Constipation / Abdominal Pain?

Constipation / Abdominal Pain? Topic: Constipation / Abdominal Pain?
December 13, 2019 / By Virgee
Question: I am suffering from constipation/abdominal pain for 10 days now . Its really painful what should i do ? what should i eat ? need your help!
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Shanice Shanice | 1 day ago
That is a long time to go without a bowl movement. I know its painful, I am surprised that your back isnt hurting you as well. Mine always does. Things you can try to eat...high fiber foods..oatmeal...broccoli...corn also works, or bananas. If you want to try an over the counter product I would suggest something like miralax. It used to only come by a prescription but it can now be bought at a drug store or some place like walmart. Its a white and purple bottle. You could also try a stool softener, also avaliable over the counter. If it is bothering you that bad and you want to try something that will work faster you could always get some over the counter suppositories. I know its embarrassing but it works. If none of that helps you have a bowl movement by tomorrow I would go see a dr because it could be something worse. Like for example if you are too impacted. You can google impactation or constipation and read about how to fix it.
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Shanice Originally Answered: severe constipation and abdominal pain.?
The pains are a concern as laxatives and enemas are contraindicated when the patient has abdominal pains. Constipation may cause bloating, some cramping and pain at the anus trying to fit through the opening; but, real pain in the abdominal area would be best checked in an ER. If they conclude it is constipation, bring him home and give him and 1 to 2 quart warm water enema. He may fuss about it; but, start him out laying on his left side on a towel on the bathroom floor with his right leg drawn up toward his chest. After he has taken about 1/3 to 1/2 of the bag, have him roll to his back. This allows the water to flow across the transverse colon to the right side. This will allow you to massage his belly counter clockwise and perhaps provide a distraction to the cramps.
Shanice Originally Answered: severe constipation and abdominal pain.?
It isn't transparent to me should you reside within the US.. should you do, do you journey external the nation?...However this suggestions probably: You don't seem to have an ailment, what you've gotten is a useful trouble. Consider prime fiber nutrition, ie culmination and veggies, nuts,oats.. and so forth Try a bowl of oat meal at mattress time, higher to make use of skimed milk Drink tons of water notably earlier than bedtime When you take a seat on the bathroom, chill out do not stand up till you conclude you have got to relatively smoking and pastime.. If all this dose now not support ask your Doctor aboyt an ordeal of Bentyl, or semilar

Oprah Oprah
To do: 1) Call a doctor (could be something really serious or something requiring urgent attention, colitis, Kruhn's disease, e.g.) 2) check out symptom checker on webmd.com - it will give you some guidance 2) what to eat: something to help the constipation - high fiber cereal, or maybe even take a laxative.
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Mahalah Mahalah
if it's really bad constipation , go check with the doctor. but first try drinking some prune juice. = you can get it in wal mart @ the JUICE isle. it works , lmfao. well not for me, but for other people i know- it worked really REALLY well. also eat alot of veggies. vegetables/fruits have fiber in it , and fiber makes you go poop . o;
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Mahalah Originally Answered: Severe abdominal pain and cramps, diahorrea, and constipation.please help!?
It sounds like you have 2 things. 1-IBS Irritable Bowel Syndrome which has all the symptoms you're describing; and possibly... 2-Inability to break down fructose (reaction to apple juice) Google: mayo clinic>>diseases>>irritable bowel syndrome

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