitamins contain red raspberry leaf due to the PROVEN benifits it has for your body and also contains nutrients that are easily absorbable. I drink Pregnancy tea daily... I don;t like it but i know I am getting ALL the nutrients, vitamins and minerals I need as well as improving my circulation and toning my uterus. Pregnancy Tea varies and can contain any of the following Red Rapsberry Leaf Nettle Yellow Dock Rose hips The tea wont make you startt having contractions ... and MAY help during labor as your uterus with be tone and strong.
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Acer Acer
Raspberry leaf tea is great during and after pregnancy. Susan weed has a book the child bearing years that you may be interested in there are herbal remedies for before during and after child birth as well as for the baby's first year. good luck. labor is a challenge mentally and physically and can be done with great success with the right mind set. you can do it and the pain does come to an end and with it a miraculous reward.
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Sophie Sophie
Raspberry leaf tea is not used to induce labor. It is used to make labor go a bit quicker, and afterwards, to help your uterus contract and help you heal. I did drink it, but not regularly, and my labor wasn't exactly 'easy'. But I don't think there is really any such thing!
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Posey Posey
well, i dont know about rasp leaf tea, But however, I do know that rasp zang does. Its made by cesstinal seasonings(sp?) And i drank it the night before i went into labor with my first, and with in 5 hours of drinking it, i was in labor, and 13 hours from the first drink, she was here.
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Posey Originally Answered: is red raspberry leaf tea the same as red raspberry herb tea?
They are probably the same thing. Just make sure that you read the ingredients before you buy. It needs to contain the raspberry leaf to ease your symptoms. If in doubt buy the raspberry leaf tea.

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