Colon cleanse?

Colon cleanse? Topic: Colon cleanse?
June 16, 2019 / By Bernice
Question: Good or Bad and why? Because I've heard Janet Jackson does it and look at her. I've heard people from my area do it to and they lose alot of weight and feel great afterwards.
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Aerynn Aerynn | 7 days ago
once a month during the full month. my practioner schedules me during that time. i do home enemas about every 2 weeks.
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Aerynn Originally Answered: I WANT TO DO A COLON CLEANSE?
You are just full a paranoia and misinformation. They don't do colonoscopies every 6 months. Maybe yearly if they were constantly finding precancerous polyps in the colon every colonoscopy. For a high risk person they may start you at one every 5 to 10 years. The colon cleanse to loose weight is a lot of hype. Basically the colon cleanse portion helps you because guess what you are fasting through the process. No food in means calories burnt exceed caloric intake. Surprise, you loose weight. That being said, I know some who did this lemon juice and hot pepper sauce diet. Yeah, they crapped themselves for a week. It didn't seem like a fun time so I'll pass.
Aerynn Originally Answered: I WANT TO DO A COLON CLEANSE?
As a ways as I can inform, there aren't any tested weight reduction advantages from the acai berry, juice, or pills. It does look to be a nice complement (I take it, however do not promote the stuff!) and is stuffed with anti oxidents, which support avoid harm for your frame. But that is what you will have to take it for, now not weight reduction or fats burning. The acai berry itself is an robust factor - has plenty of anti oxidents and so forth and is rather well for you. But there may be not anything rather to advise in medical phrases that it is helping with weight reduction. And there are plenty of scams available in the market, watch out wherein you purchase it from! I take it, and I suppose I suppose fitter and bigger. But it is not a few style of magic components, sorry.

Theobald Theobald
It makes you feel clean and fresh. You can buy a oral saline laxative or an enema and these are both avaliable from Walmart or any other place with a pharmacy. Just look right below the laxatives and there is this stuff called Fleet and they recommend this for enema patients and it works really well. I like the feeling of how clean i feel afterwards!
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Prince Prince
Some doctor tell you to do this before you fast. You can either drink water with certain salts or use mechanical devices for an enema. I have done it boths ways, you feel good afterwards, but it doesn't help to loose weight.
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Prince Originally Answered: best colon cleanse products?
Hey James... There are plenty of great products out there... And yes you can get a free trial for these products, colon cleansers are also really great for weight loss.. you can check out this site, they have some great free trial offers which I used and it was totally worth it. You will be amazed at how good you feel when you cleanse your colon,, http://smartcoloncleansing.com/

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