High protein low carb diet?

High protein low carb diet? Topic: High protein low carb diet?
October 19, 2019 / By Benny
Question: I only want to do this for about two months. What supplements could I take while on it to compensate for the lack of breads and increase in protein? I've just known too many people who did loose weight but gained back about half when stopping but that's accpetable to me to not do this but I don't want to get sick while doing it as in weakness and severe fatigue as some get.
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Abidah Abidah | 2 days ago
If you decide to go on this diet, do it slowly. You can take a multi-vitiman supplement (I take Centruim multi-vitiman/mineral) while you are making this diet change. As for carbs, don't eat foods that have empty nutrition value or also known as bad carbs, which are highly refined foods, like any foods with white flour, potatoes, white rice, white bread, white pasta, white rolls, etc ..you get the picture. These carbs are called bad, because foods that contain them are processed (refined), and all processed foods will be harder for your body to digest. And, when this happens, these foods will take longer to come out of your body, as waste. Also, white it is digesting in your body, there is very little nutritional value to them, thus giving your body the bad sutff like empty (more) calories, and fat, for there is very little vitimans or minerals in them. When they are refined, they strip the grains outter shell, which containst of of these good nutrients. That is why health experts say that whole grains, like whole wheat, rye, multi grain, whole oat grains, etc . .are best, because these grains are not stripped, thus having all the good minerals/vitimans or body needs, to function well. Understand that eating carbs are essential, because the good carb, such as whole grains, are needed for your body to convert their nutrients that they contain, to energy. Good carbs (whole grains) turn into energy right away, by using up its nutrients, leaving your body faster than foods with bad carbs. (usually that same day or the following morning). The bad carbs will stay in the body for long periods, and is the reason why people gain weight alot faster, when eating more foods with bad carb or white flour, instead of whole grains or wheat flour. Bad carbs (white flour) will only make the body turn the bad stuff it it (empty calories, carb and fat), into fat deposits. I advise you to eat more whole grains, with low carb and fat content. They do sell such foods, in the grocery stores. These low carb, low fat, whole wheat or whole grain foods are whole wheat tortillas, pitas, whole wheat or bran cereals (like Fiber One, or Raisian Bran), or anything that is high in fiber, med-to low carbs, low in fat . .contains the good carbs. (When eating foods high in fiber, make sure you drink plent of water, 8 oz. glasses a day or more, or else you will become gassy and constipated) Eat more fresh or canned fruits and vegetables (but in small amounts), lead protein (like chicken, turkey, fish (some white like cod/tilipia and some oily like salmon), and tuna. Drink mostly water (can be flavored by a lemon, etc), and a few flavored drinks (no soda, sugery drinks or fruit juice), and some skim milk. If you do not exercise at all, try to do some, and eat in small portions. If you are active or excerise alot, eat a few more smaller portions, but watch what you eat and how much, as to not to consume more calories that your body needs. Just because you exercise, does not mean your body needs to eat alot. Most people mistaken assume that if they excerise, they can eat whatever they way, thinking excerise will burn the extra calories and fat, but many are wrong. That is why many people actually gain more weight, because they think they can now eat whatever they desire and end up eating more of it, instead of eating what their body really needs, and in most cases is much less than they thought. I hope this helps. But please don't go on a straving diet. Its not worth it, because I done it before, and I regret ever doing it. I straved myself for serveral months, eating and drinking very little, just to lose alot of weight. It worked, but my body got so sick. I felt weak and experienced severe fatigue . .barely had enough strength to move. After this, I only did this once, and vowed not to do it ever again. I realized that I only did this for a man, not for myself. I learned my lesson, and believe its best to allow my body be at a healthy weight (normal or average), no matter what others thought and said about it. My health (body), is far more important to me, than trying to look really thin for a man, just to look sexy for him. It makes me so sad to see so many women doing this to themsleves, over men who don't really give a hoot about them, but just lust after their bodies, and not really want to love them for who they are, as a woman (person). I experienced the emotional and physical pain, that most women today go thru ..when I did this, just once in my life. I feel so sorry for those who continue to do this. It hurts me to see them hurting themselves like that. As a woman, I learned its best to take good care of your body, and do it for your own sake. Always happy with the way you are, no matter what others think or say about you. Because, half of the time, most people think wrong about you. Many people don't know what is really best for you. realized the truth that no one is going to always be and look perfect, so we should just do the best we can, and enjoy our lives, instead of worrying so much about what others think about us. I now focus more on doing what is best for me, not for others . .and having this new, positive focus is helping me see reality for what it is (and not how people want it to see my as), now. I don't see myself as fat or over-weight. But I don't see myself perfectly fit, either. My weight is normal, for my height and age. I feel comfortable with it, and feel alot better than me being thin, before. Me being am much happier now than I was before, is what really matters most. . .because I feel more alive, and feel good about myself (love myself). Right now, I eat some healthy foods like whole grains (in small portions), drink some milk and mostly water, lightly exercise/weight-train, and aviod eating bad carbs, processed, fatty meats, and junk foods. Once in a blue moon, I will treat myself to a few (bite size) chocolate candy bars, lol. I don't worry about getting fat, nor do I focus so much how good food tastes, anymore. I just focus on eating foods that my body needs to eat, to stay healthy. I just dont make food a big deal in my life. I got more important things to be concerned about, than food. Thus, having that "lack of interest" attitude towards food, will really help you cut back on eating so much, as well as your cravings. Its a matter of self-discipline, in your mind. Your body does not need as much food as most health experts think (or others think and say), unless you are always active ro exercising. Most of the time, I eat a few small portions of some food groups, take a multi-vitiman supplement to get nutrients that I didn't get that day, and drink lots of water. I feel fine thru-out the day, and maintain a healthy weight for my age/height. My final words: Always be happy with the way you are. You never know how badly you can end up hurting youself, until you've done what others are doing, yourself. I believe its best to always being thankful for being alive, and not be so concerned about foolish things, such as superficial personalities and appearances. Its within our heart, mind and soul (not just the body), that defines who we really are, as a person. Beauty and love truly comes from within you. Good things will reflect the person you are, and will make you to shine like a star . . . for all to see.
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Abidah Originally Answered: High protein low carb diet?
The high proteins good but a low carb diet will not help as you need carbs to help your body absorb testosterone which is good for when you are exercising. Keep carbs in your RDA and mix it with a lot of fibre (so eat brown bread and rice instead of white). If you want to get rid of man breast fast you need to exercise bigger muscle groups to release more testosterone. Try including squats and chin ups to your exercise plans...you can do this at home just use a door frame. Also try adding weights to increase resistance, you don't have to own weights, 1L of water = 1KG so if your doing squats with a 5L bottle that's an xtra 5Kg your squatting which will build muscle faster. Also try to include lots more zinc and vitamin c in your diet, helps recovery and increases testosterone absorption. Best foods for this are green vegetables and citrus fruits. Just an addition to my answer, if you want quick results shorter more intense exercise is better then longer less intense exercise. For example a 10 minute run will do you way more good than an hour long walk you need to get your blood pumping and get a sweat on, it's hard when you start doing it but you feel much healthier much quicker, and on the upside the whole experience is so much shorter.

Sidney Sidney
Most people don't realize that they consume way too many carbs to begin with. If you simply cut back (in 1/2) the carbs you eat you most likely won't even notice. Try eating nuts instead of chips and crackers. Try eating a sandwich but no fries or potatoes. In the evening have a portion of meat and instead of potatoes or rice or pasta have an extra veggie. This is a balanced diet. If you do no carbs for 2 months and then stop you will gain everything back .
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Philippa Philippa
No matter what diet, most people gain weight again once they finish. It's not the diet's fault, but the dieter's. You'll need to show some strength here, good luck!
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Marshan Marshan
don't take for continuously for 2 months. after every 15days u have to go off diet for another on week. people gain again because they start eating again like the junk food in large quantity. even after taking this diet u have to make a life style of eating.
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Marshan Originally Answered: low carb high protein diet?
high protein diet wont make u thin. eventually protein turns to fats if you do not work out. carbs turn to fats quicker than protein so it is advisable to consume food that are low in carbs. the best method to lose all the fats is to eat less in each meal. you can start off by having a toast in the morning with a glass of milk. then have chicken breast for lunch. hav a light dinner. if you're hungry between the meals. you can take some fruits. the best is banana. it gives you instant enery and high in fibre.

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