Quick Weight Loss Tips?

Quick Weight Loss Tips? Topic: Quick Weight Loss Tips?
November 17, 2019 / By Ahab
Question: Hello! So I have a serious problem. And I'm reaching out to you people to help me out with you amazing advice. I currently weigh 160 lbs. I am 15. I am fat. I can tell you that honestly I do not look that overweight because I have DD Boobs so, that easily offsets it but, personally I hate it. Anyways, I am considering a liquid diet. I know that it will get you the best results faster then anything else. As I earlier proclaimed, I am only 15 so I don't really have access to the ideal liquids in the ideal liquid diet so, I was wondering if this would work: Breakfast- Orange Juice (6 AM) Lunch-Nothing Snack- ??? (4 PM) Dinner- ??? (6/7 PM) I suppose that chicken broth would be best right? any other ideas? I would like to be 130 (maximum) by September 19th. THANKS A TON :)
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Sukie Sukie | 6 days ago
Trying to lose this weight that fast is unhealthy and makes it easier to get discouraged try for losing 10 pounds a month and if you lose more than that so be it. anyway try MyFitnessPal it's a free app on the ipod touch i think they have a website too so if you don't have an ipod touch you can use that hope I helped :) and the diet you have planned is a bad plan...
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Sukie Originally Answered: Do you have quick weight-loss tips?
You can do a lot in 29 days. Think short-term pain for long-term gain. As always, diet and exercise are the key. As for diet, try eating 6 smaller meals a day with a protein shake for breakfast and lunch. A single serving of fruit for mid-morning and mid-afternoon snack. Dinner should be a sensible meal- minimize rice and breads. Try this for a two-week period. Then, vary your meals accordingly. Workouts should have weights and circuit type of training. Free weights are great for toning and weight-loss. You can try dumbbell squats with shoulder presses. Here is a great and effective circuit training using a treadmill. Walk for 2 minutes (as a warm-up), jog for 2 minutes, run hard for a minute, then jog for 2 minutes, run hard for a minute, etc...do this for about 20-23 minutes. This works great. By the way, do not be a slave to scale. Check the mirror also. It will show results. This is just a start. Keep working out and eating properly. Good Luck. JJ www.bestabexercisesonline.com http://fatloss.dinksrus.com

Rachyl Rachyl
you may be used to fried foods but there are other sometimes healthier ways to cook including roasting steaming poaching baking braising and broiling
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Melinda Melinda
got nuts with nuts eating a handful of nuts will help you stay full try soaking them in water for a different texture
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Leatrice Leatrice
try to have a little lean protein with each meal as protein tends to be more satisfying than carbs or fats
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Joi Joi
add red pepper flakes to your pantry when eaten early in the day red pepper lowers the amount of food youll eat later
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Joi Originally Answered: Which weight loss tips works quick?
Hi Somachi, There are quick weight loss tips around that involved taking a magic pill or wearing some sort of a sauna belt to shed off some weight. But is there such a thing as real quick fix when it comes to losing weight. Unfortunately there is none. Losing weight still involves hard work and discipline to be successful. But there are simple ways which you can try without costing you a fortune to lose weight. These simple ways may work well in others but are completely useless to some. The thing to do is to take inspirations from these quick weight loss tips and tailor made your own regimen that is suitable for you. Every individual has different body types so that no one universal weight loss regimen is applicable to all. If you find a routine that works well with you, embrace it and work with it to achieve results. The most common weight loss techniques that have been giving people success in their weight loss battle are pretty simple and practical. You don't have to burn a whole in your pocket in order to do some of these tips. 1. Burn calories through exercise. Don't say that you don't want or you have no time to exercise. Make some time and push yourself to do so because exercising is still the best to shed off your weight. This is the cheapest and readily available way for you to burn that stored calories in your body. There are many forms of exercise. Instead of going to the grocery around the corner in your car, why don't you walk? This is an exercise. 2. Eat healthy carbohydrate. When you want to shed off some weight, it doesn't mean that you have to stop eating carbohydrate entirely. You need carbohydrate to perform your daily task. But not all source of carbohydrate are good for people struggling with weight. Complex carbohydrates from potatoes, carbohydrate from enriched flour, and refined are not easily burn by the body so that the body will store them as fats if ate them in large amount. The good source of carbohydrate for you is from fruits and vegetables. 3. Do not skip breakfast. If you're on a diet, it's not good to miss the most important meal of the day. Skipping breakfast makes you hungry which you tend to compensate by eating a lot during lunch, snack, and dinner. Avoid that craving by eating a hearty meal in the morning. The same quick weight loss tips usually don't work for all individuals. If you find a regimen that you think is working, you should follow-up on it and be patient to wait for result. All quick weight loss tips will only work if you yourself will work with it.

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