I have a painful, incurable disease (Lupus) and I lost the will to go on with my life, what should I do?

I have a painful, incurable disease (Lupus) and I lost the will to go on with my life, what should I do? Topic: I have a painful, incurable disease (Lupus) and I lost the will to go on with my life, what should I do?
October 18, 2019 / By Brandon
Question: I am trying to reverse/cure this disease through diet now, and even if there are good results, still, some symptoms will probably never disappear, and I lost such big parts of my life already, I have a bad job, almost no proper education, constant sorrows about money, difficulties with my husband (who is of course tired of me being so weak and sick all the time, even if he tries to support me). There is no real cure for my disease, there is a maybe cure through diet (http://www.lupusrecoverydiet.com/ ), I started this, and there are already nice results, but still, this diet is harsh/difficult to maintain for somebody unused to such food choices (no desserts, no cake, no potato chips!), I have this constant Lupus headache and nausea and I feel so weak and tired most of the time... So much I HAVE to do, and no bright future? Only people complaining about my pains and "laziness" (I need horrible amounts of sleep), and demanding, demanding, demanding... Any (spiritual) help? Please...
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Best Answers: I have a painful, incurable disease (Lupus) and I lost the will to go on with my life, what should I do?

Adney Adney | 8 days ago
With God all things are possible, humans tend to try to separate the body from the soul and spirit, but this only causes disease. search your heart for unforgiveness even to yourself, go to where you can learn to heal, good teachers are Maryanne Williamsons Books one is "back to love" it will help you alot, she has a website too. another teacher is Wayne Dyer, also more teachers are on thesecret.tv learn to heal naturally, there are herbs that help and stop most diseases, a good herbal teach is Penny C. Royal do your homework and find natural remedies. While your doing that get in touch with your spiritual life and heal in all areas, you can change your life by changing your mind, I KNOW this I have stopped two deadly diseases from coming into my body by changing my heart to accept love and peace and fixing my life from the dis-ease I was causing myself by being the victim, you are a whole person, I have seen too many miracles to think this cant be dealt with or healed, it starts with you. Start filling your brain with hope and knowledge of healing, spirit, soul, body-play tapes while you sleep, keep good things in your mind and dont let yourself get down, there is hope here, go look up some of the success stories of people who have beaten it and start focusing on the solutions not the problems. What you give your attention to grows...it really works, and I am living proof. So again, have hope...start today to learn how to heal...there is an old saying, your biograpy becomes your biology...anything you can believe and concieve you can achive....and again, With God all things are possible. Blessings, and you can email me if you need encouragment, give yourself the chance to live and be kind to yourself...
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Adney Originally Answered: Why do you think we have not cured a life threatening disease in over 50 years?
Cancers are getting better treatment. The problem with cancers is that there is a genetic component to many of them, and that genetic component is not going to go away by itself. Many cancers are caused by known hazards such as exposure to too much sunlight or to asbestos, and the best thing here is prevention. The new medical cocktails for HIV is keeping people alive and functioning for decades. Here too there seems to be some genetic susceptibility, and the best course of action is condoms, which many men still refuse to use. Immunizations have had huge success.

Stevania Stevania
Take ecstacy! i mean, its illegal and very bad for you, but its better than being depressed and wishing death. And the main concern about X is that it ruins your future, but if your saying you cant have an ideal future then why not? Just make sure theyre not crystal meth based. it will make you happier than you have ever been. I dont do ecstacy though, but i would if i had a terminal disease.
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Quibilah Quibilah
Reiki may help give you some relief. It's not a cure, but will likely help your symptoms and improve your outlook/will to go on.
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Mel Mel
You know enzymes have really helped improve my life and helped me to get over my health issues (not lupus, but chronic candida, sinusitis, inflammatory conditions etc.) so on a hunch I thought I would search for lupus and enzymes together and see what comes up. See link below. Maybe this will help, maybe not. Don't give up--except the attitude that there is no real cure for your disease. Just because doctor's haven't found a cure, doesn't mean you can't. With all other diseases where a cure has been found it took one person to do that and not all of them were doctors. Remember too, that it is the disease that is getting you down. Inside you have the core that can get you through this. When I had candida it was so bad that I thought about suicide every day for six months. It was like having poison oak over 70% of my body ALL the time. And it looked so horrible, so much so that I didn't date because I dreaded taking off my clothes for the right man. I had a kind of ringworm all over me, because with the imbalance of my body not only did candida take over, tinnea became opportunistic and took over too. Some people conjecture that lupus is a form of candida, so this may be relevant to you. I've heard we have to cut the same foods as lupus sufferers. The only thing that kept me going was work, where I could go and not think about the constant pain I was in. I then went on the candida diet and that helped immensely, but it was not the total cure, but it got me to a place of hope. Definitely look into the body ecology diet. You might look into an herbal formula called Phellostatin, which kills candida. Also, turn onto your own intuition. While you are preparing for sleep do a meditation. Close your eyes and let yourself go into a trance and see if you can see what might make you well. Ask yourself to see what would make you well. I did this with surprising results. You see after I recovered from the candida I had a new thing to battle, a pre-cancerous condition. And it's been a trek, but I have found that doing meditation has helped me to find new ways of healing myself in both spirit and body. Meditation can guide you towards self healing. And it is so easy. It doesn't cost you anything. I believe that if we listen to our bodies we can learn so much about what will heal us.
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Layton Layton
The best thing you can do for yourself is to get up and get on with your life. Lupus is a serious life altering disease that affects all aspects of your life. That being said, it sounds to me like you're just complaining rather than living your life to the fullest. Sure there are some days when you won't be able to get out of bed, those are good times to watch a movie and let your husband cook for you. There are times when you'll feel great and those are times to smell the roses. My wife of 10 years has had Lupus since she was 15 years old. She has severe organ involved lupus, went into cardiac arrest 8 times last year, had a pacemaker/defibulator inserted in her chest, has protein in her urine, suffers from joint pain, has necrosis of her femur bone (basically the bone died from the doeses of steroids). She has every reason to sit in bed and feel sorry for herself all day long. Yet she graduated from Dental School and is a practicing dentist, working with special needs children and adults. We gave two beautiful adopted children which she raises. She has accomplished all this inspite of her disease. Sure there are days when she can't stand the pain. We cry together, laugh together, and celebrate life together. If you dwell on what you don't have you'll never take the time to relish the things that you do. As far as your diet goes...be careful there. Talk with your doctors. Many fad diets that are celebrated on the internet actually can really hurt people with Lupus. Don't just take allegorical evidence that a 'lupus diet' will work. Actually look at scientific research (there are no studies that prove anything about diet). Follow your doctors instructions and you will live a full and happy life, no matter how long that may be.
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Jodie Jodie
That's an awful situation you're in. There isn't really any single answer I can think of but here are some things to consider which would probably be useful. #1 Have you been eating aspartame (also known as nutrasweet or equal). That substance can trigger Lupus and its mainly responsible for the huge rise in cases. If you stop eating aspartame, it won't make the problems go away, but it will stop increasing and somewhat go down. If you think that could apply to you, I'd advise taking the time to watch this video: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=... #2 Doing general things to boost your bodies homeostasis (such as eating better food and removing food additives, or sleeping and having less stress in your life) can help/improve the condition, but I personally doubt it's sufficient to fix it. #3 It somewhat depends on how the inflamation has spread or manifested in your body, but DMSO is a very effective antiinflammatory agent, and I know people that have use it for both arthritis and Lupus (both autoimmune disorders charactarized by infallamation and destruction of tissue), but to be fair, almost all of them worked with arthritis, so I am not completely sure DMSO would work for lupus. It's just highly likely. If you decide to do that root, exercise caution though. If anything is in DMSO besides water (say plastic it absorbed from a non glass container), it can make you quite sick. #4 If you've completely decimated your system (and you're at the point of no hope for recovery), the only thing left which can really work to improve your system is some sort of Chinese Energetic Practice. There are a lot of those, and their quality depends highly on where you learn it from, but I would say that your three best options (provided you can find a good teacher) are: Tai-Chi Opening the Energy Gates of Your Body Dragon and Tiger Medical Chi Gung I have no idea if you want to pursue that, and once you get past of the surface general problems, it may be necessary to switch which method you choose to pursue. This option is a lot more difficult and hard to adopt, so it's understandable if you are hesitant to commit to it. On the off chance you are though, here's an instructor directory. #5 Assuming there's nothing you can do fix your condition, you should just try to find things which make you happy or give your life meaning. The most common choices for that are: Meditation Some form of charity/activist work where you help other people or pets. Finding a way to be surrounded by/live with friends. Picking up a Hobby you can become passionate about. Deal with all the lose ends you've had in your life which you regret and never dealt with. I'm a big fan of the meditation approach, and I think it's the best one, but it's also the hardest one to do, so it's understandable if you don't want to do it (though to be fair, starting a Chinese energetic practice is a good introduction). I realize that I couldn't give you the answer you were hoping for, but that's about everything I know, and I'm pretty sure at least one of those will be really useful to you. Hope I was able to help you friend. ====== in regards to what the guy above me said about just taking E; I don't agree with that, but I've met a lot of people who told me that if they have a few months left to live they'd load up on an opiate like heroin since it puts you into a bliss state where nothing exists. Spiritually I don't agree with this approach, but if you want that path, a party drug like E is not the way to go.
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Gardenia Gardenia
Right now it is hard to think of lupus as a gift-- but I hope you will. I had high blood pressure, and was totally panicked about it, as well as many other issues. I have been working with EFT by myself for about a year, and my blood pressure is now NORMAL!! Visit the EFT website and see what you find out. When I first read this stuff I thought it was crazy, but I tried it anyway, and the first thing was I got rid of a headache quickly. So I started doing it for lots of issues... I am not advertising for this or anything. I just know that I am doing WAY BETTER. There are practitioners that do it over the phone even. I haven't done that because of financial issues. I downloaded the basic instructions as well as followed some of the links. I think the biggest help to me has been the Personal Peace procedure. You can read about it here: http://www.emofree.com/tutorial/tutormthirteen.htm main website: http://www.emofree.com/ Praying that some day your lupus will be in the background and not the main driving thing. Maybe find a lupus forum? I haven't visited this but just got it on google: http://www.ehealthforum.com/health/lupus.html The best to you in your journey. Maybe you haven't really lost the will, you ARE reaching out!! There's help! L
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Gardenia Originally Answered: Okay, so let's say you got diagnosed with a life threatening disease and you have a month to live.?
Well I have Lupus but thankfully the latter isn't reality to me. Of course I would be upset about it. Dying is a big deal to me, there's so much (God willing) that I would like to accomplish before I die. I would accept it and spend my last month doing the things I love or have always wanted to do and spending time with the people I care about.

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