Why are these guys doing this?

Why are these guys doing this? Topic: Why are these guys doing this?
September 19, 2019 / By Berta
Question: The last several times I go to the gym and when I look ahead doing my workouts, there's usually a girl with her bf and she'll give me this weird look, like im doing something wrong just because she's in the vicinity of where im staring....... Then, like yesterday, the bf will pat her on the ***. A couple of times, they get concerned looks on their faces like they're constipated. What's the deal here? Can people ever get over themselves, ever?
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Affrika Affrika | 10 days ago
Well, being a couple in the gym, they're both probably self conscious about each other looking at other people's bodies/ other people checking them out. I would be uncomfortable with my gf in the gym with me. Thats why I don't take her. To me working out is not a team sport. It's between your ego, telling your muscles to pump out one more rep, and that little whining pussy that each of us have inside. Get an mp3 player, load it with Metallica/Pantera/Disturbed, and f all those other punk mf'rs.
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Affrika Originally Answered: guys.do you get a lot of SEX?
It was a rainy Saturday afternoon, last Saturday, and I just got back from shagging a Brazilian girl in New Jersey 7 times over the course of last night and this morning! I'm exhausted, to say the least. And, I may have a cute little Spaniard drop by later for a little fun and a movie... I've been holding "Shampoo" from Netflix, a movie starring Warren Beatty as a hairdresser playboy... Let me recount this past week, to demonstrate the power of my techniques... Tuesday: 1. Met Jenna for a drink. Local girl with nice **** and a killer ***. Got her number at Starbucks last weekend. She warned me she had a boyfriend, but thought I'd be a potential customer for her art gallery. We met for a "drink" at a local spot and got frisky - definitely strong chemistry, but she's happy with her man...for now! 2. About 8PM, saw a girl I'd had my eyes on for a while... Jennifer. She a greed to have "tea" with me, about 9PM and I took her shopping - for me. Blueberries and back to my place. Deep- throating and hair-pulling...and, yes, we had some green tea! Wednesday: 1. Met hot Asian girl (also a Starbucks pick- up... Thank you, Howard Schultz!) a week ago, Raylene. Met her Wednesday morning for coffee to check her figure. Looked good, and she confessed that her male roommates are "good guys" and never take advantage of her... It's on, when we can find the time... 2. Late night, I grabbed a hot 18 year-old who was waiting in my building lobby. She was downstairs while her roommate (both freshmen at NYU) was trying to get some *** from a dude upstairs... I took Caroline upstairs where I discovered she wasn't wearing any panties and she confessed that she wasn't really a "grad student." Fair deal, I thought. I took off her one-piece and stripped. She was a virgin, incredibly, but we found other ways to finish. She left on her black, moccasin-style, lace-up boots. Nothing else. 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That's always a give away... I tried several times, but no dice. Then, I walked her to the door, made one more assertive move, and she gave in, kissing me passionately. She was a hot one, but I only got a brief make-out.... 2. Later that day, though, Miss Colombia (don't actually know her name...) came over. Epic ****, met her during a coaching session. Colombian, but adopted by Swedes and raised in Sweden. A ballet dancer, to boot. Back and forth to make-out and then ******* her tight body on the 32nd floor overlooking the East River and Brooklyn. Friday: 1. Anna came over. Freshman I'd met on the street by Marymount College the day before. Literally, a 20 second pick-up. She came down here and right up to my place. Very cute, from Minnesota, Swedish descent. We looked at the view and my hands traveled over her body, along her nubile breasts and down between her thighs, over the spandex she was wearing. 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We've already made out, and I'm so exhausted that I think we may actually do just that - watch the film... That's my week. I know it's a bit insane, and most guys may not have the time, energy or interest in this level of sexual opportunity, but take it from me: The skills that allow me to pull all these girls have been learned over years and just comes natural

Thomas Thomas
All your long life your going to find no matter what there are alot of odd acting, strange people in the world. That will never change. But then again how boring it would be if everyone was and acted the same, right. Your in whatever grade in school. Stomping grounds for growing up and finding out how silly acting and weird and into themselves and tons of other things I don't have time to list that people do. Yeah, alot of foolish stuff isn't it.
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Quincey Quincey
Any time you go to the gym there is someone doing something to get the attention of everyone else. Going to the gym should be about you and that's it. Don't concern yourself with everyone else.
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Mallory Mallory
Sounds like a couple of jealous girls who like to mess with you. If they know they are bothering you, they'll do it more. The best thing is to smile, shake your head and then ignore them and remember what you are there for!
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Jere Jere
Well, that is what you will find in a public gym, anything goes. If you are tired of it, then exercise at home or another gym.
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Gerry Gerry
Why are you staring at these people? Honestly I would just mind my own business and not worry about them.
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Dodge Dodge
Women are just very distrustful of other women, because they are petty, territorial and generally want what they cannot or should not have. M
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Booker Booker
are you wearing an AC Slater wrestling uniform...you know those tight slingits....if so that is what they are looking at.
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Adaliah Adaliah
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Adaliah Originally Answered: Okay you guys.who wants to go bowling?
Hey I'll go bowling with you. Let's have some fun. We can eat nachos and cheese and drink some beer or what ever you want to drink.

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