Scared to leave my house?

Scared to leave my house? Topic: Scared to leave my house?
January 26, 2020 / By Aubrey
Question: Afraid of people, what they think of me. Scared they're looking at me and thinking things about me. Scared people i know are saying things about me (knowing some really are). Almost terrified of waiting rooms. I've had this problem for a while but not to this extent. I was hurt very badly by someone i thought was my friend and don't want to ever have it happen again. I only had one friend in the first place and now it's back to not having any. What should i do? I want her to know how bad she's affected me, but i don't want to ever have anything to do with her ever again. And i want out of my dark little hole that i'm afraid to come out of. If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all. I'm not here for your rude comments. We're supposed to help people here, not try to be jerks. Oh and thanks to the rest of you that were being nice. It's really appreciated. Lady, with four kids getting a job is not an option, but if i didn't have them i would definetly try to take your advice.
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Vi Vi | 10 days ago
Avoid coffee and sugar. Add lavender oil to your bath, or a few drops to your pillow. Drink chamomile or sleepytime tea, and consider taking Valerian root. See http://www.socialanxietysupport.com/ & http://www.socialphobiaworld.com/modules... (.com/modules.php). Write a long letter, putting it all down. If she knows your address or contact details, don't send it: if not, and you think she is not the type to pursue the matter, send it, but with no return address or other things, like phone no., and don't post locally! Otherwise, have a ceremony: put it in a frying pan or large china bowl/plate and burn it, then flush the ashes down the toilet, resolving firmly that it all ends there, and it is now time to go on with your life, and associate with people again. Be more cautious this time with the people you trust, and let it take a good deal of time for that to happen, even if apparently deserving of that trust. Take an interesting book or magazines to keep you occupied in waiting rooms: everyone gets checked out when they enter, by some of the people there; it's a normal human reaction, and if you don't look or act strangely, they'll soon go back to what they were doing. Learn and practice the breathing method at http://deeplyrelax.com or breathe in to the count of 8, hold to the count of 4, exhale to the count of 8, (no one can see you doing this) in such situations.
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Vi Originally Answered: Please help, I am really scared.?
You sound like you may have IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) This causes diarrhea and constipation. It's painful. Do you have cramping in your abdomen? Do you get bloated at times? Do you pass gas more than often? If so, you need to see a Gastroenterologist. These doctors deal with all aspects of the digestive system from the mouth to the rectum and everything in between. It really does sound like IBS. Call a doctor and find out. I wish you the best.

Serina Serina
Hello there (: I feel the same if i'm leaving the house of too go anywhere in public i have too have an adult with me because i feel scared and i follow them around..Well you could see why you feel like this? is there something that you worry about or are scared and then you could take it in small steps by maybe walking too the shops on your own or going to your local park or something these steps will help and even leaving little notes in diaries saying what you done (: and letting others know where you are and taking a phone if it makes you feel better i hope you will achive the bigger steps..
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Ondrea Ondrea
Don't be scared to leave your house. Don't worry about what other people think about you. Don't let a bad experience ruin your life. I know that what I'm saying is plan and simple but I also know that its not that easy for your to do that either. I know how hard it is for you to get out of your little dark hole. I've been through it and I've been going through it. You know what I do? I hide myself in my closet and just stay in there for as long as I can. because in the darkness no one can hurt you or affect you in any kind of way. No one can find you either. And I know how cruel people can be too. Its no fun. but if you want to get better you are going to have to pull yourself out of your own misery. You need to step out and face the world. And I know you don't want to and I know you don't think you can do it on your own. but you can do it. what you should do is go to the movies and see a movie by yourself. Or go to the park and read a book by yourself or go to a restaurant and get something to eat. Believe me if I could meet you and go with you I would. but I can't do anything for you and no one else will do anything for you either. You need to go and do that on your own. Don't be afraid of people no one is out to get you. Yes there are some mean people in the world but if you just are thinking about the mean people of the world you would miss out on all the good people of the world. Stop thinking about other people and start thinking about yourself. Love yourself first before you love anyone else. Best you of luck I hope you can make it through this difficult time in your life.
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Maev Maev
i was exactly like you until i had gotten help from people whom i love (mom & dad). when i was younger i had been really hurt by my two best friends, which they never were my friends...then after they moved away i had no friends and i started becoming afraid of what i looked like and why people were mean to me even though they really weren't. so in 7th grade i could no longer eat in public, i was so afraid of throwing up...i felt as if i was going to all the time when i was around a crowd of people. in 8th grade i started to pretend i was sick just so i wouldnt have to go to school, so my grades started to drop. i finally went to my mom and dad and cried..i wanted help so bad i knew this was not normal and i was then diagnosed with depression/anxiety. ive been put on so many medications for it and now i found one that actually works, i was also sent to a counselor but i didnt like her. every now and then i get a big panic attack but im no longer depressed and i love life now!
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Kerensa Kerensa
See your doctor and have them refer you to a counselor. I was the same way for a while... Sometime you just need to talk it out... Your "friend" wasn't such a good friend to hurt you that way, however, you need to accept the fact and move on so that it will not affect your life... As i said see a counselor, don't be embarrassed. It is very common.
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Jacklyn Jacklyn
I was kind of like you, except i didn't care about what people think of me. I think you need to stop worring about what people think of and start to trust yourself better. Get out off the house and do something, like if you don't have a job get a job i am serious it iwll help you. good luck
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Em Em
I am being completely honest and serious when I say that NO ONE is paying attention to you. No one is talking about you. You need to get over being hurt. Good grief, we ALL get hurt by other people. But we don't stay in your houses so that it won't happen again. That's ridiculous. People can only hurt you as bad as YOU let them. Let it go and move on. Stop feeling so sorry for yourself. Get off the cross, we need the wood.
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Christie Christie
If you know people are talking about you thre are two possibilities...the are eiyher gossips or they are concerned about you and want to help but dont know how.Write and mail a letter to your friend stating your feelings and let nature take its course.
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Avalon Avalon
NO body is ever thinking about you ever. Its not scary out in the world, generally people are nice, just because of one experiance you shouldnt be a hermit crab and a loser.
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Avalon Originally Answered: How many pounds would leave me at 12% body fat? im 19% right now?
BMI is the worst calculation out there. Never use it. I am a Personal Trainer with 9% bodyfat and according to BMI I am obese due to the amount of muscle I have. Always use bodyfat instead. At the moment, if you are 19% bodyfat, and weigh 198 pounds, you have 37.62 pounds of Fat Mass on your body. To achieve 15% bodyfat, which would be 29.7 pounds Fat Mass, you would need to lose 7.92 pounds. To achieve 12% bodyfat, which would be 23.76 pounds Fat Mass, you would need to lose 13.86 pounds. The exact amount will change each and every time you lose weight because if you were to drop down to 180 pounds the calculation would be slightly different. As a general guide from above, aim at trying to lose 14 pounds. Only focus on your bodyfat. Although you are aiming to lose 14 pounds of fat, if you put on 5 pounds of muscle in the process, this will be a bit illusive on the weighing scales, so keep a close tab on your bodyfat rather than just the scales. It is a good thing to put on weight as lean muscle mass. One pound of muscle will burn 50 calories per day at rest. So if you manage to put on 5 pounds of muscle, that is an extra 250 calories your muscle will burn a day at rest extra, allowing you to burn bodyfat quicker, and lose weight easier. One poound of fat is 3,500 calories. If you cut back by 500 calories a day with your diet - in other words eat 500 calories less than your body requires, you will lose one pound of fat per week. Through regular exercise - that would be cardiovascular and resistance training - you could expect to burn upto another pound of fat per week. On this basis you can expect to achieve 15% bodyfat in around 4 weeks, and 12% bodyfat in around 7 weeks if you try hard and stay motivated and disciplined. Good Luck! Ben :)

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