My 18 month old is constipated!?

My 18 month old is constipated!? Topic: My 18 month old is constipated!?
May 22, 2019 / By Clay
Question: My daughter has had an on-going constipation problem for a while now. I've been adding some prune juice to her yogurt every day and it was working very well, until lately. She has been very constipated again so the pediatrician said to add some prune juice to her milk. I did just that and within seconds, she threw it all up. I want to avoid using laxatives. Any suggestions??
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Amory Amory | 8 days ago
The main cause of constpation in infant is diets low in fiber and diets of excessive dairy products (yogurt, cheeses, milk). Add Wheat bran to her food , cause it is beneficial toward providing digestive regularity and ending constipation because it is very high in dietary fiber.
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Amory Originally Answered: 4 month old constipated?
As a 4 month old, she should not be constipated at all as she should be on only formula or breast milk. Don't try anything!!!! It is normal for a breast fed baby to go only once a week!!!! If she is formula fed and you think she is constipated, then give a little extra water in her formula and hold off giving an solids, since she may be sensitive. just give her a couple of ounces of extra water and do not give anything but formula or water until your child is at least 6months old. She really does not need anything but breast milk or formula until 9 months or 1 year. Solids are more to learn about taste and texture, and for fun at this age. Just make sure that she gets enough of those. Also, if you do not mix enough water into the formula, that can cause constipation. And remember that if your daughter is turning red and really working when she poops. that is not constipation, that is just how a baby poos, it is not anything to be worried about. You only worry about it if they have gone more then 7 days (for a breastfed child) or 5 days ( for formula fed). If it is longer then that, then give some prune juice mixed with water (half and half). If no poo after 24 hours, then go to the doc. But red face, grunting, even crying and uncomfortable facial expressions and crying do not mean constipation, it just means they are working those muscles hard.

Toni Toni
Pear juice. My son gets bound up without at least 4-5 oz of it a day (he is 16 months) I swear by it. Gerber has baby pear juice, no need to water down, serve as is. (Dr told me if the juice did not work we would have to do a lax or suppository... Has not come to that) Good luck, I know its hard.
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Rubina Rubina
I certainly have had this problem with my now 2 year previous, she grew to become into colicky and gas a constipation come organic to her. First of alll if he won't drink prune juice, apple juice is super too, and greater fruit and fiber wealthy meals. yet i'm telling type journey attempt to stay remote from enemas and problems with that kind, his physique will grow to be based on them in case you utilize them everytime he's constpated. yet another speedy restoration is to place him on his back and flow his legs like he's peddeling a bike, pushing into his tummy gently. this gets the bowels shifting, works like a attraction. additionally a teaspoon of sunshine Karo Syrup(not CORN OR VEGETABLE OR different) in his bottle or cup. This grew to become into directed by way of the two my daughters pediatrition and 5 year previous sons pediatrician from while he used to get constipated...it runs in the relatives!! desire to have helped, sturdy success!
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Nelda Nelda
well try giving her pure on it own without adding to any think pure orange juice small not very much that should be ok you try talking a health visitors as well
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Louanna Louanna
try using kayro syrup it won't hurt her just put alil in her drink i used it for my and my mom used it for my brother hope this helps !!!
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Louanna Originally Answered: 13 month old is constipated?
Does she eat yogurt or cheese? There are plenty of sources of calcium besides milk if you think the milk is causing problems for her. Is she eating lots of other things that could be constipating? Rice, bananas, applesauce, toast? Keep pushing pears, peaches, prunes, grapes (cut in fourths), berries, etc. And offer water throughout the day as well.

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