The Atkins diet.?

The Atkins diet.? Topic: The Atkins diet.?
July 18, 2019 / By Brent
Question: I hear from many that whey they left the atkins diet they gained all the weight back or/then some very quickly. I want to know how quickly though? Could someone lose 50 lbs on atkins, get off atkins, and gain back the 50 lbs in lets say...a matter of a month?
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Ahern Ahern | 7 days ago
It really depends on your metabolism, how carb sensitive you are, and how badly you "go off". If you have relatively low carb sensitivity, and your idea of going off Atkins means adding some whole grains and the occasional potato, then a weight gain might be slow or nil. But if you're carb sensitive and go face-down in the junk food, the weight regain will probably be pretty rapid. Your best bet, if you're going to do Atkins, is to make it a permanent lifestyle change. So you follow the plan according to the book, find the level of carbs that your body does best at, and stay on it FOREVER.
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Ahern Originally Answered: What do u think about the atkins diet?
the Atkins diet is garbage...it counsels one to eat a lot of proteins and fats and to minimize carbs. proteins, fats, and carbs are not created equal. if you're eliminating carbs such as white sugar or white flour then good for you...but any diet that thinks fresh fruits and vegetables are bad for you too...can't be good. if you sat and ate all the fresh fruits and vegetables you wanted to...you'd get full long before you'd get fat. and a high protein diet from chicken and beef and pork contains huge amounts of saturated fats which is a main cause of heart disease. also...your body can only digest 12 grams of protein at one time...so if you're eating huge amounts of protein like you would on the atkins diet...you'll have large amounts of undigested proteins in your blood, whick leads to uric acid crystals which collect in your joints and cause the sharp pains that people with arthritis and gout suffer from. also cooked meats are a major cause of leukocytosis (research that one yourself on the internet...it's too long to explain). so eat lots of raw nuts and fresh fruits and vegetables and you'll lose weight the healthy way.
Ahern Originally Answered: What do u think about the atkins diet?
I looked at the atkins diet and didn't really like becaue i'm really not a meat eater like that. However, I did and am still on the South Beach Diet. This is a good diet everyone at my job did it and we all lost weight, It basically just teaches you how to eat.

Sunday Sunday
No, I can't see anyone gaining 50 lbs in a month. But you could surely gain 20 if you ate enough... even then it would be really shoveling it in A person would have to take in about 2000 calories more a day than they burn, so ( without taking out a calculator ) I'm guessing one would be eating about 4000 calories a day, every day for a month to gain the 20. Using that logic, gaining 50 would be eating 7000 calories a day. I doubt the heart could take it...... I'm thinking a person would be sick to their stomach alot.
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Rae Rae
I dont really know about gaining the weight back but I would really think twice about this diet. After all, Dr Atkins died of heart disease!
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Rae Originally Answered: Atkins diet?
Check out lowcarber.org, which has lots of information about various low carb diets. The basic principle is that sugars and carbohydrates, which are chains of simple sugars cause changes in your body chemistry. When you eat those things your body produces insulin to help process them, but then the insulin is still floating around in your system. You get cravings for more carbohydrates to even out your insulin level. This causes overeating and insulin resistance. If you cut down on the carbohydrates that don't provide much nutrition anyway, like white bread, pasta, potatoes, and sugar rich food, your body will not be burning those foods up for energy - or storing the excess as fat. Instead, your body will begin to burn its own fat. So if you reduce your carbs you'll have less of the insulin resistance that causes overeating (and in my case, lethargy) and your body will begin burning fat. It's important to do this the right way. It's not just eating tons of meat. I did the diet without increasing my meat intake at all. I just substituted healthy vegetables for starches. I never felt hungry because on that diet you can have cheese and salad dressing and butter - all the extras that give food flavor. The fat helps you to fill more full, so you don't feel starved. It's a very hard diet to do if you have a craving for sweets.

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