Has anyone ever tried diet pills? Did they work for you?

Has anyone ever tried diet pills? Did they work for you? Topic: Has anyone ever tried diet pills? Did they work for you?
September 19, 2019 / By Bertha
Question: My weight has been on my mind constantly... and then to top it off I went through my pictures and saw pics of me in a swimsuit and about died... I work all day, and come home exhausted, and I want to try diet pills to give me that extra boost that I need. I am starting a diet and exercise routine though... okay folks some of you are assuming that I'm not changing my lifestyle... jeeze. I just bought a home gym & an eliptical. I've been working out every night this week, and I changed my diet weeks ago... I was just wonder if any of you HAVE EVER TAKEN a diet pill... and how did it work for you.
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Affrikah Affrikah | 1 day ago
I use those Stacker 2 and 3 (where available) they curb the appetite and also give me energy. To date(6m) I have lost 65lbs with proper diet and I do the dancersise. With these pills you have to remember to eat, well I did, and they take about a month to really kick in. Take them one a day in the morning at breakfast. They work, well hope this helped some..take care and good luck.
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Affrikah Originally Answered: Diet pills that really work (work best)?
I wouldn't recommend pills. They could be very dangerous to your health. You can't lose just the belly fat, you'll just have to lose weight allover your body. But if you want firm abs you should try and work those muscles. I personally love Pilates and it really works. It made my abs flat in less than a month.

Thorley Thorley
Define "work." Diet pills do one or more of the following things: - make you poop more. - amp you up (hoodia, ephedra) - suppress your appetite (the milkshakes, etc) When you take the pills, you will lose weight. However, since you didn't make the lifestyle changes in your diet and exercise level, the weight will return once you stop taking the pills. Worse yet, you'll have side effects, which can include DEATH in rare cases. Sadly, not only will you re-gain the weight, but your body will add a few extra pounds as well, and then make it so it will be more difficult to lose weight next time. Bottom line-- the only way to lose weight in a healthy way is to change your lifestyle. The swimsuit models spend a ton of time in the gym as well as watch their diet. And, even if you did exactly the same things that those models do, your genetics kick in at some point. So, learn to love your body, and love it enough to change your lifestyle to keep it healthy.
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Quincy Quincy
well, first of all, there are different kinds of pills. some are stronger, some are lighter. it really depends on your size though. Diet piklls may also cause liver problems. So you have to make sure the pills you find aren't liver wrecking. One of my sisters took diet pills, and they didnt help at all. i suggest buying a smaller bottle of ones and you can test some to see if they work. If they dont, try a new one. Its all about your body type. Some body's refuse, some accept and it really works. You really shouldnt buy them off t.v. because they are too much money and wont work too well. Mother's and henry's are good pill holders. Hope i helped!
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Malone Malone
They will make you a basket case. Okay ... weight. No alcohol. No drinks except Diet Whatever. Skim milk. No fast foods. No way.!!! Broiled or baked fish or chicken only. No potatoes, pizza, pasta, breads, butter, chips, French fries, potatoes. Lots and lots of salad, veggies, fruits. There you have it. You'll be looking so buff in that swimsuit in three months. Can you do it??? Take a Multi every day.
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Jered Jered
veryyy bad caffeine over dosages brain problems depends on the type but I've never heard of a good one "did you lose weight!?" "yea its those diet pills" lots of them help you lose water weight - which is dehydrating you aannnd you gain it all back cause its water lots of them make you lose a lot of muscle which duhh - thats unhealthy the healthiest way to do things is lay off the fast food go to Curves and eat good tasting diet foods with a mix a the food pyramid
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Jered Originally Answered: Which diet pills work?
MOST diet pills are caffeine and other energy supplements. Instead of buying 50$ diet pills, buy 3$ bottle of caffeine pills on amazon and take one every time you get hungry. It will curb the hunger for a long while. This is what I did but ultimentaly I suggest not taking any diet stuff and losing weight natural. But... It's not always that easy. I can't really way for other diet pills but a simple 200mg Caffeine pill does wonders then you are hungry. I take one with breakfast and half of one with lunch. I also stopped buying all energy drinks and coffee because i'm getting caffeine and its super cheap. 2-3$ for 100 pills!! Seriously amazon is super-cheap when it comes to everything. I'm sure they will have it at your local pharmacy but it will cost more.

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