why are diet pill makers allowed to advertise diet products that dont work? Why are they being allowed to scam

why are diet pill makers allowed to advertise diet products that dont work? Why are they being allowed to scam Topic: why are diet pill makers allowed to advertise diet products that dont work? Why are they being allowed to scam
October 15, 2019 / By Fulke
Question: I have benn seeing lots of diet pill commercials ..being shown that you can lose so much weight if you use there product but in reallity they dont work. They are misleading people scaming people out of their money.cant they get fined by the FDA?
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Deming Deming | 1 day ago
Most of these diet pill products clearly state on the labels that their "claims/statements have not been approved by the FDA." I know it seems like false advertising; but they put the disclaimer right on the labels. Maybe some of them work for some people, I don't know. I've never had success with any one product or combination of products. I think it all comes down to diet and excercise in conjunction with a determined mind set to achieve your goals. I have not found a magic pill in all my 47 years.
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Baz Baz
They always have tiny print in the corner that says "results not typical" or they'll say "when combined with regular exercise..." Then it's not scamming.
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Zinnia Zinnia
they be misleading, but as long as they don't actually say anything important that is incorrect, then they can't screw up and get in trouble.
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Sherill Sherill
Why do they advertise medications that do not work, or have deadly side effect? Money! This is the time of the year there are millions on diets for there new years resolution. Money, money, money. Many people will buy that drug they see on the TV, if not just one time to try it. Just think of the money that company is racking in...... No the FDA can not do anything because those commercials have a disclaimer on them. If you get close up to your TV (even the biggest TV's) you can read it. But read fast for it is only up there long enough as the rules say before it becomes a subliminal message (messages that are put on the screen as one or so frames so one can not see it but for there subconscious. Big some years back). Some of these commercials and the "male" enhancements use these messages because they do work. If you look for these messages you can "see" them from then on out. If they do not put these messages up long enough they do become subliminal therefor one does not see them and then they can get fined. Against the law to do. Example of one diet commercial I had seen with a girl running on the beach and the word above sounds like and looks like the poop word that starts with sh (yahoo doesn't allow that word), until one really pays attention to the commercial. This dirty word get attention and people will remember this. I would think this commercial is pushing the lines of a subliminal message. Anyhoo my observations...I am one who watches commertials....Pay for good advertisements the company will get you to buy there products, then wonder how on earth did you get scammed (everyone has been there). This is there job is to get your money out of your pocket and into theres. Sad isn't it?
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Pene Pene
These companies aren't allowed to advertise products that don't work. What happens is this: A product is invented and advertised. People file complaints over a period of time, so FDA investigates. By the time the investigation is done, the product is usually pulled off the air by then anyway. If not, the company pays a fine, renames the product or renames their company and turns around to advertise under the new product name. People file complaints, FDA investigates, etc. The cycle goes on and on. The fines are not enough to make these companies stop because they are making tons of money. The diet industry makes $46 BILLION every year. Also, notice that most ads say "When used with diet and exercise." That's all there is to weight loss in the first place.
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