Simple explaination of the Atkins diet?

Simple explaination of the Atkins diet? Topic: Simple explaination of the Atkins diet?
July 20, 2019 / By Gaylord
Question: I/ve look on the net but it doesnt give me a direct explaination of what the atkins diet is. So can someone explain wat it is in a couple of sentences.
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Dezi Dezi | 7 days ago
Replacing carbohydrate intake with protein. Off limits food includes bread, pasta, certain fruits and grains. Vegetables and meats are promoted. A certain number of carbohydrates are needed for your body to function. You'll still have to eat some while doing the diet. It has been shown to be very effective in the short term. But once off the diet followers will most likely gain it back.
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Dezi Originally Answered: Simple foods to cook on the atkins diet?
NOTHING is yummy in phase one of that diet. I got my yummy need by fixing my meat in spices and marinades. You have to make sure its no/low sugar though. If you have fresh meat, you can put some in a baking bag with seasonings, and some water and let it bake. It is cooking, but its low key, and you can do other things while its baking. I like to use rosemary, thyme, oregeno and pepper for that. But really, mix and match any spices that you like. Adding the water will help keep the meat tender in the absence of other liquid. Typically when I bake meat like that, i use juice of some sort, depending on the spices i went with. For example, with all that rosemary i would either do apple or orange. There is this brown sugar bourban season packet from the store, i put apple juice in with that (directions call for some oils and crap, but i skipped all that.. that season packet is also not phase one friendly, may not be atkins friendly period) Turkey Burgers - get the ground kind that you have to patty, not pre pattied. Patty them with spices. Again, I tend to use my rosemary mix up there, but we also like using different pepper blends, and different sauces like soy or worteshire (sp, and not sure what the sugar content is on that). Get the low fat version.

Bevis Bevis
The first 14 days is called the "Induction period." This is when you completely take out all sugars, junk, milk, fruit, berries, and carbs (which pretty much turn into sugar) -- so all that including grain products, and dairy products. So that leaves you with a few good and healthy choices.... chicken breast, salad, vegetables, seafood, steak, wings, lol etc. On this diet it's low-carb, calories don't really matter... you cannot have sugar but you can have high-fat things. So cheese, nuts, etc. Your body will go to your fat-stores to get energy, since there are no sugars to burn off. ...After the 14 days you can slowly bring back fruits, while berries are better, and not only "better" but filled with much needed antioxidants. Like the guy above said, it works better long-term... but I'd suggest getting off of such high-fat foods so that you can maintain a good cholesterol the rest of your life.OH, and once a week you can let off and have a treat. It's what you eat 80% of the time that counts.
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Abnur Abnur
Not true, it is not dangerous. The basics are thus, protein only and absolutely no carbohydrates whatsoever. That means all of the meat cheese and diet soda you can handle. However, I have used it and had moderate success. I no longer personally recommend it because once you go of of the diet you tend to gain all of the weight right back, unless you actually read Dr. Atkins's book and follow the "Atkins Lifestyle". The other reason is that I believe in a balanced diet, and that diet puts a lot of processed chemical crapola into your system. What I did was go to www.spartanhealth.com and buy the plan. I have lost a ton of weight, kept it off, and never felt better. It is a real eye opener about the diet and health food industry along with a clear concise no-nonsense path to a healthy lifestyle. Good Luck.
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Sloane Sloane
Here is some info about low carb diets: http://www.spartafit.com/articles/low%20... I hope that you find this info to be useful. P.S. I have had to give first aid to strangers on 5 separate occasions because they became hypoglycemic when they tried to workout while on the Atkins diet. I also know of 2 other that contracted gout from it.
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Pollie Pollie
Short answer... 1971- Doc Atkins / cardiologist / writes for Journal of American Medicine an article in which he outlines a diet for his MORBIDLY OBESE multi-bypass patients , who seem to be dropping like flies. he calls it a protein sparing diet. in a nutshell it is designed to train the body to use its fat stores FIRST instead of last. This involves keeping the body in a state of ketosis...WARNING...UNLESS YOU ARE MORE THAN 50 #'s over weight , DON"T !!! KETOACIDOSIS WILL KILL YOU UNLESS UNDER A DOCTOR'S SUPERVISION!!!!!!! I don't care what you may have read , whose stories you have heard.....this is SERIOUS SH*T.....i have had clients do themselves GRAVE HARM , trying the latest cowboy-diet. Atkins found his patients had trained their bodies to effectively store carbs as glycogen...a fat like substance. Since the body , when given a choice, uses carbs. , protein , and fat in that order (it really wants to store fats for the future)...he wants you to load up on protien (helps you keep your lean tissue) and train the body to USE fats ,rather than store them. He also keeps carbs out for 2 reasons: 1- we eat WAAAY to many... 2-body has nothing to store / Has to use it's fat reserves... hence the ketoacidosis. Ketones...they give diabetics that lovely fruity breath just before they drop dead , Ben. Also keep in mind , Ben ...this is a specific diet , designed specifically for a specific subset of people, with a VERY SPECIFIC problem....a diet that they are to maintain for THE REST OF WHAT'S LEFT OF THIER NATURAL LIVES... NOT just a month or two , Ben. Ben didn't read the fine print. want fries with that?
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Pollie Originally Answered: Atkins diet?
The Atkins is one of the healthiest, most effective diets you can go on. But, remember that a low carb diet should be a life-long habit. When I first heard about the diet about 8 years ago, I was very skeptical, so I did a lot of reading and research. I was also in the Army Reserve at the time and they calculated my body fat percentage once a month. Lastly, and very importantly, I was the director of a hospital laboratory, so I could monitor my blood and urine values. I was amazed at how well I felt once I crossed over into ketosis. I had so much more energy and felt much more alert. I rarely felt hungry because my blood sugar stayed rock steady at around 100-105 mg/dl whether I was fasting or not. I ate at least 2000 calories a day. My hemoglobin went up and all of my chemistries improved, especially my cholesterol and triglycerides. I lost about 30 pounds within about 5 months and all of it was fat - I lost absolutely no muscle mass. A side benefit of this diet is that it will stop the progression of diabetes type II. My mother and my two brothers are diabetic and they've been able to get their blood sugar under control by restricting their carbs. Once you lose the desired fat, you can slowly increase your daily carb intake, but remember that a low carb diet should be lifelong. The maintenance diet is very healthy and emphasizes plenty of vegetables, protein foods, moderate amounts of fat, limited fruits, and very few starchy foods. Keep the sugar out of your diet. I do recommend, before you start this diet, you thoroughly read "Protein Power" as well as the Atkins book so that you thoroughly understand why this eating plan works so well and why it is so important to control your blood sugar and insulin levels. By the way, in my research I was unable to find a single legitimate "negative" about the diet, nor was I able to demonstrate any negatives while monitoring my own lab values.

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