Pills To Lose weight Fast!?

Pills To Lose weight Fast!? Topic: Pills To Lose weight Fast!?
September 19, 2019 / By Berenice
Question: My Friend she is getting married and ask me to buy her some pills to send her to Germany !so she can fit the dress! Help asap plz thank yall!
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Best Answers: Pills To Lose weight Fast!?

Adrianne Adrianne | 3 days ago
do not get weight loss pills. bad for her today and forever. lose weight naturally is the best. exercise and get the right diet.
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Adrianne Originally Answered: How Can I Lose Weight Fast With Out Pills?
The best way to lose weight- the only way to keep it off- is diet and exercise. Work up to 45 minutes of cardio exercise a day, and incorporate that with strength training, like lifting weights and such. The cardio will burn fat, and the strenght training will tone and flatten your body. If you make an effort to eat 1200-1800 calories a day in addition to exercising 4 to 5 times a week, you should start losing around 1-3 pounds a week. Also, drinking plenty of water could flush up to 6 pounds of water weight. Good luck!

Thadeus Thadeus
Hi, I used to be pretty obese and started putting on a lot of weight especially on my thighs and bottom in my late thirties. I started exercising as often as possible and also cut down on a lot of high calorie stuff. Unfortunately I hardly managed to lose much weight at all. I then recently read an article by a lady who claimed that she managed to lose nearly half of her weight using a particular weight loss supplement. I tried it out and it actually worked quite well. Within 4 months I managed to lose about 65 pounds. The results were pretty amazing and I feel so much healthier and energetic now. You can read more about the lady's article at http://www.obesityzapped.com
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Premislas Premislas
As much as nobody likes to hear it, the only way to lose weight is through eating right and exercise. Diet pills are not FDA tested. In the past they have recalled alot of them due to health risks that were found. Be careful.
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Major Major
Omg, tell her not to take pills. There are so many side effects from taking pills to lose weight! BAADDD OPTTIONNN!!!!! Tell her to ask her doctor or someone because with pills, she cant lose weight in a jiffy Good luck =)
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Jep Jep
the best pharmaceutical grade ones are Phentermine, Dextroamphetamine, Desoxyn, and Ephedra Products... They are hard to find since some are no longer made and some you have to get online if you don't have a Rx
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Jep Originally Answered: Help! Any pills that'll make u lose weight fast?
no..come on, you said it yourself you know you have to diet and exercise. there is no magic pill. you knew this before you even asked the question... as far as losing weight fast, in a dangerous manner, look no further than here: http://forum.bodybuilding.com/showthread.php?t=315562 Effective, but quite dangerous so if you don't care about dropping dead at worst, or sweating beyond belief at best[in which case you'll look even worse!] then it might be worth looking into. It's not a coincidence the most effective remedies are usually the most risky.

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