What fiber supplement should I take in place of Metamucil that works well?

What fiber supplement should I take in place of Metamucil that works well? Topic: What fiber supplement should I take in place of Metamucil that works well?
July 20, 2019 / By Tina
Question: I've been constipated for over 9 years and have had to take fiber supplements for the past 2 years. Anyways, at first I changed to a strict diet only eating healthy foods (veggies, fruits). That worked for about 1 month, and not well. Then I changed to healthy diet plus high in fiber. That worked for about 1 to 2 years, and not so well. I ended up having to increase my fiber ridiculously high (like over 50g of fiber) and that stopped working over time. I eventually switched to taking fiber pills, and that worked for only a few weeks. Finally, I switched to an Equate brand of powdered fiber. It was equivalent to Metamucil. They sold it at Walmart in this citrus flavor. Anyways, that worked the best! But over time it has stopped working well and can leave me constipated for over a week unless I take a suppository. I feel my body has gotten used to it maybe? So I was going to switch to another fiber supplement, maybe another powered fiber? Any suggestions for a fiber supplement that will work better long term? Please do not suggest any laxatives such as Senna, etc. I want to stay away from those since those are not good for long term use and are meant as a last resort (those will result in lazy bowel syndrome). And just so people know, this is not related to my colon health, or any physical health issue, or diet/exercise/water intake. I'm religiously healthy, and still have constipation (physically fit, exercise every other day, etc.). I developed constipation as a result of PTSD, and as long as I have some stress from PTSD, I will be constipated.
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Royse Royse | 5 days ago
Since your bowel begins to accommodate new supplements fairly rapidly, you may have to go through all of the fiber supplements that are in the drugstores and then maybe, go back to some of the older ones which may again work for you. Miralax may also help you and is newer on the market.
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Royse Originally Answered: Fiber supplement?
What you use to relieve constipation can depend on the cause of it. Is it occasional? Is it chronic? Is it diet-related or illness-related? Gas and bloating is a common adverse effect of most fiber supplements. They're meant to be taken at a low dose to start with gradual increases to avoid this. You can try starting over once the bloat is resolved. I hesitate to recommend any supplements without knowing the history of your constipation, but increase dietary fiber without the use of supplements, increase water to 3 liters/day and get more exercise/activity. Cut back or cut out refined foods. If it continues, speak to your doctor. You may require a stool softener for short-term use.
Royse Originally Answered: Fiber supplement?
How long have u had the constipation problems? Do u have any other symptoms? Constipation is a major symptom of several illnesses, including Celiac Disease, a very common autoimmune disease affecting 1 in 133 ppl. Ppl with CD cannot digest gluten, a protein in wheat, rye and barley. (Oats are avoided also due to cross contamination at harvest, but there are gluten free oats available.). Follow the links for more info on testing and feel free to email me with any questions. Amy

Natille Natille
That is long time. Don't worry i had same situation as you, few time i had blood came out due to constipation. Since last month i go regularly. I have been drinking lot of water that is mixed with Ultimate Aloe juice. www. marketameria.com.cashop This Ultimate Aloe juice is high in fibre and vitamin will improve your bowel movement because it offer a good solution to clean your colon system. But is slow and long process in order to fully clean your colon system. This is the healthy long term method instead of something really powerful and your body can't handle the products. E-mail me and we can share some more information [email protected]
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Lorri Lorri
Although Metamucil may be marketed as a laxative it can actually be useful for both diarrhea and constipation sufferers. For diarrhea sufferers the extra fiber make the stool firmer and more solid. For constipation sufferers, the extra bulk can make waste food softer and easier to pass
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Lorri Originally Answered: Arthritis: what natural supplement or treatment works?
Rheumatoid Arthritis can be absolutely awful and it can even render someone unable to walk, so I understand your friend's fears. However, it is absolutely treatable. Moreover, it's made of flare ups and remission periods when the body shows no signs of the disease. The secret is to make the remission periods last longer and longer and the flare ups be shorter and shorter as well as increasingly milder until they become almost insignificant. I'll give you a generic answer here because going into the specifics requires pages. Supplements such as herbs or fish oils, or evening primrose and the like tend to be effective in the short term, as aids to improve joint mobility and decrease the inflammation which damages the joint. They can be very useful and your friend needs to research which one works for him best, since our bodies react differently to different supplements. My sister takes fish oil (Omega 3), garlic pills, Vit D, Vit C, Vit A, Anti-Oxidants, Evening Primrose Oil and Vitex. They all work but there are many more which may be better for your friend. Homeopathically, the remedies are individually-diagnosed because the root reason why your friend's body started to attack itself (which happens with Rheumatoid Arthritis) is different from that of another sufferer. Moreover, the cluster of signs and symptoms accompanying his arthritis will also be different and, since homeopathic remedies cure the whole body, he needs to find the remedy which addresses all his problems. Only a very good homeopath can do that, unless your knowledge of homeopathy is deep.

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