K question about laxatives?

K question about laxatives? Topic: K question about laxatives?
September 19, 2019 / By Bellinda
Question: ive been take about 28-48 laxatives everyday for about 3 weeks now and how come i havent lost any wieght i only taking laxatives at night right now i have my period tho if you guys are right, then how come those two people lost so much wieght when they had sugarless gum which contained sorbital and sorbital is a laxative they lost tons http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,321992,00.html
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Adriana Adriana | 8 days ago
Whenever you take laxatives, it just rushes the food to get out of you more quickly. You still absorb all of the calories and it's just not effective for losing anything except the weight of the food and water that was inside you. Eventually your body becomes dependent on them because it's nearly impossible for you to digest food on your own without laxatives when you've been taking them for a long time. It's just really not a good idea :( I hope you stop using them. They just cause problems
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Adriana Originally Answered: Question about laxatives?
The directions will be on the box, No, they also come in Chewable Form....If you have to go in the morning, take it around 7 PM, normally it takes overnight to work.

Terrence Terrence
Why would you do that? It's not healthy it could cause you to lose control of your bowels...only being able to have a bowel movement with laxatives! The problem with doing this is that your body has already adsorbed the fat and calories from the food before it moves into your bowels. Stop doing this and lose weight the healthy way!
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Piper Piper
Taking that many pills of anything can be deadly! Make sure you're taking them at a the amount suggested on the box. Seriously, don't kill yourself... And anyway, laxatives make you lose water weight. So anytime you drink, you'll just gain it back. Diet and exercise is your BEST bet. Hope I helped :0)
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Mahlah Mahlah
your really going to screw you intestines up..but i got a feeling you already know this..do you care?? i hope you do...go vegan..stop eating junk food..meat and dairy.. eat vegs and fruits..drink lots of water and the weight will fall of..trust me http://www.flat-six-pack-exercise.com
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Mahlah Originally Answered: I have a question about laxatives?
Laxatives can cause damage in the long run. Examples of this would be the inabilty to hold in your bowel when your older therefore causing incontinence and also can cause the loss of ability to have a bowel movement normally without the use of a laxative. So my suggestion to you would be to eat a diet rich in fiber, drink lots of fluid, and also if still needing a laxative try the ones that are all natural such as Senekot. HTH

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