Is Chinese food healthy for you?

Is Chinese food healthy for you? Topic: Is Chinese food healthy for you?
November 14, 2019 / By Erwin
Question: Im ordering shrimp fried rice and sesame chicken. Ive been trying to avoid fatty foods, is this a good choice?
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Connell Connell | 10 days ago
Chinese food varies a lot as to how healthy it is for you. There are dishes with a lot of vegetables and very little oil and dishes with batter coatings and deep fried and sugar infused sauces. Shrimp fried rice is not terrible. http://www.fatsecret.com/calories-nutrit... It is a bit heavy in fat, sodium, carbs and more of a "filler" dish. Sesame Chicken depends on how it is prepared and the amount eaten. http://www.myfitnesspal.com/food/calorie... Batter dipped little chicken pieces fried and/or in heavy sauce: http://whatthehealthmag.files.wordpress.... http://www.thepickyapple.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2009/07/Pei-Wei-Sesame-Chicken.jpg or large pieces with no batter dip and deep frying http://www.gimmesomeoven.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/Sesame-Chicken-with-Quinoa-1.jpg If looking to eat Chinese food that is particularly good for you, Various soups http://images.alphacoders.com/202/202943.jpg dishes filled with vegetables http://blog.chinatraveldepot.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/chinese-vegetarian-food.jpg http://s3-media1.ak.yelpcdn.com/bphoto/CjeyEJxaCQ5dKD0c9cfN9Q/l.jpg Chicken/fish/scallops/shrimp or even lean beef in brocolli or vegetables is much higher on the list of good choices than sesame chicken. A scallop-broccoli stir fry http://www.myfitnesspal.com/food/calories/generic-scallop-broccoli-stir-fry-7868217 showing a lower calorie count and much lower fat with high protein as an example. Wonderful shrimp and vegetables stir fry: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_ZWToFZSt6mE/TI09M6i3wWI/AAAAAAAACds/Mt6oE85XOSo/s1600/IMG_3721.JPG
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Connell Originally Answered: Americanized Chinese food Vs authentic Chinese food?
It's not the methods that are different - it's totally different recipes. Chinese food was altered to fit in with the American palate better. This has happened with many other "ethnic" foods as well. For instance, most of what you think of as Italian was actually created in the US. If you went to Italy and tried ordering, say, Spaghetti & Meatballs, the waiter will roll his eyes and mumble something about 'el stupido Americano'. Some Chinese food you find in American Chinese restaurants is authentic: Dumplings, potstickers, hot & sour soup, egg drop soup, won ton soup, fried rice and even kung pao chicken or shrimp are a few examples of authentic dishes. However things like all those dishes with breaded, fried chicken in heavy, spicy and sugary sauces were created in America. Other dishes, like chop suey, were created by accident. Legend has it, a Chinese laborer was cooking up some leftovers for lunch. An American coworker saw this and asked if he could have some. He loved it and asked the laborer what he called the dish. Not knowing English, he replied with the Chinese word for "leftovers" which sounded like "Chop Suey" to the American. The laborer started his own restaurant serving "freshly made chop suey" which must have been very difficult to explain to his family back in China. Other examples of authentic Chinese food include steamed vegetables, or vegetables sauteed with a bit of meat. Most Chinese dishes do not contain a lot of meat. Instead, the meat is used as a flavoring. Whole roasted chicken, duck, or pig are popular dishes for banquets or fancy occasions. Otherwise you can get whole steamed or fried fish. Unlike in the US, the head is left on. Chinese cuisine also includes a lot of offal - tripe, intestines, blood pudding - all of which are served with various Chinese vegetables. The best way to experience authentic Chinese food is ask a Chinese friend of yours to take you to a local restaurant that will serve authentic food. Many of these places won't have a menu in English since most Americans wouldn't be interested. Keep an open mind and at least try everything. Another good experience is to go for Dim Sum. Dim Sum is sort of a Hong Kong version of Spanish tapas. It's usually eaten for brunch on the weekends with friends or family. At a dim sum restaurant, servers will push carts full of food around the dining room and people simply point at the plates they want. The server stamps your bill for each plate and at the end of your meal, this is used to tally up how much you owe. Dim sum consists of all sorts of stuff. Some sweet, some savory, and of course, the infamous Chicken Feet. Yes, you should try them too! They taste like chicken. And red chili peppers. You'll quickly realize that claiming to know about Chinese food simply because you've eaten at Panda Express is like a person in China claiming to know all about American food simply because he ate at a local McDonalds.
Connell Originally Answered: Americanized Chinese food Vs authentic Chinese food?
Americanized Chinese food is your basic take-out menu. It's all fried foods or foods made with a lot of oil and/or salt. I'm from NY and half the take-out menus or buffets carry fried chicken or "cheese wontons" which don't exist in authentic Chinese cuisine. Real Chinese food varies depending on the region it comes from. Some areas use a lot of red pepper and chili, some use black pepper, some use more soy or oyster sauce. The flavors are more complex and the food choices are more varied (as in, not just chicken, beef, brocolli, rice, noodles, etc).

Arlie Arlie
No, most of the foods have to much starch and sugar in them. If you just eat a small portion it will be fine. Don't eat at a buffet tho.
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Twyla Twyla
Those that are not deep fried are healthier choice. The stir fries are good. Rice and noodles are a carbohydrate so not as healthy of a choice.
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Twyla Originally Answered: Is Chinese food okay to eat?
Bravo to you for making a commitment to healthy eating. As a Chinese person eating Chinese food all my life, it never made anyone in my family heavy. In fact, all of us are a bit more towards the thin side. The reasons: low fat, steamed, not too much salt or soy sauce, rice instead of bread, NO DESSERT, and reasonable portions. This, of course, is easier to do at home. When you eat out at a Chinese restaurant, avoid eating foods with MSG (that is an ingredient which generally makes you hungry faster), ask the food to be prepared with low sodium, and select steamed foods instead of fried. You can order a steamed vegetable dish, or one with tofu, and then give yourself a scoop of one of the meat dishes if your family members order them -- i.e. portion it on a small plate, so you can be conscious of how much you are eating. Eat a small piece of fruit instead of dessert -- you won't feel deprived. White rice is fine -- it has no flour, as someone else mentioned. But you might feel more satisfied eating brown rice or a mix of the two, because it has a slower transit time in the gut (takes longer to digest). It also tends to take the excess with it, so be prepared. If you don't normally eat rice, you might feel a little constipated or the opposite (need to "go" a couple more times than usual). The latter is actually ideal -- no need to keep the excess and store it as fat.

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